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Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali March 5th 2013

Dali Ancient City This place was WAY better than Kunming!! Oh man. Way nicer people and far better scenery. What's unique about Dali is that it's divided into the Ancient City and the new city, Xia Guan (lower town). The new city is modern; deluxe hotels and large shopping malls, while the Ancient City is a well-preserved relic from the 8th century. Nowadays, Dali Ancient City is mainly set up for tourist visitors. In fact, there's even a street named "yangren jie" which means "foreigner street" lined with shops selling bootleg CD's, crispy crust pizza, and cheap garb. The Dali Ancient City lies on the western edge of Erhai Lake. The altitude here is 6,330 feet, almost the same elevation as Lake Tahoe. Behind it soar the Jade Green Mountians and the awesome Cang ... read more
The Three Pagodas
Longquan Shan Canyon
The Mountains behind Dali

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong March 4th 2013

Bus trips in China are often confusing - the bus stations move, drivers tend to drop their passengers outside of the terminals (often streets away) or you end up at a totally different bus station than the one that your guide book mentioned. And that is after you have had the challenge of actually purchasing the ticket! That is Jerry's job - I'm more than content to look after the luggage whilst he battles the queues and language difficulties. Upon our arrival in the busy traffic of Chengdu two and half hours later our bus stopped and everybody got off - it was not the bus station we had left from previously and should have returned to but a city street. We had no idea where we were... After being deserted by all the other passengers ... read more
The view when we opened our curtains first morning in Jinghong
It was hot.....
Heat induced snooze...

Asia » China » Yunnan February 26th 2013

The Dai is one large minority nationality of China. An Ethnic Group Living Harmoniously with Water. They famous festival also concerning of water, the Water-Sprinkling Festival: The Blessing from the Dais
This annual festival is held from April 13th to April 15th, during which people sprinkle water on each other as a blessing. We went to the Dai original village, which close to Lao’s boarder, name “ Man Tan Village“. People there still live the original live. They keep living at the original Dai house- the Dai Bamboo House on Poles in the Shape of Zhuge Liang’s Cap.
The Dai bamboo house on poles is usually built on a plain or on a small hill near a plain. This two-storied house is built on ... read more
Man Tan village
Ms Dai and Han
The Dai old Women

Asia » China » Yunnan February 24th 2013

There is no bus service directly to Wengding village. It takes around 30min. driving from Cangyuan County to there. It’s a small village with more than 100 more Wa families. People there are living base on farming. The village has been open for tourist since 2006. Some villagers also sell some of their hand make items, like hand make linen bags, clothes, or local food. There is no hotel there, only 2-guess houses, one is Li hong ‘s home(李洪家). There have 4 simple rooms, 8 beds with share shower room, and very simple W C.Another is anther villager’s home near playgroup. There are OX-head hanging everywhere at the village. The Wa people believe that everything is living. Especial for OX. Their best friend, help them ploughing fields. Eating glasses, give of full themselves. They sacrifice their ... read more
Wengding old women
Picket Ol Mon
Eat clay

Asia » China » Yunnan » Chuxiong February 24th 2013

Shuangbai is one of the less visited county in Chuxiong region, if not for the tiger-dance festival...there wouldn't be any development I would say!but once they discovered there still some villages practised this ancient tiger-dance and decided it needed to be protect and preserve by....made they perform in any occasion the government wanted. so it became a dancing team for celebration in the county nowaday. now you seldom see they perform it in their village(perhaps one wouldn't get pay now wasn't for the money before someone said they needed to be protect and preserve?!?!)where they belong, and...tradition....supposed to be protect and preserve....was dead or...been transformed manipulately. anyways...with more tourist facilities. that was great for lodging are better and in reasonable price, almost all the guesthouse charge only 40 yuans fo... read more
drum dance team
the reception

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 23rd 2013

Kunming (the capital city of Yunnan province) Kunming was my first city in Yunnan. I took a 21 hour train from Loudi to get there. I was glad I had bought a Y450 "soft" sleeper ticket because the bed was much wider and the room came with a door. I really lucked out when I discovered that the other occupants of my cabin were 3 lovely Chinese girls. I joked with them in both Mandarin and English. They giggled when they saw the enormous amount of hair shown on my passport photo. The whole trip we noshed on Chinese snack foods (spicy tofu bites, sesame cookies, chicken wings, noodles, shatian pomelos, and mandarin oranges). I stayed at the Kunming Cloudland hostel for 4 nights. It's rooms were cozy and the shared bathrooms all got fresh flowers ... read more
The Maiden of the Lake
The Stone Forest
My Kunming Squeeze

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 22nd 2013

Here with pics that I took in the evening of 21th Feb. 2012. When I was in the flight from Kunming to Shenzhen. The sky looks very dirty after taking off a few minutes. Is it air pollution or just weather problem??? It looks serious if it’s air pollution. The atmosphere looks poisoning by brown wasters. We have lots of problems of environments those years. And weather is not as regular as before. Those pics are without any photoshop processing. I took with my Canon 550D+ 17-85 scene. Hope it’s just normal weather problem, What consequences will be if it’s real air pollution?... read more
Brown airflow -2
Brown airflow -4
Take off

Asia » China » Yunnan February 18th 2013

Lahu was the main theme of my newyear tour this year. I picked the Lancang region as they said the Lahu has a series of action during the Chinese newyear period. to avoided being stuck in other places as bus services were limited around newyear time, those were the specific moment greedy bus drivers willing to gave up overloaded their bus with human flesh!I arrived Lancang 2 days before new year. Thank god...the renovating work had been completed!the town is more tidy and less dusty. a new quarter had been created around the river side and seem like going to expand more in the future. it should provide more lodging choice on arrival Iater. Everyday seem like market day as newyear was near. people were shopping crazy, brough in more than they need. they argued for ... read more
New year fair ground
try your luck

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 9th 2013

Hello all, To begin the blog (and not to sound arrogant but) I must say, I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. The Spring Festival in China (AKA Chinese New Year) can be summed up in one word: "impressive". There have been some fireworks going on all week, all in a buildup to the big show: the first day of Spring Festival. The evening has been particularly loud and bright. Some background: Spring Festival (Chun Jie) is the celebration of the lunar new year. East Asians, the Chinese in particular, celebrate with food, alcohol, and fireworks. Just imagine a non-patriotic 4th of July multiplied by 100. There are 100 times more people, equal amounts of food and drink (per capita), and 10,000 times more fireworks. Lucky for me, I am a ... read more
Drinking with Uncle
Super Roman Candles

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang January 31st 2013

After deciding to stay on the bus at Tiger Leaping Gorge we continued to drive through to Lijiang which added another two hours onto our day. We had visited Lijiang in 2005 so was familiar with the general layout of the city. It was however, like all Chinese cities we had previously visited, so much larger than we remembered. Lijiang has as it's backdrop the impressive slopes of Yulong Xue Shan, usually totally capped in ice and snow, but looking devoid of both when we arrived in the city. We had seen it's icy slopes on the opposite side of the mountain though on the bus trip earlier in the day. Lijiang's old town is the original capital of the Naxi people, a group of Tibetans who moved to this region of Yunnan in the thirteenth ... read more
Baisha countryside
Colourful painting in the Naxi style
Enjoying the morning sun

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