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Mummy and Daddy want us to see as much of the world as possible, to experience other cultures and to get an education outside the classroom too. So they are starting early, I (Lucas) saw 10 countries in my first year, then travel was put on hold a bit after that as my little sister Kaia arrived and then we moved from the UK to Australia. 2018 is the start of lots more exploring again...we can't wait to see where we go!

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu May 19th 2013

I've had such a great day. We got up early and took 2 buses to get to Aqualand waterpark. It was so much fun, though the water was pretty cold again :( there were 3 areas especially for children with lots of slides and shower sprays and tipping buckets. My favourite one of these was the pirate area. It had a huge tipping pirate bucket which I loved to watch...it was very fun to watch it get people :) I also went on the lazy river with mummy and daddy, in the wave pool on a big rubber ring, and a couple of really big slides with daddy. One was a racing wavy slide where I sat on daddy's lap. We went really fast and I really liked it enjoy the very end where I went ... read more
The pirate area
Wow...lots of water!

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu May 18th 2013

This morning we caught the bus to Corfu Town. I got to go into a play area for a while where a found 2 leaves that I HAD to carry for the rest of the trip :) I saw lots of boats in the harbour, we walked round the old fort - daddy went to the top but I waited for him at the bottom with mummy. We had a wander around the old town and market, had some yummy crepes, but it was just TOO hot so we then went back to the hotel for lunch. Today we had lunch in the beach restaurant which was so much nicer then the buffet lunch...it was actually really nice. Plus we could eat looking at the sea, it was much calmer today then yesterday so if the ... read more
Ouch, that slide was hot!
Fort again
Lots of boats to look at

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu May 17th 2013

We spent this morning trying out the baby pool, big pool and the beach - all were freezing! I managed to splash about for a while in the baby one, but when mummy took me in the big one I clung on for dear life and tried to climb up her :) After lunch mummy and daddy walked from the hotel to Benitses. We had a quick walk round this small village and its shops. It's very pretty and much more 'Greek' then where we are staying. The beach was nicer too, but the sea was still freezing! There were also loads of nice looking restaurants that looked like they actually serve fresh food, unlike our hotel buffet :( daddy said we can come back and eat here...I don't know what to choose...calamari, mussels, sword fish...so ... read more
Benitses habour
Ice cream break in Benitses
Time to freeze in the pool

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu May 16th 2013

This is the first time I've been excited about a holiday, mummy and daddy have told me that we will do lots of chilling and swimming, but not too much else as mummy is pregnant with my baby brother or sister. They have also said that if I'm good I might get lots of ice-cream :) So today we got up and headed to Stansted to catch our flight to Corfu. I really liked the airport, I spotted the control tower and saw lots of planes land and take-off. Plus I borrowed Harry's trunkie so I got to ride that too. On the plane I was a very good boy, just watched some cartoons, did some colouring and looked out the window. The take off was bit too noisy for my liking though. It was nearly ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles September 16th 2012

So today we finally made it into Paris. After a quick train ride we took the underground until we reached Notre Dame. Such an impressive building, but I found the hundreds of birds and all the boats, buses and bikes much more interesting! There were SO many people queuing to get into the Cathedral that we didn't bother. Instead mummy and daddy had chocolate crepes and I had a tube of raisins :-( Apparently the crepes were VERY good but I didn't get to try them. After spending a little time looking at the Cathedral and the buildings surrounding it we walked until we reached the Louvre. On the way we took a few detours and saw the Palais de Justice and the Church of St Germain l'Auxerrois, plus we stopped at a bakery to get ... read more
Notre Dame

Europe » France » Picardy » Pierrefonds September 15th 2012

This morning we woke up really early to go to Paris...but we still missed the train :-( Instead we spent the day wondering around some local towns including Compiegne and Pierrefonds, but first we went into Soissons. Soissons is one of the most ancient towns in France, so there were lots of cool old buildings to look at, including a huge cathedral. It was also full of gorgeous looking bakeries and I got to try my very first pain-au-chocolat! It was delicious, though I was a bit messy with it :-) We spent an hour or so just wandering around the town and looking at the local market stalls. My favourite stall had lots of chickens, ducks and rabbits for sale - unfortunately daddy wouldn't let me have one. Next we headed to Compiegne. Just a ... read more
Soissons Cathedral
The market
Chateau de Pierrefonds

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 14th 2012

Very, very early this morning (at 2am!) mummy and daddy put me into the car for a journey. I was tired and confused but they told me that we were on our way to France, near Paris! And I going to go on a boat again!!! I was very excited about this on the inside, but just too tired to show it. So I went to sleep :-) In fact I only woke in time to see the big ships in Dover! The ship across the channel was very fun. It was swaying lots from side-to-side and made mummy feel very sick. I thought it was cool to be wobbling everywhere :-) Once in France we had about 2.5 hours to drive to the campsite, La Croix De Vieux Pont just outside Vic-sur-Aisne village. After a ... read more
Nap time in the bunk bed
Ducks are at the caravan
My first ice cream cone

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Cromer August 12th 2012

I've had another brilliant weekend camping. This time we've been in Cromer for 2 nights at a campsite about 20 minutes from the beach. We arrived quite near my bedtime on Friday so I helped daddy put up the tent whilst mummy made dinner then it was time for sleep. Yesterday we walked to the beach in Cromer so that I could build sandcastles and jump the sea waves, though the water was VERY cold! After playing for a while and a stroll around town we headed back to the campsite for lunch and a quick game of football. After that we drove to a local maze and play area. It was such a cool place - there was a maze made of maize (to be honest I wasn't that interested in it but mummy and ... read more
On a seaside ride
Playing in the tent
Bouncing pillows!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Great Yarmouth August 5th 2012

Yesterday mummy and daddy told me that we were going camping again, this time at Hemsby and with nanny and grandad. I had such a fun weekend. Yesterday we played on the beach at Hembsy, where grandad built me two sandcastles to knock down before he broke the spade, and I nearly made nanny jump waves in the sea - but at the last second I decided it looked far too cold! Mummy, daddy, nanny and grandad played crazy golf too but I was made to stay in my buggy :-( I didn't mind really it was good to see them playing, and to laugh at mummy - she was rubbish! Back at the campsite we played football and I chased lots of bubbles that I made everyone blow. After a quick pub meal we went ... read more
About to jump the waves
Building sandcastles
Bubble time (again!)

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba July 17th 2012

Yesterday we had another chilled day of reading books, splashing in the pool, going to the waterpark and eating lots of food. Today we are going home. I'm currently sitting on the plane after having been delayed for 2.5 hrs and I'm waiting for the stewardess to bring me some dinner :-) I've enjoyed Malta, the swimming pool and waterpark especially, but it has been a bit too touristy for me, mummy and daddy plus the food hasn't been great. Though I'm not sure i want to go home either - I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, but its cold, raining and as I'm 18 months old today I'm going to be potty training this week :-( Lucas x x... read more
Reading with daddy

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