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Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 13th 2008

When we left Kalimpong we said that we would be in touch when we reached Kerala if we could get an internet connection. Well our trusty Tata Indicom Dialler works here as well and so this is the last post in the blog before we set off for home on Monday. If you have been reading the blog from the start you will have seen that we have experienced so much in what in reality is quite a short time. While we have been living the adventure however we have at times thought that it would never end. We have at times been ready to chuck it all in and return. This was mainly in the dark (literally) days of the monsoon when we hardly saw sun amid the mist and rain for several weeks at ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 7th 2008

As I've been travelling around, it's quickly occured to me that many of my experiences have been the first time I've seen or done something. I've been making a list as I've been going, and it's quickly grown into a monster; a veritable testament to the huge number of things I haven't done in my life before, and that I can now cross off my ever expanding 'to do' list. Some have been fantastic, some have been pedestrian, some have been observations, and some are never to be repeated. Absolutely never. I thought I'd list them out here in no particular order, and expand on some that warrant a bit more of an explanation. * Delhi belly. This is something I think every traveller I have met in India has some experience of, and it is ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam October 21st 2008

A lazy day today - a stroll in the morning to see if Kovallam could redeem itself! We headed off in search of a quiet beach we had heard about but must have taken a wrong turn ending up in a little village where everyone seemed to stare at us - no hello's and the children got qute an attitude when we didnt hand over the requested pen or rupees...I thnk they have become so used to tourists handing out pens and sweets that its an expectation now - we had beach stuff with us and nothing else but attempts to explain just made the little people follow us in a little gang continually asking like we would suddenly managing to magic someting up!!! They eventually got bored and wandered off muttering something.... We headed back ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam October 19th 2008

Arrived in Kovalam on Sunday via taxi - as we were driving we passed through a number of villages and towns. In one there was a celebration at a Hindu temple with 2 small baby elephants and lots of flowers, drumming and vivid colours (oranges and yellows). We didn't stop but it was nice to see in passing - next time I will insist on having a few minutes... We passed queues for the Toddy shops and government beverage shops. The queues were lengthy as the latter only open for a couple of hours a day with Indian men leaving them with their newpaper wrapped bottles and smiling faces... Most women we saw seemed to be queuing for fresh fruit, vegetables and firsh, haggling with much enthusiasm to ensure the best prices and freshest produce. Individuals ... read more
My swing in the Hawah...

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam October 12th 2008

Today we said goodby to Kovalam and cycled back to Trivandrum. We have had a great week there just chilling out and soaking up the sun. Kovalam was on the old hippy trail but now firmly a holiday destination. There is still evidence of the old hippy days like the men loitering in the shadows at night asking you if "you want a smoke". Being so close to the beach we were normally woken up to the singing of fishermen hauling in their nets. Their voices getting louder as the net came closer to shore. Although I saw a few getting paid for their efforts most just took a small bag of the catch. Breakfast was taken at Leo’s café which was under our apartment. Then we would go for a swim (the sea was very ... read more
Sunset at Kovalam
What's on the menu - fish

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam October 5th 2008

We decided to leave Trivandrum on a Sunday expecting the traffic to be a little lighter - wrong. Although it was only 10 miles to Kovalam it felt like 50. It is incredibly hot and humid here which has the effect of draining the life out of you. That said we really enjoyed getting back on the bikes and it was a great experience riding on the Indian roads. It is still out of season and it will get a bit cooler we hope in a few weeks. To help with acclimatisation we are not taking rooms with aircon but I think it's going to take at least a week before we can do any serious distance again. Yesterday we sorted the bikes out. The only damage I found was the rear lights on my bike ... read more
Kovalam beach
Joy - hotel balcony
Steve - hotel balcony

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam May 6th 2008

i think i'll die of relaxation here at karikkathi beach! safe & sound & i'm having a great time. will add a bit of a blurb under the photos... i'll write more when i get back to delhi on the 11th, k? hugs ... read more
Karikkathi Beach House
view from my hammock
trail to the beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam April 9th 2008

After another 24 hour train journey traveling from Mysore to Kanniyakumari via Bangalore I was yet again climbing the walls of the train. Complete boredom is the only words I can use to describe the long train journeys we endure... and for what? to see yet more mayhem in another part of India! Is it worth the effort .. Probably not, but we keep pushing on to try and find the real India advertised in those glossy magazines. We left Mysore (eye sore!) very disappointed. Apparently it is supposed to be the next big IT centre following Bangalore. I still can't imagine it to be true. The place is a shit hole and the fastest internet connection I could find ran at 128kbps. Again everyone tries to rip you off and you have to suffer constant ... read more
Kanniyakumari Town
Fisherman on Kovalam Beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 31st 2008

Alrighty this blog has been long overdue but here it goes anyway Left the British virgin islands on feb 10 and flew to New York for 4 days mostly because that was where we needed to get our indian visas from but also because it is somewhere we both wanted to experience.Had wicked fun in New York hitting the main attractions,caught a broadway show,went to a famous comedy club,ate good pizza and basically soaked up Manhattan.We also had 4 seasons in 4 days which made it real cool and what was even cooler was that 5 hours before our flight left for india we got our visas cause otherwise we would have been poked! India was crazy,we arrived in Trivandrum airport at 3am and there must have been about 1000 smiling brown faces looking at ... read more
cant let a little snow stand between a man and his pizza
pip doin a wee snow dance for us
2 days later the snow in central park was gone

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 22nd 2008

Feeling very sad, and a touch hungover, we left Richard's amazing cottage after giving it a good tidy and a clean and headed back to the bus stand to get a bus to Trivandrum. In trivandrum we hiked to a restaurant near the train station and had a massive meal in preparation for the journey. The restaurant was a spiral shape with all the tables arranged around the outside and the centre as a spiral ramp. The food was very good and we rolled onto the train for the 16 hour ride! The train was as good as they all have been, pictures are better than words but each person gets a bunk bed which is about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide and they are pretty comfortable, unless you happen to be 6"4' and ... read more

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