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Friday March 14th, 3:40pm (Australian Time) For a long while I have been anticipating my first solo adventure, and now I am well on the way. On this particular holiday I use the term 'solo' loosely as although I will travel to and from Europe and spend the weekdays alone, my nights and weekends will be filled with the familiar laughter of Kate and Emily. Solo travel on training wheels if you will, a concept that is most agreeable for my first lone voyage. Whilst mostly all of my friends from Sydney have trekked the globe with only themselves for company, the concept has always terrified me. I am a people person and my need to experience new things with company seems infinitely more enjoyable than attempting to do so alone. I have an innate ability ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England February 28th 2010

Yes I cheat. I am not in London anymore, but actually sitting back at my desk on this humid Monday morning... but alas I cannot travel for 7 weeks and not finish what I began. London, I suppose I could begin by outlining the fact that I don't think I have ever been anywhere quite as cold as London. I spent most of the week clothed in the large majority of my suitcase contents and still found I'd be pining for a warm bed 10 minutes into leaving the tiniest hotel up the steepest stairs in Paddington. Although all three (Have managed to pick up a present from Australia at this stage - YAY to Kat!!!) of us nursed constant cold and wet Feet and Fingers we managed to plough through a big checklist of Londons ... read more

Europe February 19th 2010

As I sit in the dungeon of our hostel I am happy that we are checking out and flying into London today. Besides the fact that we are yet again embarking on a new adventure, we are also leaving this hostel which we have grown to hate more and more every day. I am sleepy from being woken by the noise of every move on our matresses, which sound like they are covered in plastic but in reality have springs which Im sure were intended for use other than in a bed. That combined with the fact that we have had to put up with the most inconsiderate room buddies in a dorm of 14 people, is a recipe for sleep deprivation. I smell. Oh boy do I smell... and not because I enjoy offending people ... read more

South America February 16th 2010

Sitting in this dark basement of our hostel in Madrid, it is an effort to forget the freezing cold and rainy weather that is waiting for us outside, in order to retell a tale of 2 girls, one sweltering sun and an amazing 8 days in Rio De Janeiro. TRAVELLERS LESSON : I'm an not learning a lesson, I am on Vacation. After what now seems to be a routine horrible transit (Yes Chilean Police it is appropriate to ask for our facebook at 3am in the morning and we are nearly in tears at the idea of having to pay a $61 entry fee to Chile just to collect our bags from the conveyerbelt which should have been transfered in the first place) we eventually hauled our bags out into to the blinding sun of ... read more

South America February 6th 2010

Today is our last day in Bolivia. When we first booked La Paz into our itinerary we were a bit wary of what to expect when we got here (eventually after being delivered from Santa Cruz), but now we know that it was well worth the time filling between Machu Picchu (if it didn´t mud slide all over the place) and Carnival in Rio. After sleeping out all our bitterness on the first night here, we were off nice and early for our 4 hour bus trip to Copacabana. The countryside is quite beautiful besides most of the buildings being half finished and composed of mud/random pieces of wood. Copacabana is a quaint little town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, or so we thought until we got into the heart of the action. On the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 1st 2010

Do I have it in me? Currently I feel like I have no energy or enthusiasm to tell you about the past few days... Was is wonderful? YES! Although after spending 12 hours in transit the polish has rubbed off and I´m feeling a little less than fresh and excited after todays events. TRAVELLERS LESSON # 6: Patience is a virtue. Today Emily and I were keen to move on from Peru, after a few too many days in the same spot it started to become a little stale and no amount of massages and pedicures and manicures or hours in our window seat reading novels could keep us satisfied in the end. It was a haven, the last 3 days spent like Queens in our upgraded luxury suite doing absolutely nothing except spoiling ourselves and ... read more

South America January 29th 2010

After a rough start to our Peruvian travels we have reconciled with the fact that the closest we'll be to seeing Machu Picchu will be on the face of a postcard. But things have not turned out quite as badly as we expected. Which brings me to TRAVEL LESSON # 6 Every cloud has a silver lining. Once realising that Machu Picchu was nobodys feat this week/month/year or what ever the rumours say this hour, I could count my 4 QLD girlfriends in that category too. So Emily and I met with Rach, Linds, Karly and Kirst on what other day but Australia day. I find it really amusing that when you speak with other tourists on this day that and they realise that your Australian they wish you a happy Australia day - O.K thankyou. ... read more

South America » Peru January 26th 2010

I think I will reiterate the last lesson we have learnt since embarking on our journey to Peru... TRAVELLERS LESSON NUMBER 5: Be prepared FOR ALL SEASONS. So you think we would have learnt by now with our ´Grand Canyon less the granduer´ saga, but with amazing luck we have now been blessed with Mudslides. After a late night flight we arrived in Lima airport for our connecting flight to Cusco at 5am yesterday morning. Unfortunately Cusco airport was closed due to torrential rain and therefore we did not leave until 11am that day. Upon arriving in Cusco we tried to not let our lack of sleep and morning drama get the better of us, and set off to book our trek to Machu Picchu. After visiting the first travel agent we received some news that ... read more

North America » Mexico » Mexico City January 24th 2010

Before I begin my colossal catch up blog I'd like to apologise for the neglect to everybody including darling boyfriend and darling Mother. As explained in my previous rant, it was exceptionally expensive in Vegas to utilise anything that you touched, and since we have left we have not had a chance to scratch ourselves let alone write my daily activities with the commitment I promised. So TRAVELLERS LESSON NUMBER have no idea anymore; Be prepared for all seasons. This is an obvious one, but I have found one that Emily and I may have overlooked on our trip out to the Grand Canyon, 2 days into our Vegas trip. We hired a car, stopped at a roadside diner, at the usual 'buffalo burger' and arrived at the Grand Canyon too late to see it due ... read more

North America January 16th 2010

Just a quick note from Vegas... TRAVEL LESSON # 2: Always read the fine print. So it seems that ever since we arrived here we have been forking out money that I believe we had already covered (Gee I hate it when that happens). I bought a $5 phonecard which gave me the privelage of leaving a 3 second voicemail on a mobile (which now means we have no way of contacting anybody without spending a million dollars). Vegas is big and shiny and we love it. We hate the fact in order to walk from one end of the strip to the other (which is a big walk but a free one too) you are constantly diverted in and out of casinos and shops. We have had a very big day today and tomorrow are ... read more

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