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Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 27th 2013

Kovalam After breakfast we took a tuk-tuk to Kovalam negotiating a return price with Del Boy the driver. The drive to Kovalam takes about twenty minutes but we were taken to a shop en route however we did not succumb to buying anything. We were surprised how pretty Kovalam beach looked with two bays fringed with shops and restaurants. We managed to spend about £80 of rupees just browsing I can't imagine how much we would have spent if we had been serious. It's a great spot for breakers and surfing although no one was taking it seriously. It was the end of the season and everyone was allegedly selling at discount rates. Our marble beach purchase of 400 rupees was selling at 250 rupees in the beach shops, still we had to travel to town ... read more
Wear red day
Lighthouse at Kovalam
View from coffee shop

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 25th 2013

Breakfast on the lake with the birds was romantic, we had such a relaxing time. We said goodbye to our crew of 3, Romeo, wherefore, and artthou! Raj was there to collect us in his gleaming white car and smily face asking how we had enjoyed the boat. Our last day with Raj as we drove away from Alleppey. The road was straight and so we made good time. Steve and I chatted most of the time about life when we get back, so the scenery wasn't that stunning. We stopped for coffee and persuaded Raj to join us, he is a lovely fellow. We picked up the rep from Cox and Kings just outside Kovalam and noticed lots of high tech science parks which are the call centres. Charming chappie who gave us some options ... read more
Beach at Travancore Heritage
Steve relaxing?

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 25th 2013

Dear Grace and Mag, Coming in to land on the plane all I could see were lots of coconut trees and so much greenery. I was surprised as I thought it would be more barren like when we fly into Spain to dads. In the taxi ride to the hotel the colours just improve. Everywhere you look there are pinks, blues, yellows, turquoises and that's mainly the houses let alone all the flowers and beautiful Sari's that the women wear. The food is lovely lots of flavours, only spicy if you ask and its mainly seafood that comes fresh out the water a day or two before. We have watched a few fishing boats go out and come in with huge nets. Takes them ages to sort them. I have done and seen quite few different ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 18th 2012

11th – 18th March: Kerala to Tamil Nadu Ruby: On Sunday we went to Kovalam Beach. We had a big splash around then we went to a swimming pool. Then we had lunch, I had fish and chips. On Monday we just chilled out but this evening we went to Sheela’s house. We had a massive meal. Tuesday we went to Isla di Cocco because it has a swimming pool. I got bleeding gums and George got a stung finger. Then we went home. We had fun!!!!! On Wednesday, we walked along the beach by our house and we found loads of playing cards. On Thursday I bought an orange scritchy Indian dress at Kovalam Beach with money from my Nanny & Grandpop. We did some boogie boarding in the sea. I liked it. I kindly ... read more
Dinner at Sheela's House
G&R In the Lotus Jewel & New Clothes
Indian House Crow

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 18th 2012

Today is my last day in Kerala, India. To be honest we really hadn't done a lot today. Most of the day has been spent swimming in the pool, eating or sleeping. It's been a great trip, and to all my under 5 readers - get your mummy and daddy to take you to India! Its amazing. The food is great, there is SO much to see and the people will absoluetly love you like they do me :-) I've had so much attention from all the restaurant and hotel staff, plus local Indians, as well as western tourists, I've loved my time here and can't wait to come again when I'm a bit older. Hopefully next trip mummy and daddy will finally get to see a tiger! Though I will be glad to get back ... read more
Samudra Beach
Me and mummy waiting for dinner
Me and daddy at dinner

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 17th 2012

This morning we went back to Lighthouse Beach, where I got to play in the sand and jump the waves with daddy. I also brought cousin Evie a nice Indian dress - I hope she likes it. This afternoon we spent some time in the pool and the rest at the local temple because there has been a festival all day. It's been really interesting. It was the first Indian festival me, mummy and daddy have seen. There were lots of fireworks (that started at 7am!), singing and dancing and playing drums. All the ladies and girls were wearing their best sari's. It got very smoky at one point when lots of ladies lined up and had open fires to cook rice. Think they were going to throw it afterwards but I missed that bit. I ... read more
Heating the rice
The ladies are all ready
Music at the festival

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 16th 2012

I've had such a good day. This morning we took a tuk tuk to a nearby beach (lighthouse beach) and I got to play in the sand. This was the first time I really really wanted to and I got covered in it. A couple of times I even put my face in it, but I didn't like the taste. It was cool sand, some was golden and some was black, but I liked it best when I mixed them together. Mummy took me in the sea too. It was nice and warm and I got to jump lots of big waves which I loved. I was laughing lots, other people thought I was funny. We had some yummy fruit at the beach and daddy brought me a toy for the pool. Then we headed back ... read more
Lighthouse Beach
Playing in the sand

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 15th 2012

Today we left Kollam and got a taxi to Kovalam, but before we left I saw an elephant standing on a truck being driven into town. Weird. We are staying at Molly's Retreat and it is lovely. I've got a huge room to crawl around and because it's so clean I'm even allowed to play in the bathroom! There is a really nice swimming pool too so I've been in there playing with mummy and daddy. They kept disappearing underwater then popped up and said boo. It was very, very funny. Later we walked to the beach. I don't think I'll be going on there because it is very small and the sea is VERY rough.... read more
Samudra beach
Samudra beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 23rd 2012

In Kovalam, Kerala, for 4 days of R&R on the beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. Glorious beaches with miles of golden sand with the sun overhead giving a comfortable temperature in the upper 20s. An ideal setting for lying on the beach reading our books and listening to our IPods. The peace and tranquility is such a contrast to Mumbai with its incessant noise and chaos... read more
Lynne relaxing
One of the golden Kovalam beaches
Yet another

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 12th 2011

Hallo Euch allen, Lange ist mein letzter Eintrag her, wow. Viele neue wertvolle Erfahrungen. Und vor allem ist es bald soweit, komme am 27.01. in Frankfurt an, kaum zu glauben. Freue mich, euch Freunde und Familie wiederzusehen, ob ich aber wirklich reif fuer Deutschland bin….? Entscheidungen habe ich noch keine fuer die Zukunft getroffen, besonders was Job angeht. Will auch gar nicht rational darueber nachdenken, diese wichtige Entscheidung, was meine Lebensaufgabe (Mission) ist, muss vom Herzen kommen, und das dauert eben, besonders, weil wir das in unserem Kopfdominierten westlichen Leben schoen weggeschoben haben. Wir programmieren uns in einer meines Erachtens verrueckten Art und Weise unseren Verstand/ Geist (Konditionierung). Aber diese Erkenntnisse teileich lieber in persoenlichen Gespraechen al shier im Blog. Wichtig ist auf jeden Fall zu verstehen, dass wir dermassen vo... read more
unsere kleine westler gruppe
der erleuchtete, magische abt
mein zimmer und bett

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