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September 14th 2012
Published: September 18th 2012
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Very, very early this morning (at 2am!) mummy and daddy put me into the car for a journey. I was tired and confused but they told me that we were on our way to France, near Paris! And I going to go on a boat again!!! I was very excited about this on the inside, but just too tired to show it. So I went to sleep :-) In fact I only woke in time to see the big ships in Dover!

The ship across the channel was very fun. It was swaying lots from side-to-side and made mummy feel very sick. I thought it was cool to be wobbling everywhere :-) Once in France we had about 2.5 hours to drive to the campsite, La Croix De Vieux Pont just outside Vic-sur-Aisne village. After a quick lunch of a proper french baguette and cheese we had a walk around the campsite. It is massive. There are lots of play areas, a bouncy castle, trampolines, 3 lakes and loads of ducks! They came right to the caravan door for their lunch :-) I loved it! Then we went to the swimming pool. It was so cool, the roof came off as it was hot so I could see the planes flying above me, plus there were slides and fountains that were so exciting. Once I had got wrinkly fingers and too cold in the water we left and walked to the village. Its a very typical French village. Very pretty and old, with a huge chateau. Back at the campsite we went to dinner. Mummy thought the restuarant would be rubbish, serving typically rubbish english tourist food, but actually it was very nice. I had spag bol. I ate all of that but then noticed that daddy had steak and mummy had mussels - so I had to try both of those too. In fact, I ended up eating lots of the mussels! They sure were yummy!! Then I got to try my first ever ice-cream in a cone!!! That meal = 1 happy Lucas :-)

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20th September 2012

First ice cream and couldn't see any mess. Did that come later? X
25th September 2012

Oh there was mess...
...and a lot of it!

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