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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi April 7th 2011

Hi Guys, Last stop Penang in Malaysia to stay at Annie's Guest House for the second time. We knew it would be the perfect place to wind down before the long flight home as Annie, Raj and their family are truly wonderful people. Our last night they arranged a BBQ for us and the rest of the guests. Annie made an awesome Indian Chicken Curry, ( Paddy was the assistant and now has the secret recipe ) the girls were on salad duty and the boys were on BBQ duty. It was a brilliant night, we made two great friends in Laura and Chris and look forward to seeing them after their time travelling and we are not JEALOUS in the slightest that they are at the beginning of their journey. GURRRRR!! Tears upon leaving the ... read more
Girls on Salad
Girls on salad
Penang Party

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 19th 2011

After an ok nights sleep (air-con always makes the throat and mouth dry as hell) I headed downstairs for breakfast with my slightly less club like foot. Breakfast as ever was toast, toast, toast or noodles so toast it was! Aruna had suggested hiring scooters for the day rather than getting the bus to the closest beach at Batu Ferringhi, a forty-five minute ride away. So we spoke to the guy that hired out twist-and-go scooters at the front of the guest house and he agreed to do us a deal for two scooters. He looked a bit like Jackie Chan, with long hair so I found it hard not to laugh as he was going through the operation of the scooter with me. I had to grab fuel before we went anywhere as mine, unlike ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi February 11th 2011

Once again, it was our winter break and we headed for warmer climates. This year it was off to Malaysia and Indonesia after recuperating for the first week of our holiday at home, getting over a cold ( I thought!!). As we flew into KL, the only thing visible from the plane were miles and miles of palm oil plantations. It is the largest agricultural product in the country. The airport is located 60-70 km from the city but only an 8 MYR (about $3) bus ride away. After landing, we hopped on the LCCT-KL Sentral bus and headed for the city. Once again, mile after mile of palm plantations greeted us out of both sides of the bus. From the bus station, we walked to the nearest monorail station and took the short trip to ... read more
Beach across the street in Batu Feringhi
Another beach scene
These guys came riding along as we were eating at a place overlooking the beach

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi May 10th 2010

First of all, sorry for showing our geeky sci-finess by doing a Star Trek title for the blog, we just couldn’t resist it! It was only a short (air conned!) bus ride to Batu Ferringhi, a beach resort town on the north coast of Penang. Because of the heat Neil had insisted that his Cadbury’s chocolate be packed very carefully into our backpacks, to provide the most protection from melting in the heat! We managed to find the right place to get off the bus and walked away from the big resort hotels down a side street which lead to the beach and the budget accommodation; although the word ‘budget’ to describe the rooms is definitely not the one we would use! Cue a hot and sweaty hour or so walking around the few guesthouses asking ... read more
Beach opposite Tropical Spice Garden
Long beach hawker centre
Pond at Tropical Spice Garden

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi May 10th 2010

Penang, 23rd to 26th April 2010 Once arriving at the bus station our task was then to get to Batu Feringgi on Penang Island. As luck would have it the bus station was linked to the ferry so within 10 minutes we had paid our 1.20 Ringitts and were pootling over to the island. Penang Island was bigger than we had been expecting but with a few helpful directions from our bus driver we were soon on bus number 101. We were staying on the other side of the island so the bus took about 45 minutes passing through lots of interesting towns as we went. We got off where the hostel directions had indicated, but as we had only written down the address and not the rest of the directions we had a little trouble ... read more
Start of the national park jungle trek
On the canopy walk
Monkey Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi December 8th 2009

Good afternoon everyone this is your Captain speaking, we will shortly be descending on the land of all things western, many things fake, lots that’s cultural and where the temperature is a sweaty 32 degrees C with 80% humidity and all this some distance away from a tuk tuk driver or a local washing his prize cow! Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. A brisk walk alongside the tarmac, a speedy customs check and forex change and we were out of the door and on a bus headed for the city. It’s difficult not to notice the marks of a truly capitalist nation when the first things you see are the Mc Donalds and Starbucks illuminated insignia jutting out of every second building! This aside we were decidedly excited at what Malaysia had to hold and not ... read more
KL Locals
KL Locals
KL Locals

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi December 2nd 2009

Just thought I could share some of my insights on my recent Penang Trip Reached Changi Airport at around 10.00 on Sunday 29 Nov 2009 as our flight is departing at 11:25. We were taking Air Asia Flight AK5802. Quite excited as we, as a family have not travelled overseas for quite some time since Year 2002, so I was kind of excited to bring all of us on a trip planned by myself. Our flight was delayed slightly due to a traffic at Changi Airport, but nonetheless, we were happily on our way to Penang Airport in no time. Reached Penang Airport at around 12:45, clearing of immigration and customs was relatively quick and soon we were out in the arrival hall. Booked a cab (called teksi over there) at a taxi counter just outside ... read more
2009 12020136
2009 12020137
2009 12020139

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi October 1st 2009

Mum, Dad and I got dropped off at our hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. Having unpacked (well Mum and Dad did I made a token gesture at unpacking) we went and had some lunch before briefly exploring the local area. After awhile we decided to return to the hostel whereby I went to investigate the swimming pool... Thursday morning and I had already decided that I was going to do nothing for the day. It was time for me to do some washing and so after collecting my washing and what Mum and Dad decided they wanted doing we headed across the road from the hotel to the tailors that also offered cheap laundry. Washing dropped off and agreed to be collected that night we went for a wander. On returning past the hotel I ducked ... read more
I can't remember what this building was...
Colonial clock tower
Lighthouse and mast at Fort Cornwallis

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi September 24th 2009

The Asam Laksa is known throughout South East Asia as one of the best noodle soup dishes ever. Penang apparently is THE place to get the real deal. Now, I had read stories online about Penang Asam Laksa and all its majesty. I desperately tried to find it back home, but the best I could come up with was coconut laksa - and I wasn’t too impressed with it either. Before I continue, it should be said that I have a high bar set for noodle soups. As I’ve noted before, I myself am Vietnamese - with that I have known the world champion of noodle soups - Pho. I also know the light and middleweight champions: Bun Rue and Bun Bo Hue. So when I heard that the Asam Laksa is perhaps a worthy challenger, ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi September 23rd 2009

And again we find ourselves ready to eat…you guys must think I’m a glutton of sorts. Anywhoozits, we visited a delightful under-a-canopy food area a little walks away from the night markets at Batu Ferringhi. Hunger was setting in and I was ready for another round of Malaysian food delights - Penang stylez. The place we ate at was called Cafe Long Beach - imagine a Kopi Tiam, but ALOT bigger… and outside…and under a tent. So let’s get on with the foodage - appetizers first! Spring Roll cl... read more

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