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September 29th 2018
Published: September 30th 2018
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Delhi rubbishDelhi rubbishDelhi rubbish

Walk to our hostel
We arrived in Delhi at 1245, only 25 mins late after a pleasant overnight train from Varanasi. After our arguments with tuk tuk drivers before in New Delhi we decided to walk to our hostel. Despite only being 2km in the midday heat, with our back packs it was a fairly unpleasant walk down the side of a main road.

During our walk we saw cycle rickshaws, ox & cart and horses which we found odd in a capital city. The pavements were either dug up or used a motorbike routes so the road seemed safer! There were large piles of rubbish all along (including by a sign threatening fines). There were also a lot of very poor looking people, and beggars, although we did at least walk past one food station which people were queuing around the block for.
We did get to see the Turkmen gate and Delhi gate on our wondering though they’re now pretty much roundabouts. These gates are 2 of 4 remaining from the walls of old Delhi, or ShahJananabad as it was known then. These were of interest to us having recently read William Dalrymple's ‘city of Djinns’, in which they’re featured.

Delhi ponies Delhi ponies Delhi ponies

This made me chuckle - we had just walk past 2 kids on a pony and a third trying to persuade it to walk on. No different to kids at home. Although unlike the ponies at home it was completely un-phased by the traffic.
hostel is in a rather poor looking area without much of note nearby. Fortunately once inside and up the stairs it’s quiet and pleasant.

After checking in we went for a wonder to find some food. There were plenty of street stalls but we only found one place with a seating area. Fortunately the food was very good and we timed it so that we were inside for a rather heavy rain shower.

We then walked towards some nearby gardens (Shanti Van) to have a look at the memorials there. Unfortunately they’re currently closed and not open again until 2nd Oct. Thwarted we headed back to the hostel to shower and change and to try and plan the rest of our stay here.

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