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Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam December 9th 2011

K- We have spent the last 10 days in Kerala, South India. Our first stop was Kochi where we took a day trip in to the beautiful backwaters. The experience was so tranquil that nearly everyone on the trip fell asleep!However, as the tranquility is the whole point I guess they didn’t really waste the trip. From Kochi we took a train down to Varkala, a beach resort set on high cliffs. At least it is at present - my memory has proved a little unreliable on this trip, (much to Marks amusement I have forgotten whole towns!) but I was pretty sure the cliff path is alot closer to the edge than it used to be. this was confirmed by some locals - there is a major erosion problem and I am ... read more
Houseboat on the Kerala Backwaters
What Do You Mean My Feet Aren't Together
See - I can touch my toes!

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam November 5th 2011

Stepping off the bus at Leela Resort, Kovalam Town, we then took a rickshaw towards the beach (2 connecting beaches overlooked from the southern tip by a beautiful lighthouse). Meeting 'Big Boss' along the way, he followed us on his bike to escort us to his hotel - Wilson Hotel with brightly furnished buildings, amazing staff, and a nice relaxing swimming pool. The next five days were spent burning on the beach, lazing by the swimming pool, and enjoying nightly rum cocktails on the balcony looking out to the world. After 5 days we decided to pack up and catch a bus rattling north to Varkala.... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam April 3rd 2011

In Kovolam I somehow come to be living in a flat next door to a retired Danish lady and above a (slightly crazy) Norwegian lady whom, if you listen to everything she says, is lucky to not have limbs falling off. She is here to indulge in the Ayurvedic treatments that Kerala is famous for. As far as I can tell this involves filling her sinuses with Ghee and slowly dripping a couple of litres of oil onto her forehead. Both of which I’m sure are Chinese torture methods? The ’doctors’ are incredibly diagnosticians - she went in with blocked sinuses (a side effect of filling them with melted butter?) and comes out with cronic headaches a bad back and a damaged shoulder. Luckily they have cures for them all. Hummm… No, I’m not cynical at ... read more
The Muslim Procession
Men pull in the morning catch
A family enjoys the sea at sunset

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam March 30th 2011

I'm becoming convinced that life is a series of circles (ah, the philosophical side of India must be getting to me). When you're little holidays with your parents are great. Then hit the teenage years, when you'd probably pay not to go on holiday with your parents (but you have no money). Happily, by your mid twenties it suddenly becomes a great idea again. Especially when you've become used to living on street food and the closest thing you've seen to a swimming pool is children having a bath in a water trough. Not that I'm saying I only wanted to see my parents for their access to fine dining and leisure facilities... But heck, what facilities they were! I was a little hesitant (read:scared) when I heard that my parents were going to join me ... read more
Yes, that is an elephant on a truck
A stunningly random statue
Slow boat in the back waters

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 28th 2011

Hello from Kovalam!! After an odd day in Trivandrum which to be honest doesn't have a great deal to offer, we decided to move on to the lovely beaches of Kerala a day early. After a rather bumpy rickshaw ride in which we managed to cram two adults, two big backpacks, two small backpacks and a carrier bag of food (nothing compared to a family of six), we arrived in this lovely albeit touristy little place. We have been enjoying sunbathing, playing in the waves, eating freshly caught fish (Julia that is, not Katrina) and lazily sipping potent rum cocktails whilst watching the sun set over the Lakshadweep Sea. We are currently escaping the midday sun (and the various sellers - yes your pashminas/sarongs/drums/cigarettes/jewellery/flashy devil horns are great but we don't want them, even at a ... read more
Katrina reading up on Kerala
Enjoying the sunset

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 8th 2011

Kovalum As our time in India was coming to a close, we had to get close to our departure town of Trivanthinum, for the flight to the Maldives. I found out through some friends befor I left, that there was an area called Kovalum, just to the south of Trivanthinum that had some beautiful resorts on the beach front, at reasonable prices. We asked Eapon and Lizzy, and Eapon said that he had a friend who owned one of these resorts, and he would organise a nights accommodation for us. We drove from Thuravella, to Kovalum by taxi, a distance of 125 Km by Taxi at a cost of 2500 rupees which is about $A40.00 and takes at least three hours. The trip was another Indian experience, and by the time we arrived, I expect that ... read more
Resort Main Pool
UDS Resort area
UDS Beach Pool

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 3rd 2011

It was a nice train journey down from Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram. The train passed through miles and miles of tropical palm trees, waterways, and lush green fields, while my fellow passengers went out of their way to offer to buy me coffee, share their food, and chat with me. My train pulled into Thiruvananthapuram and I headed for the pre paid auto-rickshaw stand, ignoring the drivers who tried to intercept me on the way to the booth and were quoting well over the odds prices. The drive down to Kovalam was the most entertaining journey yet in India. For a start, the driver was clearly mad as a hatter. In addition to the most daredevil and dangerous driving I have ever seen, he periodically burst into some mad over-enthusiastic song at the top of his voice ... read more
Howah Beach
Kovalam Beach and Lighthouse
How to use an Indian Toilet

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam January 2nd 2011

So after lazing around for a month in Goa we were well and truly refreshed, and decided to blitz around Southern India for the 6 weeks leading up to xmas. First stop was a town called Hampi, which looks like a cross between the Flintstones and an Indiana Jones movie set. It was so beautiful and the people really friendly. The main attractions in Hampi are a load of temples built into the rock and the town has the slogan "where stones tell history in silence". We spent a good couple of days exploring but, of course, being tight we decided that we didn't need a guide or tuk-tuk driver. No, we thought we were more than capable of seeing the sights ourselves. Big mistake. According to the Lonely Planet book there's a footpath linking the ... read more
one of the better ruins
in mamallapuram
a sea side temple

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam April 21st 2010

C'est malgre tout avec un certain soulagement que nous avons quitte Pondycherry car meme si l'endroit s'est revele fort agreable, la chaleur extreme le fut un peu moins et nous en avons un peu souffert...decouvrant ce qui semble s'appeler un "coup de chaud", different d'une insolation qui resulte d'une exposition prolongee au soleil, le coup de chaud est de la partie quand notre corps, non habitue a une chaleur pareille, decide simplement de capituler. On se retrouve donc avec temperature (comme s'il ne faisait pas deja assez chaud), crampes et autres joyeusete du style. Apres une bonne nuit sur le train, nous avons decouvert Kanyakomary ou Cape Comarin...mais egalement connu pour etre le point le plus au sud du sous-continent chose etonnament surprenante, la chaleur y est largement plus supportable. Nous avons trouve un logement, ... read more
Hypnotised little girl on the train
old woman going to the temple
The southern temple of India

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 20th 2010

And so we arrived in Kerala. Nowhere to stay, no idea of where we would stay. But at worst we could sleep on the beach, and the beach is so stunningly beautiful it would not have been a bad option. We loaded our packs on our backs, and walked down from the bus stand to the beach; and there we got our first real glimpse of the Arabian Sea in all its glory. And it was so hot, and the sea itself was hotter than I usually have my bath water! And once again, we fell on our feet. Within about 5 minutes, we had found a guesthouse about 50 yards from the beach, and knocked down the owner (not literally!) from 700 rupees to 600 rupees for the first night. A big roon, a big ... read more

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