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Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 3rd 2010

Hi everyone, just a quick update on what I am doing. Monday was the last day of my journalism placement, and I was quite busy packing my stuff and getting set to leave. I had my first experience of the Indian postal system, which was pretty crazy as I'm sure you can imagine. I was sad to leave Madurai, not because I really loved the city, but I made some great friends there. I took a bus in the night to Kovalam (where I was before) just to start of my solo travels. Its been a good two days so far, and I've met some interesting people. Yesterday I spent some time with a guy called Shawn who is 44 (though he doesn't seem it!) and he lives in a caravan in Devon during the summer, ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 18th 2010

This weekend we travelled about 7 hours by bus to a beach in kerala. I was blown away by how beautiful and picturesque it was. I was with all the other 30 odd volunteers and we had a really fun day playing volleyball and frisbee and sunbathing. We also hired some body boards which were really cheap ( about 1pound for the whole day). It was the best surfing I had ever done as the waves were mostly over 6 foot so we went really fast. I managed to avoid any sunburn but another english guy a met called Charles and a dutch boy got it really really bad all over. Charles is also on his gap year and from Guilford. We went for a walk round to the next cove and i took loads of ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 31st 2009

Sorry no time for photos - check back and I'll add some later. Quite a lot has happned in the last few days but we’vr been out of touch with the rest of the world, so no chance of Internet connections. So - time for a very quick resume and then I’ll check out the facilities at our final resort. It’s New Years Eve now and we travelled most of today to reach Kovalam which is right in the south of Kerala, quite near to Trivandurum. But in reverse order.... On Wednesday night we stayed on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. Think Norfolk Broads, ten times bigger, hot, sunny and full of palm trees. It’s a mixture of rivers, canals and lakes, all linked together with housres, palm trees and rice paddies lining the ... read more
Presentation time

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 24th 2009

Geo: 8.4005, 76.9798 Hotel Samudra (KTDC) is close to the Kovalam Beach, Lighthouse Beach and is situated in a great location. I liked the beautiful green gardens and my room facing the sea was lovely, our hotel was really nice and comfortable. Today we had a free day on the beach so we relaxed in the sun and took a long walk on the beach which was a pleasant change from the hectic schedule we had so far; time to recoup. We had Idli, Vada Puri and many lovely Indian dishes for breakfast, the hotel service was fine even though they had some teething problems. Ayurveda Massage Later we had our first Ayurveda massage, the masseur massages you with lots of ayurvedic oils which is soothing and then they put you in the steam or sauna ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 15th 2009

Hi all.. This is one of the last blog entries from me here in India, as it is soon time for us to move further south and down under: Sydney!! That is is about time, winter has arrived in Dehli and it is absolutely freezing (this may sound strange coming from a norwegian viking, however, I am a climate migrant). Our apartment is not build for temperatures below 20 C and it get down to 8 C at night now, so the apartment never really heats up again during day and its get colder and colder... (Do I make my self clear?? It is freeeeeeezing!!). It may of course be a shock for us to come over to Europa for christmas, but that is only for one week and buildings are usually equipped with heating. Will ... read more
Taj Green resort!!
Mosque on beach..
Beach!! where the Taj beach wassupposed to be located..

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam April 23rd 2009

Well it's still hot and humid and you just gotta get used to it! I have spent a week in Trivandrum learning the basics of Ayurveda and decided that may as well have consultation and treatments while I was there. It was a very "Indian" organised centre - quite small and intimate. Great food and I had an apartment on the roof to stay in. Once again I was the only Brit and as usual the oldest. The other girls were very friendly ..from Malaysia, Finland and France. so have been massaged daily, given all sorts of medicines and do feel more energised thought what I am taking is a mystery ! Also at the Centre was an Indian lady from Manchester so we had fun going out into town at night !! Went to the ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 24th 2009

March 21st Back on the beach, we haggled hard with the most enterprising of the hawking locals. This man had purchased a large (and extremely varied) assortment of body-boards, and was renting them out by the hour. The waves were relentless. Our book informs us that despite the recent introduction of blue-shirted lifeguards, a couple of tourists still drown every year. The lifeguards lead a harried existence, blowing their whistles every time they think someone doesn’t see the next massive wave that’s about to crash on their head, or swims too close to the rocks. The undertow is so powerful you can barely walk against it, let alone swim, so those poor lifeguards spend their days sweating buckets in their collared shirts and fretting about body-boarding morons who swim too far out. After about twenty minutes, ... read more
Lighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach II
A Room With a View

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 25th 2009

Kovalum 19th - 21st Jan Updates less these days as we have hit the beach and it's less hectic and much more chilled out. Kerala is known as "Gods Own Country" basically this is because fresh fruit grows all around and food is plentiful with fresh fish available from the sea. Kovalum is about 20km for Trivandrum airport we stayed in an apartment with a sea view a little over budget at 30 pounds a night but totally worth it. The style in Kovalum is coconut with a straw for breakfast, little stroll, dip in the sea early afternoon, sleep and then local fresh fish washed down with secret beer in the evening. You need to be careful of the waves though, I lost my sunglasses one day. Varkala 22nd - 25th Jan Varkala is about ... read more
Lunch, 50 pence
Cooking Prep

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 25th 2008

Happy Christmas Everyone!!! We just thought we'd put a quick hello on the blog and to wish everyone a happy xmas. Not that I'm trying to rub it in but it got a bit too hot lying by the pool so now we're off to the beachfront for a few festive beers. We're glad we decided to treat ourselves to a place with a pool over xmas as today the beach is absolute craziness. The whole of Kerala seems to be arriving on an endless stream of boats. We'll do a proper entry in a few days once we get back up to Goa. After the not so nice train journey we've decided that we didn't fancy a 21 hour repeat performance so our xmas presents to each other this year are plane tickets to Goa. ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 22nd 2008

I could spend rolls upon rolls of film on pictures of people wading in the ocean. I think that everyone, from toddlers to grandmothers, inherently knows how to properly wade. That moment when the approaching wave rises higher than expected is absolute perfection. It isnt a successful wade session unless the pants, rolled to the knees, are wetter than intended as a result of pushing the limits of the tide. Two weekends ago we left early Sunday morning to visit the most prestigious performance arts school in Kerala. With the one night we had in Trissur my roommate another friend and I explored the city. The city was organized into a giant circle around a huge temple and park. This park was beautiful and the temple, though we couldn’t go in as non-Hindus, was impressive as ... read more

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