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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching July 8th 2012

We left our accommodation in Miri late morning for the bus station to catch the city bus to the airport. We were gently touted a taxi for 50RM and a private car for 12RM (the bus is 2.60RM each) with stories of the bus takes a long time and it wont leave until later. Just as a taxi driver was telling Marie the bus wouldn't leave for a long time and was very slow the bus driver hopped in and started the engine. 15 minutes later we were at the airport. Less than an hour after boarding we were in Kuching. We were annoyed that we had to pay for cab as there is no bus from the airport to the city. Our lonely mis-guidebook say there is one if you go out and turn left ... read more
Photo 26
Photo 27
Photo 28

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching March 24th 2012

Mal wieder erschlägt uns die schwüle Hitze um die Mittagszeit, als wir aus dem voll Klimatisierten Flughafen von Kuching auf Borneo an die „frische Luft“ kommen. Wir waren vorher noch schnell in einem Touristenbüro um Karten und Auskünfte zu erhalten und haben dabei erfahren was wir eigentlich schon wussten, aber nicht glauben konnten, es fährt kein Bus vom Flughafen in die 20Km entfernte Stadt. Warum auch, es gibt ja genug Taxis. Doch die sind teuer. Wir überlegen und entscheiden uns erst einmal los zu laufen. Mittlerweile wissen wir, das wir mit vollem Gepäck in der Mittagshitze etwa 15 Minuten in gutem Tempo gehen können ohne dabei übermäßig viel Schweiß zu produzieren. Darüber hinaus wird der Rucksack etwa alle 10 Minuten gefühlte 5Kg schwerer. Jede auch noch so kleine Pore am Körper öffnet sich. Schultern und Rücken ... read more
Waterfront Kuching
Wochenendmarkt in Kuching
Photo 13

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching March 23rd 2012

Mitten im Urwald macht eine kleine Gruppe langsam und ehrfürchtig Platz für eine unerschrocken auf sie zukommende junge Mutter mit ihrem Baby. Eine waschechte Malaiin, zwei Arme, zwei Beine, ein großer Kopf, große dunkle Augen, menschlich und doch irgendwie anders…ein Waldmensch. Wald heißt übersetzt in der Landessprache „utan“ und Menschen werden hier „orang“ genannt. Wir befinden uns im Wildtierreservat und Rehabilitationszentrum in Semenggoh, in welchem Orang Utans gepflegt, wieder aufgepäppelt und anschließend ausgewildert werden. Eine ideale Möglichkeit, diese Tiere in „freier“ Wildbahn an den Fütterungsplätzen zu beobachten. Kaum liegt das Futter bereit, schimmert es auch schon an vielen Stellen rotbraun durch das dichte Blätterdach. Langsam und behäbig angeln sich die Tiere Banane, Ananas und Kokosnuss und verputzen sie genüsslich. Sie strahlen so ... read more
Rotbraun schimmert es durch den Wald.
Beliebteste Fortbewegungsart.
Orang Utan-Dame mit Kind

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 3rd 2012

The longest journey of our lives so far - Tongatapu-Auckland(overnight in airport)-Melbourne(re-routed)-Singapore(stayed for one day/night)-Kuching - ended with minds and bodies intact and all bags present and correct, remarkably enough. A new country (Malaysia), a new landmass (Borneo), a new (old) hemisphere (northern, just) was the reward for over thirty hours in planes and airports. Kuching means cat; it's the capital of Sawarak, Malaysia's largest state. There's even a large statue of cats in the city centre. But there are no more cats here than anywhere else we have been. There is an abundance of places to eat, however, something that we sorely missed in sleepy Tonga. Sarawak Laksa is a morning favourite, a spicy noodle soup with prawns and chicken. It's up to you to mix the paste with the juice from a calamansi (like ... read more
Longhouse in Mongkos
Longhouse resident
Longhouse resident

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching November 1st 2011

Hi everyone, Last time I was leaving Sibu to go in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Kuching has a laidback atmosphere and it is really easy to forget about time, date, hour… everything! The symbol of Kuching is a cat, which made me like the town even better! The first day, I visited the Sarawak museums: from the natural history museum to the ethnographic section, including a wooden fossil exhibition and finishing by the history of Sarawak, I spent my day trying to remember all the information (attempt failed obviously), but that was a nice way to start my visit of Kuching. In the town I found some Chinese streets, colonial buildings, a lovely river with a riverfront absolutely great to walk on during the evening, some temples, some really good food (as everywhere in Malaysia, ... read more
2-A official building-Un batiment d'etat
3-Cat statue
4-Cat statue

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching September 14th 2011

From Lovina on the sunny and subdued north coast of Bali we headed south to Ubud, cultural capital of the island, but not without first taking in some more of the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. We passed through towering rice terraces, alongside extinct volcanic craters now home to rippling blue lakes and along the way saw some of the many contrasting images that make Indonesia so interesting. On the one hand there are fully paved and painted roads almost everywhere, yet seemingly no rules on how to drive on them; at times we passed by sprawling art deco style villas with private pools and gated gardens, and around the corner were houses made of reclaimed corrugated iron and fallen trees, home to three generations of the same family with an animal each. But one thing ... read more
King of the swingers
Rice terraces in Bali
Lake in Bali

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching August 24th 2011

I caught the shuttle bus to the airport from Ubud and at one stage I was worried that I might miss my flight, but after the driver put his foot down I arrived on time. It was about a 3 hour flight to KL(LCCT) and I walked through the arrival hall about 1am and headed straight to the cheap food hall with free wifi. I killed the 6 hours I had to wait for my next flight quite easily by drinking plenty of coffee, surfing the net, and talking to a Malaysian guy also headed to Kuching. At 7am I boarded the plane and a few hours later after taking a taxi from the airport had arrived in the chinatown district of Kuching where I found an average place to stay for about $13 a night. ... read more
Toilet at cinema with rat on top
Sarawak cultural village
Artist at Sarawak cultural village

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching August 13th 2011

Kuching Town We've now spent a week in Kuching town, with three days out to Bako National Park. Four full days was really too much in this pretty but small town, however it seems to be a place that people end up in for a while stuck between flights. We've stayed in the 121 Lodge which has been great, quiet, clean and helpful staff. Everything is in easy reach as the centre of town is small. Lovely riverfront walkway, plenty of places to eat, the local Sarawak Lhaksa is excellent. The best thing we've done here is go to Semenggoh Orangutan centre. We've now been three times. It's easy to get to on the public bus and only Rm3 each way and anther Rm 3 entrance fee it's a cheap half day trip. The two times ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching July 31st 2011

Hello from Kuching. The city of the cat (Kuching means cat in Malaysia) and don’t they like to milk it (no pun intended) there are cat statues and cat souvenirs everywhere! It pretty much feels like home now as we have been here nearly 2 weeks pottering around, seeing the sites and waiting for a flight to Kula Lumpar after we jumped on a lovely 24 hour bus journey to get here from Brunei. The Sultans birthday was good although sadly he was apparently too busy to blow out all the candles on his many cakes and we did not receive any handouts of gold . He started the celebrations with a 8am parade and taking of the salute of all the troops (apparently if you are a sultan there is no such thing as a ... read more
birthday boy himself
sunset at kuching waterfront
some idiot at bako national park

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching July 30th 2011

Tuesday 12th July Travelling day to Kota Kinabalu. Wednesday 13th July Flight to Sandakan. On the local bus we chatted to a lady who asked if we'd like to go stay at her hotel. She was very friendly and was lovely. Shame her hotel was not. Nor was Sandakan. It reminded me of a town recovering from civil war. A lady also did her business in the street so it was quite like China as well. Thursday 14th July Went to Sepilok Orang-utans centre for morning feeding time and saw 3 Orang-utans one with a baby! So cute! Then booked to stay at Uncle Tan's jungle camp and got on a long tail boat and were amazingly lucky to see 2 wild Orang-utans, again one mummy with her baby! Wonderful. This trek was already totally with ... read more
Hanging about...
Jungle Lodgings
Lots of little monkeys!

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