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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 26th 2018

Leider habe ich den Blog aus Versehen zu früh publiziert, hier also die Ergänzungen: Qutab Minar ist ein fast 100 m hoher Turm, dessen unterstes Geschoss vom islamischen Eroberer als Siegessäule errichtet wurde, seine Nachfolger liessen dann die oberen Stockwerke errichten. Gleichzeitig liess er alle Hindutempel auf diesem Areal (der Zelle von Delhi) abreissen und baute mit diesen Steinen eine erste Moschee. Das führte dazu, dass an der Moschee teilweise recht erotischer Bildschmuck erscheint, was eigentlich für Moslem verboten ist. Da unser Morgenflug gecancelt worden war, flogen wir erst Mitte Nachmittagvon Delhi über Bangaluru (Bangalore) nach Trivandrum in Kerala. Wir hatten ein schönes Hotel oberhalb des Strandes mit Palmen, einem Pool und gutem Essen, wo wir 3 Tage faulenzten und uns ayuervedisch behandeln liessen. Natürlich waren wir auch am Strand: schwimmen kann man n... read more
Grosse Moschee (Jama Masjid) in Delhi
Torgebäude zum Grabmal von Umayun
Grabmal des 2. Mogulkaisers Humayun

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 25th 2018

In Delhi wohnten wir 2 Tage in einem grossen modernen Hotel, in dem es zu ging wie in einem Taubenschlag. Es hatte auffallend viele Italiener; ich fand dann im Gespräch heraus, dass sie alle zu einer Yogaschule gehörten ( der Meister sei vor 7 Jahren gestorben) und dass sie ein Jubiläum feierten. Wir hatten unsere letzte ganztägige Besichtigung: Am Morgen fuhren wir am roten Fort vorbei und an Britischen Verwaltungsgebäuden (1931) zu der Grossen Moschee (Jama Masjid, 1423), welche eigenartigerweise kaum einen Innenraum hat, aber einen grossen Hof mit 3 Toren, keine Minarette. In der Mitte ein höheres Tor mit einem Innenraum von nur ca 8 m Tiefe, auf beiden Seiten je 5 kleinere Tore mit dem gleichen Innenraum, seitlich alle durchgängig, wenig Schmuck, fast nur Kalligraphie. Anschliessend machten wir eine Rikscha-Tour durch die verschiedenen Märkte ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi February 14th 2018

This one is short, but I wanted to post something because I've been behind due to illness, travelling, lack of internet, and attending functions, and with more functions coming up, I'm not sure when I'll have time on the computer again. Wednesday was well spent with Ishan’s cousin (Manoj's nephew for my colleagues reading this) on a Delhi bus tour. We took the metro to our first destination, and I was given a taste of homemade halwa, which was like mashed potatoes, but sweet. Remember the aforementioned deathtraps that I would never ride in? Well, I rode in one. And it was nuts. It's basically a three-wheeled scooter with seats and a shell/roof. I don't think I'd mind driving one back home just because I already have a scooter, and that's pretty awesome, but here, not ... read more
Lakshmi Narayan Birla Temple
India Gate
India Gate

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi January 4th 2018

So we now have two days in Delhi to see the sights. We went to various " must see" sights, but by way the best was the Sikh temple and a tour of the kitchens. There were men and woman of all ages working together on a mountain of vegetables ( though the music would have driven me bonkers), and inside the cavernous kitchen there were more men and women rolling out chapatis and a Wallis and Gromit style machine churning out naan breads - but it was the woks that drew arrention. Wow, have I got wok envy, these were big enough to have a bath in, though I think you would get a bit broiled if you tried. After that it's been markets and bazaars, not because there is anything definite I want to ... read more
Wok envy
Well in Delhi

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi November 13th 2017

Did you know that humans have more than 21 senses? Neither did I, until I spent a week in Delhi. To properly gauge my travel sanity scale, I asked this German guy sitting next to me on the train out of Delhi what he thought of India so far. In an exasperated Elmer Fudd voice he said, "Unbewevable!" He had no idea why I started laughing, and why I couldn't stop. Elmer was right, Delhi was Unbewevable! Now, I'd like to think I'm a pretty seasoned traveler, but Delhi, Delhi actually knocked the shit out of me. No, not literally. Although, I did walk through an awful lot of poo. See assaulted sense #13. My initial appalment was impossible to pin down. Was it the mental traffic? The incessant honking? How about the man having his ... read more
The Money Shot
Beautiful Indians
Lotus temple

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi September 20th 2017

My trip to India started in Delhi, and went on to Jaipur and Agra, or as it is otherwise known "The Golden Triangle." As I realized at the end of my trip, I had grossly underestimated the fascination of the country, and I regret not having extended my trip to cover more areas. For one thing, this territory was totally overwhelmed by the Mughal invasion, and ancient Hindu sites were mostly destroyed by the Muslin religious zeal. Nevertheless, the architectural sites I did visit were unforgettable in scale and beauty, as some of my photos will show. I only spent a full day in Delhi, which again was too short, but it set the tone for the remainder of the trip. I arrived in the latter part of the evening after a 14 hour direct flight ... read more
Jama Masjid Mosque
Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar August 17th 2017 Living in India is not always easy (who am I kidding its NEVER easy) BUT its nearly impossible to live here without learning to "man up." Here is a list of skills I have acquired thanks to my wonderful life here in India. I will say that none of these skills are things I would have thought I'd have when I was a kid, but here they are! 1) How to successfully eat all types of food (including rice) with my HANDS! :) 2) How to squat in the bathroom and remained balanced enough that I do not need to TOUCH ANYTHING for balance (trust me, in India being able to not touch anything while in the bathroom is an EXTREMELY useful asset.) 3) How to wear a sari! 4) How to party/dance like an ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi August 3rd 2017

We left Amritsar in the evening, travelling by train to Delhi. I was very grateful that Rakesh took us to the station, found the right platform and took us to our seats. Amritsar station was really overwhelming with the volume of passengers, noise level, beggars, hawkers, and porters jostling for the opportunity to carry our luggage. Having negotiated the general chaos, we found ourselves in a first-class carriage which was luxurious. Our leather seats were very comfortable and the taller members of the family were thrilled with the generous leg room. Our six-hour journey ran very smoothly and was punctuated with regular deliveries of food and drink served on trays like an airline. We had samosas, soup with fennel seed flecked bread sticks, vegetable dhal and rice, and finished off with ice cream. We arrived at ... read more
Team Bird settles down for a comfortable journey

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi July 23rd 2017

We arrived at Bali airport in good time. The guy we had at check in didn't exactly fill us with confidence as he nearly sent my bag to Phuket! Also my flip flops had been on their way out for some time and had officially died whilst lugging our backpacks from the taxi. Nearly stacking it on the escalator with bags in hand, it was time to shop for a new pair. When we got through security we were faced with a delay already- although relatively short. It seemed like no time at all before we arrived in Kuala Lumpur again. It still remains our least favourite airport, where it seems like no one wants to help you and it's bloody expensive. Still I did manage to get some new flip flops here! Another delay had ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar July 14th 2017

My first time in India left me in wonder at the strange sight of cows wandering the streets of Delhi freely. In my travels I've witnessed cows sleeping peacefully in the middle of busy streets and winding hill station roads, only to have the buses and traffic veer their path around the holy cow, leaving the sleeping beast undisturbed. Its a known fact that cows in India are worshipped. Sacred animals of Lord Krishna. Now that's fine and dandy...but I'm from the United States, the country known for eating beef. Although I spent my years travelling abroad avoiding cheeseburgers and steaks until my yearly trip back to California, there was something about living in India eating strictly vegetarian food that made me just plain old miss cheeseburgers. Hell even in the McDonalds in India the only ... read more

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