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January 4th 2018
Published: January 4th 2018
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So we now have two days in Delhi to see the sights. We went to various " must see" sights, but by way the best was the Sikh temple and a tour of the kitchens. There were men and woman of all ages working together on a mountain of vegetables ( though the music would have driven me bonkers), and inside the cavernous kitchen there were more men and women rolling out chapatis and a Wallis and Gromit style machine churning out naan breads - but it was the woks that drew arrention. Wow, have I got wok envy, these were big enough to have a bath in, though I think you would get a bit broiled if you tried.

After that it's been markets and bazaars, not because there is anything definite I want to buy, just because they are fascinating, seems to puzzle the locals though, they want to now what we are looking for. They don't get that we just want to wander and look, they keep trying to get us to go to the tourist shops to buy souvenirs.

All During our trip we have been seeing a symbol that is very familiar, and a little shocking to a european, even its name is familiar - swastica. Seems it is symbol of peace here, how it has been mis used and purloined to represent hatred is hard to fathom. Some German tourists were saying they had been given mugs with this symbol as a gift, but had to refuse as they would not have been allowed to take them into there homeland. I was given this little bracelet, hopefully it won't get me into troubl.

So very soon we will be getting an early in the morning taxi to the airport and flying home - I'm both glad and sad. its been fascinating, stunning and challenging, but it's been full of highs, and I really can't think of any real lows. I won't miss the wet rooms that most hotels have for showers, I'm fed up of paddling round the bathroom, and sometimes even the bedroom, but if that is my only moan, it's not bad to is it.

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