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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi January 4th 2009

I finally found it, a nice little cheap beachside guest house (actually on the beach) with a bar and wireless internet access for free. It's perfect! I had been joking with few mates before I left Australia, that if I found this type of place, i could be in trouble and simply stay there. You hear of people doing it all the time and I can see why. The place is called "Ali Ferringhi's Guest House" and its literally on the beach in Batu Ferringhi nestled amongst all the big resorts. Once again the rooms are basic ($60 Ringgit per night or AUD$25) and mine has a separate bathroom but it's just brilliant. I've booked in for four days (that's the longest they had a spare private room for) and today is day two. The other ... read more
My new office next to my room
Beachside fun
The bar, Ali Ferringhi's

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi December 18th 2008

Ross: Having now managed to reduce our bodies' core temperatures back down to somewhere near normal, and having drunk more fine Malaysian tea than one could shake a spoon at, we decided our time in the Highlands was up. Our non-VIP bus to Penang was booked for unearthly o'clock on the morning of the 15th December, a Monday no less! The only differences between Malaysian 'VIP' and 'non-VIP' buses is the price and the fact that the latter has four seats per row instead of three, or so we we thought. It later emerged that the non-VIP buses also come with a faulty gear box, resulting in a delayed stop of about an hour whilst small Asian men clambered inside the engine compartment to get oily. We eventually arrived in Butterworth, a town on the mainland ... read more
A rather large monitor lizard
A 4-wheel moped.
A rather posh university

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi December 14th 2008

14.12.08 Km travelled 20854 Our stay in Penang is close to its end. I'll be very honest, it's a place I definitely won't recommend. The journey from Koh Samui has not been the most pleasant. It's been actually fine up to Hat Yai, then we got on a mini bus with an horrible driver, on an endless struggle to reach Penang. It was already past nine at night when, after long queues and continuous changes on the way to drop off people here and there, he left us in an unknown street of Georgetown and went away without even a word. Fortunately a Buddhist taxi driver came across and accepted to take us to Batu Firringhi. We're staying at Baba's Guesthouse, the cheapest place we found, but still expensive for what it is. We choose Penang ... read more
Botanical Gardens
Birds at the end of the day

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 26th 2008

So we reached the coast at last! We got to Penang after a drive down from the Cameron Highlands, and the heat hit us! We are definatly not in the highlands anymore! We're staying in Georgetown, the main town on the island, in the mandatory china town. We checked into a hotel called the 'the blue diamond' which was 30RM a night for a double room with a shower! The loos may have been minging but they had a bar and served mexican food so who cares! The hostel also has live music, as it was a Friday night when we arrived we enjoyed this, and Saturday night we enjoyed it too. It seems that the hostel has live music until 1am every night, which booms into every room and causes children to cry. We checked ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi May 3rd 2008

Penang Island April 2008 Hello Everyone! How are we all? This will hopefully be the first of many blogs from us! The night we left Melbourne was nice, just had some family and friends over before we left for the airport. The flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was around 8 hours and we both got a small amount of sleep. We then had to hang around at KL airport for a few hours before we got our domestic flight to Penang. During these few hours we decided to use an internet café and it was only then that we realized we were in the wrong terminal for our next flight, the domestic terminal was actually 15km away! So we hurried for a bus there and in the end we made it safe and sound. The ... read more
Penang 160408 03
Penang 160408 07
Penang 160408 08

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 31st 2008

Tanaan ei olla juurikaan tehty muuta kuin uitu uima-altaassa ja vaihdettu huonetta. Muutettiin 16 kerrosta alas pain 10. kerrokseen. Muuton syyna oli jumalaton remonttimeteli, joka lahti viereisesta huoneesta. Puhuminen muuttui paiva paivalta enemman huutamiseksi, joten otettiin yhteys respaan. Nakoala ei ole enaa yhta hulppea, mutta kelpaa edelleen. Perjantaina aloitettiin Lariam-malariakuuri. Nappeja vedellaan kerran viikossa, ja ne saattavat aiheuttaa psyykkisia vaivoja, kuten painajaiset ja flippailu. Eipa olla viela huomattu mitaan. Torstaina tai perjantaina siirrytaan siis Indonesiaan malaria-alueelle, joten kuuri piti aloittaa viikkoa ennen. Mitaan ei siis ole tapahtunut sitten viime eilisillan, joten mita sita turhia jorisemaan. Nyt sain liitettya videon mukaan, josta voitte ihastella viela kerran nakoalaa 26. kerroksesta. Musat on omistettu Kipelle, joka niin tarisee si... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 30th 2008

Joo-o. Hetki on taas vierahtanyt viime kuulumisista, jotka jai vahan lyhyeksi syysmasennuksen takia. Ja heti on nakojaan asiaan reagoitu ja tiukkaa kritiikkia on tulvinut. Syysmasennus kesti paivan ja nyt on paistanut arska taydelta taivaalta nelja paivaa. Keskiviikkona lahdettiin siis Kuala Lumpurin vilskeesta Penangin saarelle Pohjois-Malesiaan. Ensimmainen yo bunkattiin Banana New Guest Housessa, George Townissa, Penangin keskustassa. (samainen paikka, jossa Jonssonilta kaannettiin reppu muutamia kuukausia taaksepain. Nythan poijjaat on jo Suomessa tutisemassa pakkasessa.) Heitettiin kamat huoneeseen ja nukuttiin paivaunet. Iltapaivalla otettiin taksi tanne Batu Ferringiin ja lahdettiin etsimaan parempaa yopaikkaa ja lahempaa rantaa. George Town oli ihan hieno paikka, mutta kaksi viikkoa Kuala Lumpurissa vietettyamme alkoi palaa naama kiinni kaupungin melskeeseen. Netista oli aik... read more
Parvekkeelta. Meressa vetelee varjoliitelija ja vesijetti.
Uima-allas ja tenniskentta

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 26th 2008

Tanaan herattiin 4.30 mentiin taksilla lentsikkakentalle lennettin lentsikalla Penangille mentiin taksilla Banana New Guest Houseen maksaa kympin yo on ihan hieno vanha varasto monta metria korkea nukuttiin tunteja mentiin etsimaan uutta kotia loytyi jees tultiin lepaamaan pelattiin korttia syotiin satoi koko ajan hei... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 10th 2008

Langkawi From Koh Lipe we hopped onto a boat to Langkawi, only 1 and a half hours, so it was a quick journey. Arriving we travelled by taxi to our Zackry Guesthouse, this was like being back in total civilisation. Having lived for the past 12 days on an island with no roads, no banks, no buildings above 2 floors, no nightclubs, no hot water and no shoes needed and little clothing, here it was like having luxury accommodation and back to normality. We had an en suite with a hot water shower, the toilet flushed and most importantly we had free tea, coffee and wifi!!! So we settled in comfortably. We did our usual wondering about the local area, backpacker tourist zone, and found numerous tourist shops, bars and restaurants. There was a huge ... read more
Me and mum.
A super indian meal.
The Hawker Food stall experience!

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 11th 2008

Today was the day we actually got to explore Penang. I’ve decided the “shower/trickle” will now be the predictor of what our day will hold. Thank goodness that this morning our shower was fully functioning, with hot water. It was going to be a good day. We awoke to the sight of a man sleeping directly across from us in the middle of the pavement, unaware of people traipsing around him. Not prepared to get caught out with buses again, our first mission of the day was to sort out transport to Trang in Southern Thailand. Like all good kiwis we decided the information office was the place to go, and after grabbing some bake and take (yummy, yummy rolls) for brekkie we meandered down the back streets of George town, taking in the sights and ... read more

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