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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 27th 2007

Same as yesterday really... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 26th 2007

Got the free hotel minbus down to the beach today. Spent a good few hours reading, sweating, swimming etc. Realised that my book binding glue was melting and falling apart but managed not to lose any pages. These are the dilemas you go through when travelling.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 25th 2007

Had a very nice buffet breakfast in the hotel and decided to spend the day by the pool in the hotel. I had to wait for over an hour before a sunbed became available but was happy enough listening to my iPod and reading, then cooling down in the pool if needed. I could do this every day!!! Spent the late afternoon working out when to go to Thailand, how and where to stay up till then... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 24th 2007

Got taxi to Batu Ferringhi. I was staying in the Hydro Majestic hotel which was actually about 3km from the main beach. The hotel, was nice and clean however and had a big pool. I walked to the main town, which was another death-defying trek, and sat on the beach for a few hours. There was hardly anyone there so it was really quiet and peaceful. There was no breeze though and with it being in the high 30's I got hot very quickly. The water was just about cool enough to cool down. Later on, I had some Korean food and watched the Man Utd v Fulham game in the hotel bar.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi December 26th 2006

Just to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! lots of love to you all and hope you all had a brilliant Christmas day with lots of prezzies! x x x And also that we have added more photos to the Langkawi entry and the More Beaches, Thailand entry. . .... read more
OUR Christmas Tree
Father Christmas came!

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 9th 2006

Well we were going to try and head to the tropical fruit farm. We manged to get the bus as far as Batu Ferringi but from there it was a half hour taxi ride it was too expensive so didnt go. We went on the beach at Batu Ferringi which was ok but it was a very built up resorty type place abit like spain! Stayed for a bit then headed back. Went to a shopping mall and i ordered some glasses as they are a lot cheaper here and manged to find a nice pair. Finally i have manged to put some photos on the computer as we had the afternoon to sort it out and had free internet! I think i have sent most of you the link to see them. If not email ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 9th 2006

We were kept up most of the night with noisy neighbours- so Thursday (today) will definately be a lazy day, both of us feel very lethargic as the temperature is now heading above 30 degrees. We have litterally done nothing today, its 3pm here and we have nothing planned. We can only describe Penang as a bit like Turkey- still developing. Where we are staying is off the beaten track of all the 'nice' hotels, but after a short walk we feel more like home with the Tavel Inns and Sheraton's of the world! We even had breakfast in one, opting out of the local curry options that are available elsewhere. We havent been taken by the place we must admit... we should have been staying for 3 nights, checking out on Saturday, but we have ... read more
Sexy or what

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 8th 2006

Wednesday was a busy one, it was up early, checked out of hotel and off to the airport. On arriving at the train station to the airport, we discovered we could check in our luggage straight away without being at the airport- this was great, it meant we didnt have to carry our bags all day, especially as we were side tracking before going to the airport directly... We were heading to one last tourist trap to Npang 360 which is a cable car ride around the hillside not far from the airport to a Monastary and the largest sitting buddha made of bronze in in Asia. It was a lovely trip with great views- but not for those scared of heights! Then it was on to the airport- this was enormous and fantastically clean- but ... read more
Big Buddha
Dan at Temple
View back to Airport

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 6th 2006

Touchdown Singapore So I arrived in Singapore after my mammoth flight in which I watched 3 movies and plenty of sitcoms. I hopped on a shuttle bus into the city and met another solo traveller (an American girl) on the bus. We decided to go around town together, first stop was the art museum which we got a tour of. We then went to the famous Raffles hotel for lunch in the only place we could afford! I was shattered so went back to the airport for my complimentary shower, spent 1hr 1/2 trying to the find the god damn place tho! Lost in Malaysia!! Next stop Penang, Malaysia, where I was met off the flight by my father. Got to our hotel and I was delighted, pure luxury!! Nice chandeliers, porters, robes in our room, ... read more
In the jungle!!
Puala pangkor
Cycling on the island

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi July 24th 2006

Keen to see a bit more of Penang Island, Andrew and I hired scooters to get around the North Coast. I was pretty nervous at first, but got to grips with my new wheels fairly quickly. Travelling under our own steam was great - free to go wherever, whenever. We found a lovely guesthouse by the beach and relaxed to the max all afternoon. The sea was tempting me, until Andrew got stung by a jellyfish and I decided to give it a miss. We cruised up the coast a few km to another beach where we sat on the rocks and watched the sun go down (see Andrew's lovely photo). We had some great hawker food (again!) and hit Batu Ferringhi's famous night market for some bartering and bargain hunting. Andrew had met a guy ... read more
Sun going down in Batu Ferringhi

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