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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi January 18th 2013

Took bus to be near the beach on the bus. Bus really full. thank goodness for air conditioning! Luckily I am old, so seemed to get a seat OK! Beach not great - should have believed the Lonely planet - it is spot on. Had delicious meals at the street traders. Looked for locals, where they eat. Cost about one pound for meal and a drink... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 21st 2012

Firstly, Forget what I said about Batu Ferringi not being my type of place as the national park surpassed all expectations. I took the bus to the entrance of the park where you have to sign in. Register our details, who you are, where you plan to go and when you plan to be back. I chose to take the route to monkey beach. Part of the hike was pretty tough at parts, navigating over rocks, tree trunks ad using man made ropes to climb rock faces. It's hard to describe the hike fully; yes I saw some amazing views, untouched white sand beaches with the waves gently crashing into the rock boulders, i saw some fauna (wild mushrooms and the 'shy' plant. The one that closes when you touch it, not sure of its botanical ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 20th 2012

After checking out of Ryokan hostel and saying goodbye to Tyler I walked to the 7/11 to catch the 101 bus to batu ferringhi. 45 minutes and RM2.75 later I arrived in a beach town not that dissimilar to Langkawi, so not really my 'type' of place, nevertheless everywhere is an experience. I checked into lazy boys, where I'm in a 6 bed mixed dorm. The 3 Swedish girls here seem nice, not met the 2 lads yet. I had a walk along the beach, which is nice, slightlyBetter than Langkawi but still nothing in comparison to the Thai islands! With it being a predominantly muslim country it's common to see the locals on the beach and in the sea fully Clothed; not in a swimsuit. Batu Ferringhi, meaning 'foreigner's rock', is on the north of ... read more
hostel dorm

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi October 28th 2012

Lordy is it hot? 38 degrees is mighty warm. And we have just visited a charcoal factory - my heart goes out to the workers. They are muslim women, and it is too hot for them to wear their scarves, and they work in appalling conditions for around 20 RM a day - around $7NZ. Criminal and dreadful working conditions too. No photos - it made me feel sick. On the other hand, we started the day at a butterfy farm, we thought it might be a bit tacky/ho hum, but it turned out to be seriously interesting with a range of critters - including snakes, (lots of them), scorpions, hamsters, rabbits, buttterflies of course, scarab beetles, stick and leaf insects and in a carefully tended, if chaotic, garden. Lots of the expected pix of brave ... read more
Stefan gets brave with critter
Sam Poh cave temple
Ubudiah Mosque in Kualar Kangsar

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi October 9th 2012

Day 107 Monday 1st September to Day 115 Tuesday 9th September 2012. Malaysia – More beaches, resorts and slowing down to reflect the last 4 months on the road. Team Free are coming home!!! 4 months ago, this moment seemed so far away. It’s currently 11:40pm here in KL, Malaysia on our final night of our epic ‘overlanding’ adventure from London to KL (Kuala Lumpur). We fly back to Australia on Air Asia’s D7207 to Coolangatta at 10:00am tomorrow. Arriving into Langkawi by ferry on day 107 saw us enter our last country. Country number 20. We joined together with 3 German backpackers, who were travelling with us from Krabi, to get a van to our hotel. This saved us a massive $4.00. Here we found our nice budget 3 star hotel/resort on the beach. We ... read more
2 Beautiful Malaysian Beaches
3 A view with a room at The Lone Pine Hotel on Penang
4 One of our private beaches on Langkawi

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi June 30th 2012

Vanuit Cameron Highlands boekten we een bus naar Buttersworth om dan daar de ferry te nemen naar Penang. Een 5 tal uur later stonden we in Buttersworth aan te schuiven om de boot te nemen. De ferry duurt amper 15 minuten. Een heel vlotte verbinding tot 's avonds laat. We hadden wel op voorhand een nacht geboekt in Georgetown. Georgetown is de grootste stad van Penang -eiland. We sliepen in de wijk Little India! Direct onze favoriet! Leuke Bollywoodmuziek, lekkere geuren, prachtige versierde sari's en vriendelijke Indische Maleisiërs begroeten ons in de straat. We sliepen in een redelijk recente hostel Cocoa Mews. Op de hoek van de straat zijn er goedkope Indische straatrestaurantjes. Voor €3 heb je genoeg gegeten voor 2 personen, inclusief niet-alcoholische drank. Onze eerste indruk van Penang – Georgetown was 'whoehoe leuk'! We ... read more
nightmarket Penang/avondmarkt Penang

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi April 2nd 2012

Our first day on Penang was spent sleeping in till about 10. We spent the day lazing by and in the pool. As you can probably tell by now we haven’t stayed in any hotels on this trip. We planned our trip on staying in apartments – so much easier with the children and a lot more room than the average hotel room. The pool is just awesome here and the girls have been having a blast on the slide....doesn’t take a lot to keep them happy. The weather here is very balmy. Just the way I like it. A lot more comfortable than Hong Kong as it was their slightly cooler time of the year. Stu will tell you that he preferred the weather in Hong Kong though. After we got our rental car we ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi April 1st 2012

1st April ’12 Ko Samui to Penang, Malaysia The epic 15 hour, 1 car, 1 ferry, 3 buses, customs out of Thailand and immigration into Malaysia started early! 6.30am and we were up and ready to head to the port. We had to use a taxi from the hotel as none of the travel agencies would come out this far to pick us up. When we reached the port we got a lovely surprise, there sitting on a bench was Fon our young Thai bar girl friend! When she spotted me she leapt up with a cry and came running across to us, I jumped up to meet her and she wouldn’t stop hugging me. It was really sweet, she kept saying I am so happy I didn’t think I would see you again, this is ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi January 23rd 2012

Just a few kilometres along the coast was the touristy town of Batu Ferringhi (BF). It took us a long time to find a hotel with a room for the three nights we wanted. Even the posh ones were full! Eventually we found the EQ Hotel which was nice enough at a reasonable price. It was very well located for the bars, restaurants and night market that draws most visitors to the town. After checking in we went for a drive along the twisting jungle roads of Western Penang. It was beautiful in places but a bit boring in others. Eventually we made our way to the village of Pantai Ache. There we had expected to get to the sands and see local fisherman at work. Never believe what your guidebook has to say about off-the-beaten-track ... read more
BF Night Market
Enormous pomelos

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi August 14th 2011

Batu Feringghi is a popular summer vacation destination for Australians, Chinese and Malaysians. The locals live just behind the line of hotels lining the beach at the base of a jungle. I stayed at Annie’s Homestay in the neighborhood of locals just a short walk past a public park, which was filled with the same soccer players every evening at dusk. Annie and her family are the kind of people who always remember everyone’s name and will invite you to have drinks with them or go on a trek to the beach as if you’ve been friends for years. Annie mapped out an itinerary for me complete with bus stops and suggested stop overs. When I wanted to stay in to read my book she encouraged me to go out, like a Spanish mom. Before ... read more
View from Penang HIll
something edible-ish
Georgetown old and new in one

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