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Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 3rd 2007

Hello from the beach, I'm sitting in a room smaller than my office in Edmonton that has 6 tiny cubicals set up for internet service. I'm about 20 yards from the beach and can see the waves coming in as I type. I don't know how hot it is, between 25 and 30 Centigrade and wish I had some insect repellent with me because this one fly keeps on landing on my ankle. I've probably swatted him away about 10 times in the time it's taken to write this. I can't believe it. I'm about half way through my holiday. It then on to Tiru vanamalai ("Tiru". as many call it) was such a rich experience for me...a bit overwhelming and new. I was glad to be with Lela who seemed to me to be at ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 14th 2007

So, what so you need after a few days walking in the woods? A beach of course. With this in mind we set off from Periya to Kovallam on the Kerelan coast. The eight huors bus ride actually fine and we arrived in one pice. Kovallam is lovley despite being full of package tourists, white, burnt and beer swilling. But appart form that its a little cove full of hippy shops and cafes witha working fishing beach and lots of freshly cuaght seafood on offer. We mamaged to haggle down the price of a room with a balcony with a view of the sea. It was half way up a hill but awau from the main beach so nice and quiet. We spent most of two days window shopping, shopping, sitting in cafes and on the ... read more

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