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Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi February 12th 2012

Today we went for a long walk around Fort Cochin and Jew town. Mummy was hoping I would sleep a lot in my backpack, but there was just too much to look at! First we went to the port area and saw lots of Chinese fishing nets, the men had caught loads of big fish, crabs and prawns. Many were still flapping about and looked so tasty, but it was a bit smelly! Then we saw the St Francis church, it's really old - 1503 built by the Portuguese. It looks ok from the outside, but was very plain inside. Next was the Santa Cruz Basilica. That was quite impressive, had lots of colours inside. After that we 'explored' the local town market where I got to have more bananas. It was nice there, we were ... read more
Santa Cruz Basilica
Watching the waves and children playing
St Francis Church

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi February 11th 2012

It has been such a long and hot day :-( we left Kannur this morning and caught a train to Kochi - it took 7 hours. Mummy and daddy booked too late so we had no a/c, then to make things worse the window next to us didn't open!! Luckily I made a new friend, Atu. He sat opposite us and his window did open so I spent lots of time bouncing on his lap, looking out of the window and playing games with him. He was very nice. A singer from Calicut who showed me pictures of his wife and daughter, they are very pretty. Atu even gave me a foot massage, I pointed to the area that I wanted massaged to make sure he did it right!! I loved it! When we finally arrived ... read more
Looking out of the window with Atu

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur February 10th 2012

Today has been very relaxed. First thing we went to St Angelo's Fort and I got to go for my first tuk tuk ride! We spent a while wondering round the fort, I got to look at lots of birds again and lots of school children came to say hello and take my photo. Another tuk tuk ride back to the hotel and I've spent the rest of the day swimming, splashing mummy and daddy and sleeping. Mia, the little girl I met yesterday, came and had a splash with me too!... read more
At the fort
A few of the school kids saying hello to me
Jumping in!

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur February 9th 2012

It's been a long day. We got up early today and got a taxi all the way from Mysore to Kannur - again I was carsick when going down the hills :-( We got to see more elephants cared for by the government and mummy thought she saw a wild one too but that was actually just wild boar! We are staying in a hotel in Kannur right next to the sea and it's got a swimming pool! I had so much fun splashing about and kicking my legs - some people that work in the hotel came out to see me, they thought I was funny. The best bit was when i kept splashing daddy and then he made silly noises. It was hilarious! It's a good hotel. I really like the food, the waiters ... read more
Swimming with daddy
A sea-eagle

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore February 8th 2012

This morning we had to say goodbye to mr varnam, beina and all the animals at the farm. Beina was so nice - she gave me a toy duck! We took a taxi to Mysore in Karnataka with Claude and Michelle. It was kinda boring so I slept most of the way. After checking into a new hotel and having some lunch, I was put in my backpack again and we went out to explore. We firstly went through a huge market, where everything you can think of was for sale! I just wanted the bananas. Daddy thinks I'm getting addicted (I even tried eating one with the skin on earlier today!). It was very busy in the market but everyone stopped and looked at me. They thought I was very funny in my backpack. Then ... read more
Pretty colours in the market

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad February 7th 2012

Today was our last full day on the Varnam Farm. This morning we had my favourite breakfast yet - pancake with a banana purée and a special Indian milk drink just for me! After breakfast I got to go in my backpack and we went for a walk through a tribal village, pass lots of cows and dogs and through a maze of rice paddies until daddy found the way back to the farm. At one point we went into some woodland and mummy got scared - she thought an elephant might attack us!! Silly mummy! Once we were back daddy played Mr Varnam at karam - and lost - whilst I played with lots of freshly picked pepper. I wanted to taste it but mummy and Beina wouldn't let me :-( It was obviously a ... read more
Yummy dinner
Playing with the pepper
Tribal village and rice paddies

Asia » India » Kerala » Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary February 6th 2012

I've had lots of fun today. Firstly I tried and loved an Indian breakfast including a chickpea curry and a very spicy omelette. Then I got to spend until lunch playing with mummy, daddy, beena (mrs varnam) and the couple from Belgium, Claude and Michelle. We looked at the rabbits, chased the chickens and played with Bruno the dog. I had lots of turns on the trike and even went on the big boy swing! For a while I sat playing with some toys whilst mummy, daddy, Claude and Michelle played karam - an Indian game, where you have to flick discs into holes (a bit like pool). Mummy wasn't very good but daddy was brilliant- he won! After lunch we went to tholpetty wildlife sanctuary. We were told that if we were very very lucky ... read more
Daddy winning at Karam
Wild elephants

Asia » India » Kerala » Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary February 5th 2012

On Friday, 3rd feb, we left home to go to Kerala, India. After 27 hours, 1 bus ride and 2 planes we finally landed in Calicut. The travelling was ok, I was a good boy for most of it, but I did get a bit bored too. I did get to go to sleep in a cool, little (very little!) bed that hung in the air on the plane! When we got to India it was boiling!! We went straight to the hotel and straight to bed. It was a very late night for me - 10.30pm! Yesterday was a very cool day, we got a taxi into the hill town of manantharady in the wayanad district. It is very pretty here, but the roads were not very nice so I got car sick :-( We ... read more
Me and Beena
Baby elephant
Me, daddy and government elephants

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul September 15th 2011

Today has been awesome. We woke up docked in Istanbul, Turkey and from our cabin balcony could see the historic centre - plus there was loads of dolphins swimming along side the ship! Istanbul looked really nice, the sun was shining already, there looked like lots for us to see and it was so, so busy. Lots of small boats were passing us to get from one side of the city to the other. It looked really exciting. So after one last big breakfast on the ship we left the Royal Caribbean boat and headed for our hotel in Istanbul. Unfortunately it was pretty far from the centre, but at least we got to see some of the other parts of the city. We checked in and then headed back to Sultanahmet, the historical area. We ... read more
The Blue Mosque
Aya Sofya
Me in my buggy

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Ionian Sea September 14th 2011

All of yesterday and today has been spent at sea so I've had lots of time for splashing in my paddling pool, going in the playroom and eating nice food. Mummy and daddy even let me try ice-cream! I liked it but preferred ice-cubes. Its been a nice couple of days. We've had lots of islands and boats to look at and the sun has been out both days which has been awesome. Today has been the last day on the cruise, so tonight I had to say goodbye to Quirino, my favourite waiter, and to the people that sat next to us every night. Tomorrow we will be docking at Istanbul Turkey.... read more
Trying icecream for the 1st time
Me and my waiters

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