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Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari September 12th 2011

We were Cagliari for a few hours apparently, I don't really know because I slept the whole time! Mummy and daddy didn't really like the city, mummy was a bit annoyed about that because she's been to another part of Sardinia and absolutely loved it. Mummy wanted to take me to the beach again but instead we came back to the boat early and I splashed about in my pool. It was really hot in Italy.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga September 11th 2011

This morning we docked in Malaga. I spent the morning being pushed in my buggy round the town, up to the castle and around the picasso museum. It was nice (except the museum. I found that really boring - so did daddy!). It was so hot today - 30 degrees - so mummy and daddy took me to the beach, but the sea was too cold and stoney for me to go in, so we went back to the boat. I went in my paddling pool again. Some nice Australians, Russell and Sandra, played with me whilst mummy and daddy went for a swim together. That was fun. Mummy and daddy had spoken to them throughout the cruise, but I think they are more fun when helping me splash in my pool. After dinner I was ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz September 10th 2011

Today was hot, hot, hot! So after a couple of hours of mummy and daddy pushing me around Cadiz, looking at the churches and cathedral, we went to the beach. I got to play in the sand and daddy brought me a new ball to play with. After having a picnic daddy took me into the sea but I didn't want to go in, so I screamed! We liked Cadiz, it seems very chilled out and a proper Spanish town still. It didn't seem too tourist even though the cruise comes here. Mummy and daddy think Spain would be ok to live in, if we never manage to get a visa for oz. Back on the ship I went in my paddling pool again. I loved it today. I stayed in for over an hour and ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon September 9th 2011

So the ship pulled up to Lisbon, Portugal this morning right next to a huge bridge. It was really misty over the sea so looked really cool. Daddy was feeling lazy so we took a hop-on-hop-off bus around the historical part of the city. I saw lots of nice buildings and I loved being on top of the open bus without being in my carseat! I saw a HUGE monastery and then had swordfish for lunch - it was very very yummy!! Then we climbed a tower next to the sea which was really high and I got to see lots of the city from there. When we got back to the ship a man filled my paddling pool so I got to have a swim and splash. Lots of people thought it was funny to ... read more
Waiting for my swordfish
The HUGE monastery
Me and daddy at the top of the tower

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 8th 2011

This morning we headed into port at Vigo, Spain. It was really exciting, especially as the sun was shining (this was the first time it was hot on this holiday) and then we saw loads of dolphins swimming next to the ship! It was brilliant. Mummy and daddy had seen wild dolphins before but this was a first for me :-) Once we were off the ship, mummy and daddy took me on a really long walk today towards a beach. It went past lots of fish markets so was very smelly and not very nice. Then just before we got to the beach (about an hours walk) daddy got talking to a local who said we were best to get a bus to a different beach! So we went to Samil beach instead. It only ... read more
Playing at the beach for the 1st time
Me and mummy playing in the sea
Samil beach

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel September 7th 2011

Just at sea again today, which was not good for me or mummy this morning. The sea has been so rough that we were both sick. I didn't even get to finish my breakfast :-( The boat felt like it was jumping over the waves! People were falling over all the place. Me, mummy and daddy decided to rest in the room until lunch when it all seemed to calm down a bit. I then got to play and go on lots of walks around the ship. It was formal dress onboard tonight so mummy put on my best shirt and we all had some pictures taken. I didn't smile much at the photographer though. Everyone thought I loved very cute :-)... read more
Lucas all dressed up

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen September 6th 2011

Today lots of people from the cruise went to Paris. Mummy & daddy debated about it too, but we would only get 5 hours in the city so instead we headed to Rouen. It was a cool city. Really old with lots of old churches, most of which have been restored since being bombed during WW2. We even saw some churches which had bullet holes all over it. When I shouted inside one of them there was a big echo! Mummy and daddy enjoyed camembert sandwiches and pain aux chocolates whilst I had an Ella's kitchen!! Not fair! We were docked about at hour away from Rouen, at La Harve and we walked from the train station to the ship (about 3 miles). I was nice, warm, cozy and dry in my buggy, but it was ... read more

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Saint-Raphael » Brugge September 5th 2011

Yesterday we had another day at sea, so me, mummy and daddy just chilled out and played (I think Mummy went swimming too which is mean because I'm not allowed to). Lots of bouncy, singing and more yummy food. That's about it for the day. Today we went into Bruges, Belguim. We all really liked this place (except the amount of tourists - but they aren't easily avoided when you are on a cruise!). I got to bounce around in my buggy A LOT on the copbbled paths, went on a tram ride for the first time and went on a really cool boat ride on canals around the city. We done lots of walking in the city, Mummy and Daddy said we weren't lost but I don't believe them! There were no tourists in some ... read more
Me & mummy on the canal ride

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 3rd 2011

Today we docked at Copenhagen in Denmark. Mummy and daddy have been here before, and its VERY expensive so we didn't do much in the city. First we took the train (my first ever) into the city centre and webt ti a really cool toy shop - it was huge. Mummy brought me a paddling pool and water toy to use back on the ship. Then we had a quick walk down the high street and after that spent a while at Tivoli. That's an amusement park right in the city centre with some very scary looking rides that I really wanted to go on, but I was too small :-( There was also a really big lake and lots of fish, ducks and geese. I feed them. Mummy is scared of geese and tried to ... read more
Me & daddy at Tivoli

Europe September 2nd 2011

So today me, mummy and daddy spent the day walking around the ship, eating lots of yummy food and playing in the playroom where I got to go 'bouncy, bouncy' in the frog jumperoo. Mummy and daddy spent some time on the climbing wall too, but they wouldn't let me :-( Daddy said mummy wasn't very good, but I'm not supposed to tell her that! Lots of people onboard the ship tried to talk to me and I waved and smiled at my favourites! It was a very relaxed day and daddy said we needed that so we'll all be ready for a day round Copenhagen tomorrow.... read more
Me and mummy
Daddy having fun

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