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Emma and Tim

We started this travel blog in 2005 when we set off on a ten-month around-the-world trip with a couple of backpacks and not much else. In 2008, we emigrated to New Zealand with four suitcases and a guitar and spent the first month travelling throughout the country, from Auckland to Christchurch, via a roundabout route. We now live in Christchurch and post the odd blog now and again...whenever the travel bug bites. Happy reading!

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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka November 6th 2010

We took the opportunity, before Em started her new job, to head down to the Southern Lakes for a few days break. We based ourselves in an apartment near the shores of Lake Wanaka. We went for different walks each morning: along the lake shore, up to Diamond Lake in the Mount Aspiring National Park and around Queenstown Gardens on the shores of Lake Wakatipu (where we observed the fascinating game of frisbee golf). In the afternoons we explored: Queenstown, Lake Hawea and finally got the chance to go to Puzzling World. Again, just wanted to post some photos, including some stunning shots of Lake Pukaki, Aoraki/Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo. A great time was had by all, although we wish we'd seen a few more Lakes...... read more
Lake Tekapo quick stop
Lake Wanaka walking track
Lake Wanaka

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Matlock August 27th 2010

Again, on the recommendation of the Lonely Planet, we spent a few days exploring the English Peak District and were not disappointed. Really just wanted to post a few photos of the area around Matlock, a stone circle we found with a surround mound, and the curious land-locked 'seaside' town of Matlock Bath where we stopped looking for a bakery and only found a thousand fish and chip shops.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids August 20th 2010

We spent some long northern hemisphere summer days exploring the cool little (and I mean LITTLE) city of St. Davids and some of the beaches: Caerfai and Newgale in particular deserve a mention. We were succesful in finding good coffee in both St. Davids and Newgale, so life was good. The ice cream was pretty awesome too! The mussel we found on the beach left a little to be desired though, not really what we're used too! We were particularly delighted to find a cafe that stated in a very 'British' way that "ITEMS CANNOT BE SWAPPED" on its breakfast menu (see photographic evidence). Apparently this is a immovable universal truth. (There's nothing like being flexible to the needs of your customers). Needless to say, we didn't eat there...I could not have coped with the earth-shattering ... read more
Caerfai 2
Caerfai Caves

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula August 16th 2010

Another top day back in Wales was spent catching up with Leri on the Gower Peninsula, starting with lunch and a walk in Mumbles and then a day driving to the end, exploring such places as Three Cliffs Bay (a bay with three cliffs) and Port Eynon (big wide expansive beach) near the end of the road. Unfortunately, we spent too much time talking to really explore the place, and we've put it back on the list of places to re-visit and do justice. The weather was fantastically sunny and warm all day, although Leri assured us this is the normal state of things year-round in South Wales. And a big plus was that we saw plenty of examples of imported NZ cabbage trees and flax, just to make us feel at home!... read more
Three Cliffs Bay Gower 2
Three Cliffs Bay Gower 3
Port Eynon

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Builth Wells August 13th 2010

We headed out for the day to meet some friends, Phil, Rachael and Beatrix, in Builth Wells, a place recommended by the Lonely Planet as a top place to visit in Wales. Unfortunately, the recommendation seemed to be based on town being the annual host of the Royal Welsh Show, and as it was not the time for the Royal Welsh Show, the town was asleep. We did climb up to the top of the town to see the castle...which doesn't exist except for mounds of grass and earth, although the views were pretty good at the top. Over lunch at a nice little pub overlooking the river that bizarrely only accepted cash, Rachael started reading out excerpts from a Builth Wells visitors guide, which included a top ten things to do - the rugby club, ... read more
Llandovery Hamstery
Beware attack hamsters
Builth Wells Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Tenby August 12th 2010

One of the highlights of our recent whistlestop trip back to the UK was Carew Castle and Tidal Mill in Pembrokeshire. The weather was great and we had a nice walk around the tidal estuary and we had excellent bara brith and bad coffee at the little cafe overlooking the castle. Before exploring, we had a proper british pub lunch in a proper british pub...another highlight of the trip! Just wanted to post a few pictures really...... read more
Vinegar on the table without having to ask!
Pub lunch
Carew Castle

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Motueka June 8th 2010

Having not been away for a while we decided to make use of the Queen's Birthday weekend and head up to Golden Bay in the Tasman district, an area we hadn't visited since 2005. We booked three nights in a chalet (with a heat pump!) in Riwaka, just north of Motueka. The drive up through the Lewis Pass was spectacular as usual and we had a bright, clear winter's day. We opted for Thai take out in the evening and started to plan our next few days exploring. On Sunday it rained...all day...except for an hour at lunchtime when we re-visited Waikoropupu Springs on the other side of Takaka Hill and then had lunch in The Mussel Inn, one of the best pubs we've ever been to! On Monday, the weather was the complete opposite. Early ... read more
Kahurangi National Park
Silver Fern
Pupu Springs

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast March 1st 2010

At the end of February we had our first mini holiday as a family. The three of us took a road trip in our new car to the West Coast and enjoyed a night at Lake Brunner. The scenery was spectacular on the way and we were blessed with sunshine too - in good old kiwi style we had to stop to allow a cow train to cross the road, the ladies were off for milking, though a few stragglers were more interested in afternoon tea in the grass verge than actually crossing to the next field. The grass must have been greener! The lake was huge and sparkling and we enjoyed a lovely walk along the shores and then dinner beside the water too. The wee man was very obliging the whole weekend - fantastic! ... read more
On the road again...
Snow capped mountains at the end of the summer!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 25th 2009

We spent a fairly typical Christmas Day, mostly at home (for one large pending reason) and after lunch, Monopoly (New Zealand edition) commenced and continued for the next 3 days... Later in the day we headed down to the beach for a walk in the late afternoon sun. There were lots of people still down there enjoying the food's-all-gone-but-we-still-have-beer-and wine stage of their bbq's, while most the kids continued to play in the park. Someone had thoughtfully left a decorated tree on the beach to make us feel christmas-y in the baking heat. The Pacific was cold, but usually is on the east coast, courtesy of the the antarctic and great southern ocean, but not too cold to prevent a quick paddle. Dinner waited until 9.30pm when it was cool enough to enjoy outside (and bearable ... read more
Lunch on Christmas Day
On the beach
Beach walk

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch November 16th 2009

The time has come, and it is indeed a rare occasion, for me to write a blog. I think the last time was in our fair city back in 2005. I remember hogging the one computer at a busy backpackers called Vagabonds..... Today, I sit contented in our home office looking out of the window at the blue skies of Canterbury, watching baby Monarch butterflies bouncing off one of our sunkissed swan plants beside the house.....bliss! We are now well and truly moved into our first NZ property and we love it here :-) The whirlwind couple of weeks of moving, cleaning, mowing and buying things (for the house and baby!) has been exhausting but great and it's definitely worth the effort. We are just north of Christchurch in a fabulous semi-rural (more rural really) setting ... read more
Easy like Sunday morning
Now that's a load of bullocks....
The Styx River

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