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Ray Lee

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 29th 2019

We all met for breakfast at 07:00 and Rusha met us. I thought she was going to sort out finances for our trip. We owed money for the bungee jumps but she owed us for the cheaper day tour and for the lunches and dinner at Pokhara. I aked her about it but she said she was going to just leave it. I also figured that it would work out about even so we were happy to leave it as well. Nick’s pick-up was due at 07:00 but was a little late so we had a chance to say goodbye. After breakfast we finished packing and were ready on time fore our 08:30 pick-up. It was also a little late but traffic was fine and we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu Valley April 28th 2019

As usual, woke early at 06:00, we all met for breakfast at 07:30 in The Beatles room as usual and got a call from our guide at 08:30, but when we got down we couldn’t see him but could see our van so we went out but no guide. We asked the driver, who was the same driver we had on our early city tour, and he said the guide was in the hotel lobby so we got him to go back with us and point him out. Finally found him sitting in a low chair near the travel desk and off we went. His name is Som and he was a little hard to understand but he tried hard. It seemed like he had set spiels for certain places and he would rattle them off ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel April 27th 2019

Woke up at 05:45 to pack the duffel bags for our 06:30 pick-up. A bit of confusion on check-out which I had half expected in regards to the lunch and dinners on the first day. Rusha had confirmed the company would pay for the first day’s meals, but the hotel did not know about it, so Mitch paid for them and will deduct the costs from the money owed for the bungee jumps. The same guy who picked us up from the airport took us to the bus station and had our tickets and seats organized. It was just a 15 minute drive to the bus station which was near the airport so we had a 30 minute wait before the bus left on time at 07:30. It was pretty hairy ride with only a 2 ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 26th 2019

I woke up early at 06:00 and did some blogging until the arranged breakfast time of 08:00. Nice buffet breakfast before stating our tour at 09:00. It turns out that the un-named guide from yesterday was not our guide for this day tour and in fact, there was no guide. It was just a driver taking us around to designated sites, very similar in fashion to when we hired a driver or taxi for a day in Bolivia and Ecuador last year. He limited English and it was quite amusing at times as we tried to make him understand what we wanted. Overall the Pokhara highlights tour was pretty underwhelming compared with what we had seen during our trek. The first stop was Devis Falls which didn’t even compare that well with no name falls we ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 25th 2019

Woke up very early this morning at 05:00 by a group of guests who must have been leaving for the first flight out of omsom. Couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and did some work on photos. We all met for breakfast just before 08:00 and left for the airport 08:45. It was just a 5 minute walk to the airport and the porters also came with us and carried the big duffel bags. We then waited for a while before Sudarshan got our boarding tickets and we had to put all our luggage on a scale. We mentally added up our group weight and thought we were under the 15kgs each we were allotted but to our surprise they said we were 5 kgs over for the group. Considering that’s just 1 kg ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit April 24th 2019

07:00 start and I asked Sudarshan about the feasibility of going to Marpha and then trekking back from there to Jomsom to replace the Kagbeni to Jomsom leg. He said that was possible but in his opinion the track for both options was all on the road and very dusty and he suggested we go back to Jomsom on the jeep and he could take us on a better trail off the dusty roads in Jomsom. I put the proposal to the youngsters but Mitch and Nick still seemed pretty keen on completing the scheduled trek but in the end after discussing it with Krissy they decided to join Vicki and I in going all the way to Marpha. We set off at 08:00 with Vicki and I sharing the middle seat with Ganesh and Suman, ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit April 23rd 2019

Today we had a late start at 08:00. Original plan was to go to the Kagbeni Monastery before breakfast but Sudarshan decided we should eat first. So we all had fried eggs on toast and it was probably the best we’ve had on this trip. Food at Hotel Buddha was amongst the best we’ve had. After breakfast, Sudarshan gave us an option to visit the Muktinah Temple by horse-back which we thought would be a novel way plus I thought I would be a good test my bad knee on the steep walk back towards the town. We left around 09:00 and all enjoyed the ride up which took about 10 minutes. You cannot ride a horse back in any case, which I am hoping is a way to give the horses a break before taking ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit April 22nd 2019

Today was the penultimate challenge day, reaching the highest point of our trek, Thorung La Pass (5,416m). We woke at 02:45 and the original plan was not have breakfast but Sudarshan was having porridge so we all decided to do the same thing. This meant we didn’t start our hike to High Camp until 03:45. We all had headlamps and you could see a trail of lights going up the trail. None of us had a good nights sleep as it is more difficult in high altitude, but somehow, we all managed to wake up enough to take the first steps upwards. The weather was literally freezing and un-seasonal snow covered the whole trail. This was not what we expected in April and although pretty, it made the hike even more challenging, particularly going downhill in ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit April 21st 2019

Left Yak Kharka at 08:00 and started with a fairly steep climb. Every morning when we start my legs already feel tired but as we progress they start to warm up and I get into rhythm. Krissy still wasn’t feeling the best and we were all concerned for her but she told us she could go on slowly and that’s exactly what we did. Our first rest stop after crossing a long bridge was at 09:20 at Dhading Laxmi Hotel. After a short break the trail leveled out somewhat and we stopped again for a tea break at 10:10 before we started downhill to a wooden bridge at 11:10. We then had a strenuous 20 minute climb up a very steep trail and had our third rest stop at Deurali Tea House at around 11:30. We ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna April 20th 2019

Breakfast today was 07:30 but I couldn’t find my sunglasses and Krissy reminded me that I may have taken them off when trying on a polo shirt at the medical lecture yesterday. Sudarshan arranged for Ganesh to go over and check for me. I had already gone over but it wasn’t open and no-one was around. I think Ganesh rang them and luckily he was able to retrieve my sunglasses. We set off around 08:30 but had to wait a few minutes at the AC Checkpoint. At each stop Sudarshan has to register our arrival and departure. This is how they keep track of people hiking the Annapurna Circuit. If someone doesn’t turn up when they are suppose to turn up, there is a search operation put in place. Just last month a guide and his ... read more

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