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angela cadwallader

17 days to go!!!

Asia » India » National Capital Territory April 28th 2018

Awake early, got picked up at 5am to go on cycle ride around old Delhi. WOW! SCAREY! Being in the middle of all that madness! The guide told us just to keep going and that’s what we did, praying while we peddled oh and the odd swear word under my breath!! We rode to the largest mosque and fort that we had seen earlier on in the week but then we went into the back streets, we watched a bakery prepare the bread, enough to put you eating off for life! (But it won’t! )We then went to the spice market where the spices were so strong we were all coughing and spluttering, he pointed out various other things of interest but the best thing was the ride itself I mean it’s not everyday you have ... read more
Local bakery
What the bread is mixed in
View from the roof of the spice market

Asia » India » National Capital Territory April 27th 2018

Breakfast and then had to say bye to 6 members of our group who were going onto 2 day game drive to see the tigers (lucky devils) long drive back to Delhi (6 hours) did stop for lunch on way thank goodness, on the motorway?? Did stop while driver got out to argue with another driver who kept trying to cut in, quite funny to watch, once in Delhi had to say bye to our tour guide Yusof, who has been lovely throughout. A few of us then went for a walk to the market, talk about busy but really good to walk around without getting hassled it was just a proper local market and not a tourist trap, we then stopped for a bite to eat, we only wanted something light so only ordered starters!!!!!!! ... read more
Saying goodbye to yusof
And this was just a starter!

Asia » India » National Capital Territory April 27th 2018

Busy day today, firstly we drove to Amber fort, the fort us high on a hill so we had to take a jeep to the top, a lot of people were getting up there on the back of elephants but our tour company didn’t believe in this as they thought it was cruelty to the elephants and after seeing how high they had to climb I quite agree. The fort was really impressive but the views from the walls were more so. We then passed Hawa Mahal, the palace of the winds, we drove through, the pink city, passing ‘the water palace’ next we went into the city palace looking through the museum and hearing all the history behind the city, oh we the went to an observatory built in 1728, like I said a very ... read more
Amber fort
Elephants climbing
Couldn’t resist this ☝️

Asia » India » National Capital Territory April 27th 2018

Early morning walk around the grounds followed by a quick swim in the lovely pool before having breakfast on the terrace. We then walked into the local village to visit the children’s school, they were all getting ready to take their exams, the seating arrangements were very cleverly arranged, you never had 2 children the same age sitting together, you’d have a 5 year old sitting next to an 8 year old etc, reason for this was so they couldn’t copy off each other. We then went to a temple where they were in the middle of prayer, it was a krishner temple, everyone was so passionate about their prayers, it was quite moving to watch. We then walked for a while before getting a rickshaw back to the hotel (or should I say palace? Or ... read more
Exam time at local school
Men at work!!
Local scaffolding! Health & safety???

Asia » India » National Capital Territory April 26th 2018

Early start, stopped at marble shop & watched how they carved all the patterns into the marble (I certainly wouldn’t have the patience) we then drove to Agra fort very impressive & huge we then drove to karauli, the hotel was a real place where the king and queen of the area still live. Everything about the hotel was brilliant, it was all still in its original splendour, it was like a museum, the grounds were filled with animals and there was lots of peacocks walking around. We went for a swim in the outdoor pool before sitting in the courtyard and to enjoy a beautifully cooked meal. If I could describe liken this palace to anywhere I have visited it could only be beamish museum in Durham.... read more
Entrance to our boudoir
Going for a spin
Farm yard

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi April 23rd 2018

Well managed to get down for breakfast on time! Left hotel at 7.45 am for 5 hour coach journey to Agra, quite a nice trip stopping a couple of times for toilet breaks, Agra was not what I expected at all, in a good way! I thought with it being the home to the largest monument it would be quite cosmopolitan, but it was explained that the money made from tourism went to the government and not to the local economy! After checking into hotel we headed straight to the Taj, to say it was spectacular would be an understatement! 22 years to build! I don’t think any picture could do it justice. Julie & I sat on one of the benches near to the Princess Diana bench and spent the next half hour being asked ... read more
one of many!! Absolutely amazing
Julie with the children

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi April 22nd 2018

Got woke up by the room phone ringing we had over slept and the rest of the group were in the hotel lobby waiting for us, met our tour guide Joe who went through the itinerary for the day. Straight on coach and off to do tour of New Delhi and old Delh, visited the largest mosque in India (jama masking - the largest mosque in India)) had to take our shoes off and the floor was red hot but we coped!! Had a rickshaw ride round the old Delhi market which was good, with it being Sunday lots of the shops were closed, highlight of the day for me was visiting mahatma Gandhi’s tomb and hearing the story about his life and listening to the history of how India became so divided oh and we ... read more
Largest mosque
Bumpy rickshaw ride

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh April 21st 2018

Well after a very long flight, which I must say was lovely, food good, service good and even managed to watch 3 movies we landed in Delhi. The journey to our hotel was amazing how people drive here amazes me, no one sticks to their lanes and everyone drives like maniacs with a lot of tooting of horns. Very surprised at our hotel, pure luxury. After checking in we went for a stroll to the local shopping area, hardly the metro centre but Julie still managed to buy 2 new items of clothing. Back at the hotel we went for a swim but didn’t stay in to long as we were surrounded by mosquitoes, we then showered and changed and went to the Indian restaurant in the hotel where I must say the food and service ... read more
View from hotel room
Lovely room
Local shopping arcade

Well the day has finally arrived, all packed and looking forward to my trip to India, going to be a long journey, travelling to Manchester airport by train then flight to Dubai then on to Delhi arriving 13.45 tomorrow. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 20th 2017

Well last day in Italy, undecided what to do at first but then decided to go to naples leave our bags at station and have a good look round, train journey was only 25 minutes and it's where we were flying out from this evening. Big mistake, what an awful place, very run down and lots of cars rooting horns constantly, walked through a few markets and sat and had a quick bite to eat but apart from that there was nothing else to do, luckily the weather was glorious so we ended up sitting outside a little cafe outside the station and just soaked up the suns rays before hitting freezing cold England again. Sat for a while but when we got propositioned by a very old, very ugly, very scruffy man we thought it ... read more

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