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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi April 24th 2006

Hey all, First day in malaysia was cool, didnt do alot though, got up and dont have breakdfast at this place- thank god good riddance to the hot dog sausages! So went in search of food, not much near the hotel, so we headed out into ferringhi and ate a malaysia breakfast of noodles and chicken - mmmm waht a change. chris also had some prawns in his. Booked travel down to Kuala Lumpar tomorrow, by bus, only 5 hourts which is a relief, and then we still havent found anywhere which will book us through to singapore - hmmm hope this isnt going to be a problem! Bought some cool things at the market last night, and got some cool ideas for wedding venue decorations from a really cool lighting shop - will make our ... read more
please .... dont steal the camera!
the beach with jellyfish!!
view from hotel

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi April 5th 2006

Home sweet home, well sort of. We caught the 2pm flight from BKK to Penang and yes, this time we made the flight, just. "Would passengers Lloyd Westly and Ryan Roberts, please report to gate 71 immediately!" You had to have your ice cream from 7 eleven hey Loopy. Last people but we made it and all went well. Arrived in Batu Ferrenghi at my lovely friend Kristinas parents house. We were met at the gate by her father Al who kindly allowed us to put our bags down before we embarked on a bike ride down the coast. Quite beautiful. Went into Georgetown for dinner, I was so hungry and the food was perfect. I had some tandoori chicken, lamb curry and dal on rice. It is so so nice being in a proper house. ... read more
Al and the boys
Just for you Kristina

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 4th 2005

We took a bus from Georgetown to the north coast resort of Batu Ferringhi ("Foreigner's rock") which has a nice beach but the water is no good for swimming. Things were very quiet and we spent the morning on an almost deserted beach. This is the first (and only) beach we are visiting that was hit by last year's devastating Tsunami. We could not tell whether the silence was due to the the fact that tourists are staying away or whether it's just a quiet time of year but the place was still a bit eerie. We could not see many of the beach-front cafes or bungalows indicated our 'Rough Guide' (but admittedly, we did not search for very long). We returned to Georgetown that afternoon.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi June 16th 2004

Brilliant - first encounter with o/s internet at hotel is absolute nightmare! Was well on the way to great first blog on the road, only to have it destroyed by pop ups! Ahhhh alas I must try once again! Well if independant travelling/backpacking is a religion and Lonely Planet is the bible, right now I am about the equivalent of the anti-christ of travel :) Right now am living the life of a prima donna - and just on the side - it is a pretty good lifestyle :) I wake up, have some breakfast, hit poolside, read, sunbake (try to avoid getting too burnt - darn pasty Melbourne Winter skin), read, drink, have massages, read some more, swim some more, go have a relax in my room, then think about going out to the night ... read more
Cheap Food

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