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Europe » Malta » Gozo July 15th 2012

Yesterday we spent more time just relaxing, swimming, eating and at the waterpark. Today has been quite different and wow its been hot, 42 degrees apparently! We caught a boat first thing over to a small island called Comino, where we spent a little while swimming in an area of the sea called the 'blue lagoon'. It was beautiful, clear blue water where I saw lots of little fish swimming. Unfortunately I also saw hundreds of other tourists and their boats in this small patch of water and on the rock face next to it :-( apparently there is a small beach, but I couldn't see this with all the deck chairs! Anyway, I loved the swimming and I got to watch mummy and daddy jump off the boat into the sea. It looked really fun ... read more
Yummy dinner

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba July 13th 2012

I have had a brilliant day - I went to my very first waterpark! This morning we just spent time next to and in the swimming pool. I got to do lots of jumping in and rides/falls from my crocodile. I also made a new friend, a little girl called Rhianna from France I think. She's about 4 and played throwing the ball with me for ages! After lunch and my nap mummy and daddy took me to a waterpark that's on the waterfront at bugibba. They thought I might be a bit small, but I knew they were wrong :-) it was brilliant, there are lots of fountains and cannons and pipes that spray water, plus shower type tubes that water falls from and buckets that get you soaked if you go under at the ... read more
Cooling down with a nice drink

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta July 12th 2012

So I'm in Malta. We left Tuesday afternoon and arrived at the hotel in Bugibba at midnight. I had a fun day of riding my cousin Harry's trunki around Norwich airport, running around with a little girl I met there - she's my age and flying in a plane! I really liked looking out the window at all the clouds on this flight and the nice people at Thomas Cook even gave me a seat of my own :-) I wasn't so keen on the takeoff though, it was just SO noisy! Yesterday I spent the day playing in the hotel pools and the little play area. There is a big slide I like in there plus a castle playhouse. My cousin Evie would love it, it's a big castle and it's purple. Mummy and daddy ... read more
Splashing about with Daddy
First ride on my crocodile
Loving it!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Lowestoft May 26th 2012

This weekend mummy and daddy took me on my first ever camping trip. It was brilliant fun! We went to a campsite on the beach at Kessingland near Lowestoft. When we first arrived I was so excited we were on a big field with a few other tents, and I loved watching the older kids playing and I tried to get to a dog nearby but mummy wouldn't let me :-( I helped daddy put the tent up, giving him lots of heavy poles and my pillow, then we had a picnic. After lunch, we had a walk on the beach then went to the park where daddy took me on the slide and pushed me in the swing. Then I played in the soft play area where I got to go down a really fun ... read more
Chilling in the tent with daddy
Swing time
Slide time

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 18th 2012

Today is my last day in Kerala, India. To be honest we really hadn't done a lot today. Most of the day has been spent swimming in the pool, eating or sleeping. It's been a great trip, and to all my under 5 readers - get your mummy and daddy to take you to India! Its amazing. The food is great, there is SO much to see and the people will absoluetly love you like they do me :-) I've had so much attention from all the restaurant and hotel staff, plus local Indians, as well as western tourists, I've loved my time here and can't wait to come again when I'm a bit older. Hopefully next trip mummy and daddy will finally get to see a tiger! Though I will be glad to get back ... read more
Samudra Beach
Me and mummy waiting for dinner
Me and daddy at dinner

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 17th 2012

This morning we went back to Lighthouse Beach, where I got to play in the sand and jump the waves with daddy. I also brought cousin Evie a nice Indian dress - I hope she likes it. This afternoon we spent some time in the pool and the rest at the local temple because there has been a festival all day. It's been really interesting. It was the first Indian festival me, mummy and daddy have seen. There were lots of fireworks (that started at 7am!), singing and dancing and playing drums. All the ladies and girls were wearing their best sari's. It got very smoky at one point when lots of ladies lined up and had open fires to cook rice. Think they were going to throw it afterwards but I missed that bit. I ... read more
Heating the rice
The ladies are all ready
Music at the festival

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 16th 2012

I've had such a good day. This morning we took a tuk tuk to a nearby beach (lighthouse beach) and I got to play in the sand. This was the first time I really really wanted to and I got covered in it. A couple of times I even put my face in it, but I didn't like the taste. It was cool sand, some was golden and some was black, but I liked it best when I mixed them together. Mummy took me in the sea too. It was nice and warm and I got to jump lots of big waves which I loved. I was laughing lots, other people thought I was funny. We had some yummy fruit at the beach and daddy brought me a toy for the pool. Then we headed back ... read more
Lighthouse Beach
Playing in the sand

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 15th 2012

Today we left Kollam and got a taxi to Kovalam, but before we left I saw an elephant standing on a truck being driven into town. Weird. We are staying at Molly's Retreat and it is lovely. I've got a huge room to crawl around and because it's so clean I'm even allowed to play in the bathroom! There is a really nice swimming pool too so I've been in there playing with mummy and daddy. They kept disappearing underwater then popped up and said boo. It was very, very funny. Later we walked to the beach. I don't think I'll be going on there because it is very small and the sea is VERY rough.... read more
Samudra beach
Samudra beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 14th 2012

I have had such a good day. We got a houseboat and spent the day on the backwaters around Kollam. The boat was massive - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and outside sitting area, so loads of space for me to crawl and walk around. There was only me, mummy, daddy, the driver and 2 cooks onboard. It was great! After a couple of hours of sailing passed lots of jumping fish, trees, fishermen's housing, churches, mosques and Chinese fishing nets, we stopped for lunch. I think it's the best meal I've ever had!! Mummy and daddy said the same. There were LOTS and LOTS of dishes. Then a couple more hours of sailing and we docked back at Kollam. Daddy gave the crew a tip each - 2 got rupees, the other a piece ... read more
Colourful boats
Me and daddy

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 13th 2012

Another trip on the train today. We left Kochi for Kollam. Luckily this time mummy and daddy did book a/c and it was only 3.5 hours long. I met some nice ladies on the train, I ate their breakfast - even though I had already had toast and milk at the hotel! It was very tasty, I prefer Indian dosa to weetabix! Then I slept for most of the journey. In Kollam we had a few problems with a tuk tuk driver wanting commission for a hotel we weren't going to stay at - luckily mummy and daddy were wise to his games! 20 minutes later we finally checked in at the right place, which is only 1km from the train station. It is a very pretty area, the hotel is facing a big lake where ... read more
What a looong train
Hotel at Kollam

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