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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi January 13th 2020

Delhi, India’s capital city, actually consists of two areas -the historic Old Delhi and New Delhi. Old Delhi was founded as Shahjahanabad in 1639, when Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor at the time, decided to shift the capital from Agra. This area is the chaotic and bustling heart of Delhi, crammed with narrow streets, crumbling buildings, laneways heaving with overstocked bazaars, vibrant colours, ambling cows, rickshaws, hand pulled wooden carts loaded high with merchandise, and lots and lots of people. New Delhi, designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens, the Indian capital is a striking modern metropolis. A gracious contrast to Old Delhi's winding streets, the grand avenues and stately buildings of New Delhi are rich with history and culture. New Delhi serves as the capital of India and seat of all three branches of the Indian ... read more
Decorative hangers with pom-poms.
Delhi Street Scene
Humayun's Tomb

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 21st 2019

In Delhi, my next couchsurfer, Rohit, picked me up from the station. First we took my stuff to his apartment, had some food and then we went to a market to buy me an indian dress. This because Rohit was invited for a wedding and told me I could come too. didn't want to show up in shorts or in jeans, so we just went to buy a cheap dress on the market. The wedding was very very different from ours. First of all, the brides wear red-gold dresses instead of white. Then, in our weddings, the entire day revolves around the bride and groom. In this case it was more like people came for the free food and pictures. Let me get into the details: We arrived around 18:00 and the groom didn't arrive until ... read more
Wedding ceremony
India Gate
Pineapple with salt. yumm!

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 1st 2019

Hi everyone or should I say namaste? Well today has been quite an experience. Our tour guide took us to the Red Fort. It turns out we are popular with the Indians. There were queues of Indians waiting to have their photos taken with us. A bit surreal. Now I know what the celebrities go through lol. The architecture was amazing,so beautiful. Next we were taken on a walking tour through the street markets. It’s another world. There’s an overload to the senses. Noise,smell and oh so busy. However acording to our guide we were experiencing the quieter time of day before it got really busy 😬. Another rickshaw ride gave me even more grey hairs. The driver misjudged a gap and we were temporarily stuck against a concrete road block. He tried to move the ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi February 28th 2019

hi everyone, Our first chance to sample the hotels breakfast menu.i tried the sweet corn pudding which was delicious .Its a little similar to rice pudding but made with sweet corn, spices and sugar. Started our day with a rickshaw ride around the streets of old Delhi,trying to see the sights before the rest of India decided to do the same. Most of the shops don’t open until around 11 am but there was still much to see including monkeys running over the roofs of the buildings. It’s amazing that they don’t get tangled ( or electrocuted) by the chaotic tangle of wires and plumbing. Men were in the street having a shave with cut throat razors,probably sterile,not. We went on to visit Jama Masjid the countries largest mosque where I had to put on a ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi February 27th 2019

Hi everyone, I’m afraid it’s me again. Just switch off if I bore you lol. We arrived safely in Delhi this morning. Unfortunately it’s a bit colder here today than at home however the forecast is for hotter weather during the coming days. After lunch we decided to stretch our stiff airplane limbs and go for a walk to explore the local area. Well that didn’t happen. We were persuaded to take a very stressful tuktuk ride around the insanely busy Delhi streets. Actually it was really quite fun and had it been a fairground ride I think I would have been screaming most of the time. Tuktuks are surprisingly fast and can squeeze into the tiniest gaps 😬thank goodness the drivers are skilful. At one point Pat insisted on driving as you will see in ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi October 2nd 2018

This morning we headed over to the Red Fort to have a look around. Built from red sandstone between 1638 and 1648 by Shah Jahan (same man who built the Taj Mahal) to protect his new city of ShahJahanabad (ie Delhi) this magnificent fort was later converted into barracks by the British. Unfortunately it has been ransacked multiple times over its history and so the semi-precious stones that inlaid the marble halls have all gone, as have the gold and silver ceilings, copper doors & fittings and the ornate Peacock Throne. Today is a bank holiday in Delhi and so the crowds were huge (they got much bigger by the time we left). Slightly strangely tourists don’t have to queue and after buying a ticket at the separate tourist counter you can walk past the long ... read more
Red fort
Red fort
Red fort

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi September 29th 2018

We arrived in Delhi at 1245, only 25 mins late after a pleasant overnight train from Varanasi. After our arguments with tuk tuk drivers before in New Delhi we decided to walk to our hostel. Despite only being 2km in the midday heat, with our back packs it was a fairly unpleasant walk down the side of a main road. During our walk we saw cycle rickshaws, ox & cart and horses which we found odd in a capital city. The pavements were either dug up or used a motorbike routes so the road seemed safer! There were large piles of rubbish all along (including by a sign threatening fines). There were also a lot of very poor looking people, and beggars, although we did at least walk past one food station which people were queuing ... read more
Delhi ponies
Turkmen gate
Delhi gate

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi April 23rd 2018

Well managed to get down for breakfast on time! Left hotel at 7.45 am for 5 hour coach journey to Agra, quite a nice trip stopping a couple of times for toilet breaks, Agra was not what I expected at all, in a good way! I thought with it being the home to the largest monument it would be quite cosmopolitan, but it was explained that the money made from tourism went to the government and not to the local economy! After checking into hotel we headed straight to the Taj, to say it was spectacular would be an understatement! 22 years to build! I don’t think any picture could do it justice. Julie & I sat on one of the benches near to the Princess Diana bench and spent the next half hour being asked ... read more
one of many!! Absolutely amazing
Julie with the children

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi April 22nd 2018

Got woke up by the room phone ringing we had over slept and the rest of the group were in the hotel lobby waiting for us, met our tour guide Joe who went through the itinerary for the day. Straight on coach and off to do tour of New Delhi and old Delh, visited the largest mosque in India (jama masking - the largest mosque in India)) had to take our shoes off and the floor was red hot but we coped!! Had a rickshaw ride round the old Delhi market which was good, with it being Sunday lots of the shops were closed, highlight of the day for me was visiting mahatma Gandhi’s tomb and hearing the story about his life and listening to the history of how India became so divided oh and we ... read more
Largest mosque
Bumpy rickshaw ride

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh April 21st 2018

Well after a very long flight, which I must say was lovely, food good, service good and even managed to watch 3 movies we landed in Delhi. The journey to our hotel was amazing how people drive here amazes me, no one sticks to their lanes and everyone drives like maniacs with a lot of tooting of horns. Very surprised at our hotel, pure luxury. After checking in we went for a stroll to the local shopping area, hardly the metro centre but Julie still managed to buy 2 new items of clothing. Back at the hotel we went for a swim but didn’t stay in to long as we were surrounded by mosquitoes, we then showered and changed and went to the Indian restaurant in the hotel where I must say the food and service ... read more
View from hotel room
Lovely room
Local shopping arcade

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