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March 1st 2019
Published: March 1st 2019
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Hi everyone or should I say namaste?

Well today has been quite an experience. Our tour guide took us to the Red Fort. It turns out we are popular with the Indians. There were queues of Indians waiting to have their photos taken with us. A bit surreal. Now I know what the celebrities go through lol. The architecture was amazing,so beautiful. Next we were taken on a walking tour through the street markets. It’s another world. There’s an overload to the senses. Noise,smell and oh so busy. However acording to our guide we were experiencing the quieter time of day before it got really busy 😬. Another rickshaw ride gave me even more grey hairs. The driver misjudged a gap and we were temporarily stuck against a concrete road block. He tried to move the concrete but surprise,surprise it wouldn’t budge. We eventually reversed and were on our way again .on the street you can get clothes mended,a shave and a man to hook debris from your ears with a nasty tool 😯or a nose trim.lovely!

After lunch when we had gathered our strength,we decided to take a relaxing stroll to see what was near our hotel. Before long some stranger made us change direction but couldn’t persuade us to take a tuktuk. Within a couple more metres another stranger tried to do the same. It seems they can’t understand that us foreigners enjoy a walk,ON OUR OWN! Lol At last we got away and after looking in another tourist shop we started to make our way back on foot to our hotel. Would you believe it. There are hundreds of tuktuk drivers in Delhi and suddenly we heard someone calling was the man who took us out in his tuktuk the other day. Unbelievable. What are the chances. It was pointless putting up a fight so he got his way and our money and drove us back to our hotel.

Tomorrow we have a very early start as we continue our adventure by train to our next destination,Agra.Dont tell that tuktuk driver 🤭ps,there is a link at the bottom of each page with more photos each day

Speak soon. Jane


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Schoolboys on school bus.

Lady selling coloured cord

Alterations while you wait

Photo with one of my public lol

Entrance gate to Red Fort

1st March 2019

Day 3
It all sounds fascinating Jane, wish I was there. I think Mum tried to reply to you yesterday 😄 Steven will sort her out tomorrow hopefully 😐
1st March 2019

Blog 3
Yes, Dorie did send quite a long reply
2nd March 2019

Sounds like you’re having an amazing time! Keep the stories and photos coming ❤️

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