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Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang February 6th 2019

Can't wait to see her again... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali January 1st 2019

Would be there every year, beautiful lake+amazing people, fall is the best season, pick up a hostel with local coffee and music, you then have all the time in this world.... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 27th 2018

Hi All This is the 3rd time I have visited Tuanjiezhen 团结镇 about 3/4 of an hour outside of Kunming. Love this hostel as I can camp. Such a beautiful peaceful place. On this visit I went in search of Bai architecture. Scattered around the village are small Bai minority settlements which have either been abandoned totally or semi abandoned. These must have been thriving little hamlets only 20 years ago. Now the locals are leaving them behind as they become richer and have built large new houses. Some new houses have also incorporated the old house into the new. One cannot blame them as the old mudbrick houses much be damp and cold. Enjoy the photos JAH bless... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Liming October 18th 2018

September 27th:October 5th - Liming - Dia 98:106 Many days out climbing. Many new climbing friends. Amazing times and memories shared. I went on climbing for 9 days straight. Usually you take breaks after a couple of days but I just felt I needed to take full advantage of all my days in Liming. I started to really enjoy my daily routine. It went something like this. After an extremely good sleep I woke up at around 8am to head over to my usual breakfast restaurant. A nice simple breakfast costing only around 40 cents 😌. I usually got 3 steamed buns filled with pork which I ate alongside a bowl of a really good red pepper oily sauce. Accompanying it I served myself green tea and kept on drinking while reading my kindle book. I ... read more
Hello beautiful
Perfect splitter sandstone. This was an amazing route!
The views while climbing

Asia » China » Yunnan » Liming October 11th 2018

September 25th - Back to Shangri-la - Dia 96 Left Yubeng Village bright and early today. We had to walk around 7 hours through another valley to later take a van towards Shangri-la. The walk was incredible. I though I was trekking through Nepal already! Following a river downstream we saw how it grew in power as we descended. It became a massive living creature, bigger then usual as it overtoppled its own banks.  The terrain changed and with it the lush green vegetation disappeared. We now found ourselves walking on a small ledge carved through the wall of a huge canyon. Beneath us a 300 meter drop towards the ranging river. Arriving at the end of the trail we were met with around 8 drivers. Every single one wanting to take us to Shangri-la, a ... read more
Massive cliff side while walking next to jt
Hello Liming
You are beautiful

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lower Yubeng October 8th 2018

September 23 - Yubeng Village-Día 94 Walking up at 6:30am to see the sunrise. At sunrise it was the best opportunity to see the great Meli Snow Mountain Range. After, the clouds tend to come in and cover the peaks. My lucky morning since the clouds seemed to have let us see the majestic Mt Kawagarbo. The tallest and holiest mountain in the region of Yunnan. Unclimbed till the present day. The BEST moment was when the sun hit the top of Mt Kawagarbo  and spread itself over all the top section of the range. It was a magestic moment. Understanding why the Tibetans consider them as the holiest mountains. Soon enough the clouds came in and covered the mountain range from our view. As if the curtain in the theater had been closed. After such ... read more
The sun hitting the massive mountains
Upper Yubeng Village
Unreal peace and quiet in Yubeng

Asia » China » Yunnan » Deqin October 2nd 2018

September 21st - Kunming ➡️ Shangri-la - Dia 92 My original plan was heading to Dali in search of some climbing. But during my stay in Kunming, while I was resting in the Hostel, a gorgeous series of big canvases containing a white snowy peak attracted my attention. Searching for the name of the peak I realized it was not too far away from Kunming. Situated in a small town called Deqin around the northernmost point in Yunnan, right next to Tibet. Around this town were some incredible hikes in alpine and Tibetan communities. Not about to let that opportunity pass I changed my plans for the day next 4 days 😁 In order to reach Deqin I had to essentially travel for 2 days. Not too worried about it since the scenary on the way ... read more
Beautiful streets of Shangri-la
Views towards Deqin
The winding road

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 29th 2018

September 18th - Kunming - Dia 89 Time to leave Getu. I never managed to climb anything but I found it to be a nice experience to visit this magestic place before it is turned upside down. Now I was thinking of going all the way to Liming🤔 in a new province called Yunnan. A province famous for all its indigenous populations. It was going to be an experience of its own. Liming could not be reached in a day so I was thinking of stopping in Dali City for a couple of days. Supposedly it was another good place to climb. But the word around is that Liming is the best jaja. But something I have is time so I was in no hurry to go rushing to Liming. Leaving Getu was a whole adventure. ... read more
Fields before entering Xiao Mo Yu Cave
The Lone Cave which I had some fun times
Corn storage

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang September 19th 2018

We arrived in Shuhe, which is one of the three old towns which make up the Old Town of Lijiang, about 2 hours after leaving Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Old Town of Lijian is located at an elevation of 2400m. The Old Town of Lijiang was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1997 in recognition of the towns role as the intersection between the Silk Road and the Tea Horse Road; the architecture (including housing influenced by Han, Bai, Tibetan and Naxi) which is well preserved and urban planning and landscaping (including impressive water distribution system which conveys water throughout the town in a series of engineered channels among other things. The Old Town of Lijiang is one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. Apparently 80 million tourists visited last year. At times the ... read more
Danyan Old Town
Danyan Old Town
Central Square, Danyan Old Town

Asia » China » Yunnan » Shangri-La September 17th 2018

The following morning we had vegetable noodle soup for breakfast at a local restaurant before hopping into the car and driving to Tacheng National Park. Once we arrived at the park we hopped into the over sized golf buggy and made our way up the hill. Tacheng National Park is home to a reasonable sized population (approximately 360) of the Yunnan snub nosed monkey (sometimes called golden monkeys). The monkeys are endangered, as a result of habitat loss, with only about 1700 remaining in the wild. They live at altitudes above 3000m. After walking uphill for about 45 minutes we came across a group of about 16 monkeys who were probably wondering why so many humans were watching them eat the last of their breakfast, groom each other and play. Fortunately the monkeys were not brave ... read more
Yunnan snub nosed monkey, Tacheng National Park
Yunnan snub nosed monkey, Tacheng National Park
Yunnan snub nosed monkey, Tacheng National Park

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