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10th February 2011
Seacliff asylum...

I like your photo of the stable block,my step nicece and her family and her sister inlaw has just brought Seacliff assylum.
From Blog: Wild life
22nd November 2010

... surely it's an adjective not a noun? e.g. that Gail Tilsley is a bit hamstery...?
10th September 2010

Pembrokeshire photographs
Thank you for sharing these photographs. I have three Pembroke Welsh corgis and now I see that they come from an enchanted place. Also, what a fabulous lunch! All the best from Williamsburg, VA: Nancy
From Blog: Carew Castle
10th May 2010
On the beach

It's magic!
David Blane, eat your heart out!
From Blog: Sand and tinsel
20th November 2009

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now!!
20th November 2009

well done!
Tim and Emma (and bump) Congratulations, we all couldn't be happier for you - looks like you've made it to one of the best places on Earth. Look forward to communicating with you during the daytime when your baby is born!
3rd October 2009

reply to John G...
this is what New Zealand is like - no air brushing or photoshop needed. You go to a beach - and it is perfect... Picture perfect. If you dont believe - come and visit...
3rd September 2009

Beautiful pictures!
2nd September 2009

I think I found a used "stinger" behind a bus-stop in Aigburth at the weekend....
2nd September 2009

Emu sausage
Rod Hull is spinning in his grave you bad bad people.... and what's with all this travelling - don't you guys ever go to work? Tut tut tut From, Jealous of Liverpool x
10th August 2009

Wow this makes my day
I love this - more trees and forests. They're my favourite - Thanks Guys! Love Rob xx
3rd August 2009

Trees and forests, great!
3rd July 2009

what a wombat seats.
hi i am Chloe i have a pet wombat and now my wombat is a little bit hungry but i don't now what a wombat eats.
22nd June 2009

wombats eats
well wombats eat shrubs and roots
26th May 2009

I am led to believe that The Simpsons was actually invented in New Zealand as was spaghetti, dover sole, bubblewrap, vertigo and the Doppler effect.
From Blog: D'oh!
20th April 2009

I think in the name of equality you should also have your photo taken next to a particularly small tree
26th March 2009

Spiritual Home
Lovely, but where's the photie of Clark Valley??
From Blog: Top Gear
17th January 2009

Hawkes Bay
I have a very similar picture of Craggy range taken when i was there. I could have warned you about Mission, there's always a wait, Craggy is much nicer to eat and its on the way back from the beach
16th January 2009

re. "Mmmm...I like this"
That's been airbrushed.... far too perfect and toned - reeks of Photoshop to me
14th January 2009

Nice, but compared to my Xmas...
OK guys, so this looks like an OK end to the Xmas festivities. Matilda, Bethan and I, on the other hand, stayed in due to the excrutiating cold outside, ate left over turkey and then, in the evening, drank G and T (Bethan drank her ammino-acid life juice through her tube of course). So, yes your trip looked pretty good, but compared to our highly innovative post-Xmas debrief it loses some of its shine doesn't it.... ;-) Bet you are kicking yourselves you left huh? Bod
From Blog: A Sound Idea
13th January 2009

Bon annee!
Good to see you guys doing well and keeping the blog up. Stay chipper and keep travelling...
From Blog: A Sound Idea
15th December 2008

Re picture "Bro n Bro" - Nickelback have let themselves go... Good to see they're still friendly and hiking together though...
From Blog: Koo-Koo-Katoomba
21st October 2008

Happy Birthday and update!
Great to see you still updating the blog! I'm dead jealous of you guys! We tried to get Tiago to go out camping and enjoy a night under canopy on a campfire friendly site, but I'm afraid to report that he's a bit of a girly blouse and refused point blank to go, so we ended up going for a Portuguese meal. Starters were great, but the mains were less impressive. No secret of black pig has been smuggled into Liverpool. Douarnanez is........ quiet. We've not seen any boat/house paint sales on yet to put an end to that arguement, but I'm sure The Castrec is sharpening his axe as we speak. No sign of Cock dog's french counterpart. I'm sure there a chien called Claude wandering the street in a cravate, beret and with a string of Les Bonios around his neck. Happy birthday, and remember...... Jesus Loves you both :)
From Blog: Happy Campers
4th October 2008

timer function
Tim, Did you use the timer on your camera to take that photo of you jumping? you did a better job of it than in that farmers field in Lithuania
25th September 2008

Just like "Uncle Travelling Matt" of Fraggles fame. Any relation? Looking forward to the next thrilling installment! Wes should have his own TV show!

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