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March 15th 2009
Published: March 15th 2009
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Spent 2 nights in the Cameron Highlands, the big tea plantations are here and the scenery is very different to anything I've ever seen before. Went on a tour and the guide was fantastic, a young Malaysian guy who was really knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We went for a trek into the 'mossy' jungle, which was great. You couldn't have done the walk without a guide and it was a proper jungle trek. The guide knew loads about the local plants, which normally wouldn't interest me much but it was interesting here.

Stayed in a really nice guesthouse with lots of other backpackers, and near a small town. Felt like we were in an Asian skiing village, and randomly the style of houses here is quite similar to skiing resorts in Europe. We 'treked' down to a waterful, and the senery was good, but nothing spectacular!

Been on the Island of Penang now for one night and staying, again in a lovely family run guest house. They are all Islamic families and it's strange living in an 'Islamic' house, taking your shoes off before going inside is very important!

Enjoying the island and the beach, neither me nor Helen have been that well so it's nice to not have to do anything. Staying in a tiny village which is touristy, but with Malaysian holiday makers which is different. The women swim fully clothed, headscalfs and all - just enter the water in exactly what they've been wearing during the day. We're ok wearing what we like hear and aren't causing any offense with shorts and t-shirt, the water here doesn't look all that clear so we haven't been swimming, but I would feel very, very underdressed in a swimming costume or bikini!

Had a slightly random night out last night, 3 Australian guys insisted on taking us out clubbing (we insisted that we couldn't afford it!), they were here on buisness and the 5 of us had a really good laugh! Going out to the bars wasn't that great, they were either full of older men (i.e. they were brothels) or full of quite young kids! Still we had a good night out and sat out on the beach when we'd given up on the bars.

Staying here another night, then going to the main town on the island before heading to Langkawi. Staying with a friend of Mum's there and the thing I'm looking forward to most is being able to properly wash my clothes in a washing machine! Can't believe how quickly the trips going and enjoying it, there isn't really a 'backpacker' scene here much, and it's mainly couples traveling up and down Malaysia. The people we have been meeting tend to be very laid back and since drinking here is really expensive (a beer costs more than a meal and sometimes as much as a night in a hostel), not many wild nights out - or nights out at all really!!


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