The Jennison family includes Scott (Dad), Melinda (Mum), Kobe (11), Blake (8) and Dylan (5). For anyone interested in following our adventures this blog tracks our holidays through Thailand in June 2013 and July 2014.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 19th 2014

I thought I'd add one final post to this years blog .... I never actually did the final post last year! We were pleased to wake up yesterday at Khao Lak for our "second" "final" day to sunshine!! I was not so pleased, however, to hear the tragic news about MH17 which was tragically taken down in Ukraine only hours earlier. When you have to get on a plane, the last thing you want to hear is this! Anyway, we decided after breakfast to head straight to the pool ... Which is where we stayed until about 3pm. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic 10 nights in Thailand. We even ordered lunch by the pool and had a couple of final Mojitos and Singa Beers ... Just for good times sake :) Our ... read more
Relaxing by the pool .. Enjoying the sun!
Scott enjoying a final Singa!
The boys saying goodbye to Pear who worked at the resort ... She especially loved our boys :)

Asia » Thailand July 17th 2014

Today we woke again to rain rain rain.... Although we were not overly concerned because we had already booked in for our final massages in the morning.... 1.5 hours long for the adults and 1 hour for the boys. These felt like heaven and it was a fantastic way to see out the morning rain! The boys were happily playing in the games room after that, so we packed up all our bags ready for our departure.. Then Scott, Mum and I decided to visit the local strip of shops to pick up some bargains and try our haggling skills again - and spend the left over money or course :) We returned to the resort and had a quick lunch (although it was nearly 2pm!) then decided to have a quick swim with the boys ... read more

Asia » Thailand July 16th 2014

Yippee ... Although all night I could hear what I thought was rain ( it turned out to be the hum of our room's air conditioner combined with the buzz of the crickets and the frogs in the neighboring property) we woke to blue sky and sunshine today! That meant our planned trip to Phang Nga Bay was on so we were all very excited. Unfortunately Dad did not come with us today. He seems to have a nerve pinching in his back and when he moves a certain way it causes a lot of pain and discomfort for him. He's not sure what caused it - only happened yesterday after breakfast. He stayed at the resort and indulged in a massage (which he said helped a lot) and also did some water exercise which also ... read more
Floating Village
Going under - check out how little space we had!!!
In our sea canoe

Asia » Thailand July 15th 2014

When we woke up this morning we could hear the rain pounding on the roof and the wind was howling ... We knew it was not a good start! Despite the weather, after breakfast, we set off exploring in our hire car ... This time heading south from our resort. We wanted to see what existed between Khao Lak and Phuket because when we arrived it was the middle of the night so we hadn't seen any of the landscape on that transfer. What we discovered today is that there is not much of interest between where we are and Phuket island!! We actually drove for about 1 1/2 hours south and found ourselves crossing the bridge to Phuket then stopped at a beach called Nai Haing. When we got there it was still raining so ... read more
Playing in sand at beach restaurant
Strawberry smoothies - yum!
Police Boat washed 2km inland during Tsunami

Asia » Thailand July 14th 2014

Today was our first day of true freedom ... in the form of our own wheels!!! We had a 7 seater 4 wheel drive Toyota delivered to our resort this morning which we had hired. We packed in some things and set off all very excited at what we might find. We headed north from The Sands Resort and attempted to follow some basic instructions that I had printed out at home before we left. You would think that the car came with a map or two ... but no! If we were in Phuket we had maps for that area ... but nothing at all for Khao Lak! Oh well ... we were feeling confident enough and generally speaking the roads are fairly well sign posted in both Thai and also English. Despite our directions ... read more
View north from Cape Pakarang
White Sand Beach
Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial

Asia » Thailand July 13th 2014

We can't believe we have already reached the half way point of our stay. It's just unfair that time goes so fast when you are on holidays! Today after breakfast we decided to take a quick trip into the Main Street so that Mum and our 2 boys could get a fish foot spa. Yes that's the same type of treatment that the boys had last year! You place your feet in a tub full of tiny fish which nibble off all of your dead skin. That is, I might add, if you keep your feet very still and you sit motionless. When you move, the fish swim away do the trick is to stay very still. Mum had an intense "treatment" because lots of fish went her way. She said it felt very tickly and ... read more
Cooking up a storm
The Pad Thai we cooked
Cocktail making ...

Asia » Thailand July 12th 2014

Today was a day of much needed rest and recovery. We must have been exhausted after the big day on the Lake yesterday because we all didn't wake until nearly 8am today .... well at last I speak for Scott and myself. The boys have an interconnected room and perhaps they were awake earlier ... but they were very quiet so they did not disturb us :) After breakfast the boys decided to visit the gym for a workout. I don't mean Scott ... I mean Kobe, Blake and Dylan. Honestly I wish I knew where they got their endless energy from. I know Scott and I are pretty active BUT our boys just DO NOT STOP!!! Dylan and I went for a nice little walk to the beach front after Dylan got tired of running ... read more
Local businesses effected by recent storms
Where else can you build sandcastles in a bar?
A tsunami memorial next to our resort

Asia » Thailand July 11th 2014

Well I'm not sure what the highlight of today was as looking back now, it all feels like a dream!!! Let me try and explain in words what we all experienced ... Thankfully the driver I had arranged yesterday arrived promptly at our hotel and was waiting for us when we arrived at Reception. He seemed nice and friendly but we were all laughing at the start of the trip because he had a strange way of driving the minivan ... he seemed to accelerate on and off the whole time. We felt like we were rocking on a boat - but it was forward and backward ... not side to side! After a little while of driving he stopped on the roadside and asked what exactly we wanted to do. I explained some of the ... read more
Changing boats in the middle of the Lake!
The Longtail Boat
Floating Rafts near Restaurant

Asia » Thailand July 10th 2014

The end of another day has come and although I do feel like falling asleep right now, I thought I'd quickly add a blog entry (for those of you who really want to read all about our trip). We seem to have adjusted quite easily to the small time difference already so we are awake by 7am and heading off to breakfast with the other early risers. Of course Mum and Dad were a little later than us ... they were lucky enough to sleep in! We saw the sun today after an overcast day yesterday so we lathered ourselves in sun-cream and headed to the pool first up. We spent a lazy couple of hours while the boys entertained themselves in the water before Scott and I left the boys under the watchful eyes of ... read more
Massage Heaven!
More massage heaven!
Our beach walk

Asia » Thailand July 9th 2014

Well we made it to "The Sands" at Khao Lak in the early hours of the morning today after our uneventful flight from Bangkok to Phuket, followed by an immediate transfer in a private minibus direct to the Resort. We were so thankful that the driver was waiting for us as we had 3 boys who were SO TIRED but coping really well with the long trip over. I think Scott and I were trying to keep our eyes open on the drive north, but with so little sleep and the time approaching 1am local time (which was 4am Brisbane time) exhaustion set in and we "nodded" off here and there along the way. The driver was fast (which normally sometimes concerns me) but we were thankful as the sooner we arrived in a bed the ... read more
Water slide fun
Tsunami evacuation plan in place :)
Found the cheap Mojitos!! Happy :)

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