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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching June 3rd 2011

Arriving in Kuching I asked a local where the bus departed from to get into the city from the boat terminal to be informed there was no bus although he would take me into the city for free or I could take a taxi. I took his offer. Amazingly his shop was a two minute walk from the very highly recommended Threehouse bed and breakfast down a pretty colonial street where I booked in for one night. Looking around the hostel it had a fantastic rumpus room, a kitchen (the 1st I've seen so far in Asia) and was beautifully set out. However the dorm room was dark, small, cramped and not airconditioned, the beds were extremely uncomfortable. So I was really glad I had only booked the one night here and would look tomorrow for ... read more
The history of a fort
The important buildings

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 25th 2011

Kuching attracts its fair share of visitors looking for a Borneo adventure. But I wonder how many go home disappointed. It's not that the city isn't attractive - it is and it appeals to a lot of people with its historic waterfront (somewhat now dominated by the new Dun), its array of restaurants and bars along Padungan. luxury and boutique hotels like Pullman, Basaga and Limetree and the general friendly ambiance of a small, purring city. Yet the name Sarawak conjures up a jungle and wildlife experience - an adventure holiday. Apart from short day trips out of town to see the orangutan feeding at Semenggoh or the proboscis monkeys at Bako National Park, where do visitors to Kuching go for that wildlife, jungle experience. They are offered Batang Ai and a longboat trip on the ... read more
sanggau cycliste
sanggau waterfront

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching March 27th 2011

Van mama door naar mijn Thaise papa. Zo als ik eerder vertelde ontmoette ik in het immigratiekantoor in Jakarta een ontzettend lieve Thaise man die mij uitnodigde bij hem thuis. Naar meerdere mislukte pogingen was er nu eindelijk een moment dat een bezoek ons beiden uitkwam, al moest hij wel wat vrij vragen van zijn werk. Op naar Phuket dus! Ondertussen zou ik al een boek kunnen schrijven over alleen de busritten tijdens deze reis. Bang dat bij aankomst op zondagavond in het busstation in Bangkok alle bussen naar Phuket al vol zouden zitten, heb ik ondanks slechte ervaringen toch maar weer een bus gepakt vanaf Khao San Road. De reis zou 15 uur duren en even leek het goed te gaan. De bus was bijna helemaal leeg dus ik had twee stoelen voor mijzelf alleen ... read more
Half lady, half boy

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 18th 2011

Big "Jungletrekkingday". Been to the waterfall, refreshing there in nice clear water. The way back we decided to go to the lookout point as well. Was quite exhausting, but was worth it! ... read more
More Jungle...
View from the outlook

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 17th 2011

The Guide picked us up at the hotel, with us a young malaysian moslem girl, wearing a burka (Kopftuch). Interesting, she´s been to germany for studying, and is going again. Germany makes it possible by supporting it. To get to the cave-entrance, we had to climb many steps, as you can see on the picture. After advising us about the cave, do´s and don´ts, I was quite curious about the cave. So we climbed up the steep, wet steps with enough distance between us.... It´s a big, no, a huge cave! But it is open! After explaining the cave, telling us about people coming there to pray, etc., I thought we explore a bit, finding little caves, etc... But appart from, that he explained to us, that the other, bigger cave we wanted to see that ... read more
Stairs to the Fairy-Cave entrance
Exit of the cave
One missing step

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching January 9th 2011

Kuching in Sarawak literally translates into 'Cat City'. Gabrielle adores cats so you can imagine how excited she got when we headed into this feline-loving city. By chance in Sibu, we bumped into Edward who we had met earlier in our trip. So we got on the boat together and admired the scenery as we drifted into Kuching. After we alighted and started to walk to find a bus stop, a family in a pick-up truck pulled up to us and offered us a ride. We climbed onto the back with our rucksacks on and clinged on for our lives as we whizzed around the city. It was great fun as the children in the back seat pulled faces at us. We ended up at the best hostel, Tracks B&B on Greenhill. It was extremely good ... read more
Beautiful Beach
Iban Longhouse

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 14th 2010

With great anticipation we landed in Kuching on the west side of Borneo, thinking about all the wildlife we were hoping to see. For those that know little about Borneo its a huge island off the coast of Singapore which is part Malaysian and part Indonesian, Kuching being on the Malaysian side. It is the only place where you can find the endangered and amazing orantutans and probiscus monkeys in the wild. Kuching translates to "Cat" in Malay and it seem its a bit of an obsession there as there are cat statues absolutely everywhere. We arrived around lunchtime and headed straight to the hotel 360Xpress, which we booked sometime ago. Trip Advisor gave it rave reviews, so we were already optimistic, and it didn't disappoint. We opened our room to find a plush looking bedroom ... read more
Our Plush hotel room
Kuching river front
Fort Margerita

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 12th 2010

I came to Borneo expecting to be greeted by orang u tangs, fighting off hornbills, avoiding the snakes and pulling off leeches. All this I thought would have occured as soon as I stepped off the plane - I was of course to be disappointed and instead of an abundance of tropical creatures I was greeted by your common old garden cat. Now don't get me wrong, I haven't actually seen many living, breathing felines but I have seen cat statues and monuments of every shape, size and description. It seems that the people of Kuching - the capital of Malaysian Borneo's Sarawack region have gone to the point of obsession over the moggy with large 10 foot cats, in the middle of roundabouts, and on pretty much any object that locals feel could benefit for ... read more
long house
seasonal cat
a history of head hunting

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 12th 2010

Nach 7 Wochen alleine Reisen traf ich endlich Markus am Flughafen in Kuala Lumpur. Spät abends flogen wir gemeinsam von dort nach Kuching auf Borneo. Kuching heisst auf Deutsch "Katze". So gingen wir dann auch hier auf Katzenjagd. Das ist sehr einfach, denn an jeder Strassenecke gibt es irgendeine Katzenstatue, jeder Souvenirladen ist voller Katzen in sämtlichen Materialien. Ja, auch die wunderschöne ;-) goldene Winkekatze ist hier erhältlich. Wer also noch eine haben möchte..... :-)) Kuching selbst ist eine überraschend aufgeräumte, ordentliche und hübsche Stadt. Die Atmosphäre hier ist sehr entspannt. Wir waren ganz positiv überrascht. Allerdings ist auch die Temperatur verglichen mit dem Festland Malaysias etwas höher und es ist deutlich feuchter (von 85% Luftfeuchtigkeit ging es hier rauf auf über 90%). Wir erkundeten die Stadt und besuchten die Orang Utans im Semenggo... read more
Parlament in Kuching
Markus erster Tag in Asien
Kuching Moschee

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching November 16th 2010

Hello again, time to hit you up with the second helping of backlogged information from my travels, as due to the fact that I am too bone-idle to bother keeping a written record of events, I am liable to forget all this if I don't get it typed up and published quick-smart!! Picking up from where I left the preceding update, I had stationed myself in Pokhara, Nepal, in order to prepare myself for tackling the world famous 'Annapurna Circuit' trek. The first few days that I spent in Pokhara were simply used as recovery time, as in preparation for Annapurna, I took on the Helambu Trek which is shorter at only six days, and this turned out to be a good decision on my part as it absolutely ripped me (more specifically my legs) apart ... read more
Clouds in the way...
Celebrating at the Top...
Heading over Thorung La...

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