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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 20th 2019

Ranajky si robim opat tie iste, toasty s dzemom. Okolo 8.15 objednava ind grab a ide sa na turistiku. Vodic zhovorcivy. Vyskakujeme pri hlavnom vchode. Tu domcek kde byvaju rangeri. Zapisujeme sa do knihy, fasujeme mapu. Este upozornenie aby sme zacali zostup o 1500, i ked by sme dovtedy nedosiahli vrchol. Okolo 1900 totiz rangeri kontroluju registracnu knihu a ak niekto neni odpisany udajne zacina po nom patranie. Minuly rok patrali po jednom turistovy, ktory sa stratil. No ale podla mna to je len historka. Spustam endomondo a ide sa. Podla knihy je na trase 6ludi, ti vsak vyrazili uz okolo 7.00 Znacenie je vynikajuce ale ono neni kde sa stratit. Su tu dva okruhy, modry kratis loop k vodopadu a cervena trasa k vrcholu. Cervena je nasa. Spaniel vyzera v dobrej kondicii, to sa vsak ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 19th 2019

Ranajky len toasty resp vajicka, vsetko vsak samoobsluha. Jest sa to mohlo pocas celeho dna. Na recepcii ina baba, tak reku ako to bude s cenou. Ak ostanen a nebooknem to cez appku, cena bude 20rm, ok, tak ostavam. Do odchodu busu do dedinky bau este hodinka. Nakup suvenirov, zjednavat nechceli, bo kamenne obchodiky a predajcovia boli len zamestnanci. Bus do bau odchadza z jalan gartak. Bus je cervenej farby, odtialto odchadzaju skoro vsetky busy (aj zelene). Samozrejme oznacenie zastavky ziadne ale ludia poradili. Bus stara rachotina so starym cinskym vodicom. Ten pred odchodom zbiera peniaze a dava aj listky. Drbli ludia furt nastupovali tak meskanie asi 5min. Uplne jak keby ti ludia naschval cakali vonku, ked uz bol bus priraveny odist, naskocili dnu. Cesta pohodova. Isli sme aj blizko letiska. Tam sa da dopravit kombi ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 18th 2019

Guideho na izbe vystriedal jeden chalan. Na noc som bol uz nachystany a zakril som sa plachtou. Ranajky opat v bufete. Okolo neho zas skurvene opice, co chceli ukradnut jedlo. Na recepcii sa pytam kedy odchadza cln nazad do mesta. Okolo 11.00 mam dojst na recepciu. Este mam nieco cez 1.5hod, tak vyvalenie sa na plazi pod stromi. Na slnku susim topanky, ponozky a uterak. Ludia z dormov uterak nefasovali narozdiel od ludi co byvali v samostatnych izbach. Na plaz prichadzali kvanta lodiek s tour. Nieco pred 11.00 prichadzam na recepciu. Tam odemna pyta listok, zistuje ci som si dohodol s kapitanom cas vyzdvihnutie. No nie, bo na pevnine mi povedali, ze nazad mozem ist s hociakou lodkou. Tak to je problem, kontaktuju kapitana, za 50rm ma dojde vyzdvihnut. Ak nedam, tak potom az o 15.00. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 15th 2019

Noc bola dost nahovno, bo hudba z lobby bola dost pocut. Batoh mam zas o nieco lahsi. Zistil som, ze som v bire nechal klobuk. Ten mi sluzil cca 7rokov ked som si ho kupil v saigone. Ranajky tentoraz nedavam u ujka v ulicke ale v ind.restike. Jedlo som mohol mat aj gratis ak by som si ho zobral z indickeho chramu poceste. To si brali rozny ludia od zobrakov az po manazerov (aspon podla oblecenia). No ja som veru na ryzu nemal chut, chcel som roti. Dal som hned dva kusy plnene vajcom a cibulou, Cakacka dost dlha. Po jedle rychlo chodza na pudu central. Predajca listkov na nastupisti v podzemi spal na stoliku. Som mal problem ho zobudit. Bus 8/45 meskal, vyrazili sme o 9.00 Kedze mam love, kupil som si cely bus pre ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 25th 2018

My cousin Eric sent this to me yesterday on Whatsapp. He saw it on Facebook. This is such a tragedy. Not only has human greed in Borneo destroyed the habitat and food supply for thousands of primates, bears, leopards and other mammals down to the tiniest Tree Shrew, but also for fish, insects, reptiles and birds. Palm oil is used in the manufacture of so many things that we use unknowingly every day; but we do not need to use it. There are alternatives. However, it is cheap to produce (fast-growing and easily harvested using cheap labour). Please look in your larder and fridge now and see what is there that has palm oil in it. Throw it in the bin and don't buy that product again. The Palm oil Barons do not even care that ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 25th 2018

Friday 25th May 2018 The weather gods were kind last night. The afternoon rain dried up and the balmy evening proved just perfect for a river cruise on the Sarawak. The cruise lasted just an hour and a half, travelling downriver and back as the sun slowly set. Some young dancers came onboard so that we could enjoy a traditional dance display and beer was sold in ice buckets complete with a built-in bottle opener in the rim. This little cruise was so idyllic and the sunset was made to order, especially since it was the first in a week due to evening thunderstorms. What a wonderful finale to our Borneo adventure, which has passed by too swiftly! Tomorrow morning, we fly off to Kuala Lumpur.... read more
River boat
Traditional dancing
John's happy!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 24th 2018

Monday 21st May 2018 We spent Monday on a full-day tour. We thought we might be in a group of people, squashed into a minibus, but it was just the two of us with our driver/guide, Musa. First stop was the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. The Semenggoh Centre was set up fifty years ago to rescue Orang-utans that had been kept illegally as pets or were orphaned due to hunting and loss of habitat. In the 70s there were eleven Orang-utans there and they underwent a rehabilitation programme before being released into the Semenggoh rainforest. This programme was so successful that eventually, over the years, they were all released and have set up their own wild colony of thirty animals, in the forest. In this way, Semenggoh is different to Sepilok, where rescued animals can still be ... read more
Annah Rais Bidayuh longhouse
Black pepper drying

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 22nd 2018

Tuesday 22ndMay 2018 In the “Lonely Planet” Borneo guide it says that Kuching will “amply reward visitors with a penchant for aimless ambling”. So true! So, on Sunday we spent the day aimlessly ambling along the waterfront, through Chinatown, the old colonial sector and the Islamic market, across the new bridge and around and about the town in general. We set off in the rain, then spent most of the day in the heat (I bought a rainbow umbrella to use for rain and sunshine), then in the evening we had a terrific dramatic thunderstorm. Most evenings it has rained after lovely sunny days, so we are still waiting for the opportunity to take an evening river cruise! Along the waterfront promenade there is an open-air community building called “The People’s Place” and often of an ... read more
Sunday morning at "The People's Place"
The Square Tower
Quadrangle in the Old Courthouse Complex

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 15th 2018

Tuesday 15th May 2018 On Saturday we left Sibu on the 11.30 a.m. ferry bound for Kuching. It was a gloriously sunny morning, not too humid and the ferry left on time. It was so nice to be on a boat where one could stand on deck to enjoy the passing scenery as we made our way downriver, rather than being confined to quarters inside a cabin full of passengers. O! and what an interesting and varied journey it was! Shipyards, coal yards, timber yards, old rusting hulks of barges abandoned mid-stream or beside small islands (one had trees growing through it) juxtaposed with lush verdant rainforest, wooden longhouses on Penan and Iban tribal settlements and rickety jetties with longboats tied to them, all higgledy-piggledy, providing splashes of colour bobbing on the coffee-coloured surface of the ... read more
Our sea-going river ferry!
Eggs on board. Hope they don't fry in the sun!
"Farewell Sibu!"

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching August 7th 2017

D. 07/08-12 D. 08/08 tog vi til Annahs rais (betyder village på malaysisk). Annahs rais er et homestay, hvor man bor hos en lokal familie, samt vælger nogle forskellige dagsaktiviteter. Vi valgte at blive der 2 nætter, med en jungletur til et vandfald og bamboo rafting. Vi ankom efter 1,5 time med taxi fra Kuching by til en landsby ude i skoven. Her blev vi taget godt imod af to damer, som bød os på byens risvin, som man kun kan smage i landsbyerne, hvor de laver vinen. Risvinen var ikke så slem, som forventet, dog havde man ikke lyst til mere end det ene shot, som man fik. Efter vinen blev vi hentet af vores vært, som vi skulle bo hos de næste 2 nætter. Vi ankom til et fint hus, hvor der stod morgenmad ... read more

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