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Asia » China » Shanghai March 14th 2018

Wir waren also zurück in Guilin, im gleichen Hotel und kalten Zimmer. Am Abend unternahmen wir einen langen Spaziergang in dieser Stadt der 2 Flüsse und 4 Seen. Die Seen mit beleuchteten Brücken und Türmen waren wirklich bezaubernd. Zu Nacht assen wir in einem chin. Pizza-Hut. Am nächsten Morgen besuchten wir den Elefantenrüssel-Berg-Park, bewältigten die 305 Stufen auf den Fubo-Berg und besuchten noch eine grosse Tropfsteinhöhle. Dann ging’s zum Flugplatz für den Flug nach Shanghai, wo wir gegen Mitternacht anlangten, zum Schlafen kamen wir aber erst gegen halb zwei ins Bett. Die Koffer aus Peking waren wirklich da! Am nächsten Morgen gab es zuerst wieder ein herzhaftes Frühstück im Hotel gleich neben der Shanghai Railway Station - ich liebe Reisnudelsuppe (mit Chili!) zum Zmorge! Dann bekamen wir einen kleinen Eindruck von Shanghai durch den Besuch des ... read more
Einer der Berge in Guilin - mit Pagode.
Der goldene Sonnen- und silberne  Mondturm im Shan-Lake in Guilin
Kristallbrücke im Shanlake in Guilin

Asia » China » Shanghai » Jing'an December 23rd 2017

Mon 18 December 2017 Depart Helsinki After breakfast we decided to walk to the Rock Church which was a block away from our hotel. After storing our cases in the lobby storage and adorning our snow clothes. It didn’t take us long to arrive at the Church which was literally built into the side of the hill. The pews were pine wood and the religious effects were modern. A baby in a manger was beautiful. The uneven rock walls were lit with purple lights and the roof was conical shaped made of strips of wood which were shaped into circles. We walked up the stairs to see the magnificent and very different view. It was impressive. Next, we went outside and climbed up the hill which was walking over the top of the church. Sheryl and ... read more
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai (22)
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai (14)
Yu Gardens Shanghai (21)

Asia » China » Shanghai October 28th 2017

Our flight from Chongqing to Shanghai arrived at 11:30. Barb experienced some ear problems while in flight and after landing discovered she was very dizzy. We got to the Baggage Claim but Barb was not feeling well at all and Bonnie had to do the bag grabbing as well as be nurse to her ailing sidekick. Everyone was concerned because Barb was "out of it" but managed to get on the bus, lay down on the back seat and close her eyes. We arrived at the restaurant and luckily there was a couch that Barb could recline on and try to get back to normal. After about an hours rest, while the others enjoyed their lunch, Barb was feeling some better. Back on the bus to the Shanghai Museum. Barb contemplated staying in the bus but ... read more
Show has been ongoing for 12 years!
Skyline from Shanghai Museum
The silk thread being made from the cocoons.

Asia » China » Shanghai October 5th 2017

5th Oct: Our first day in Shanghai was totally uneventful. We had taken the new super fast train from Beijing and it was really nice. My friend and I were impressed with it. I introduce my friend to one of my favourite restaurants, Gil Wonton, in the train station. I love the shrimp and pork wonton soup and the honey tofu stuff (at least that is what I think it is). My friend wasn't too impressed with it, but it did mean I got to eat her leftovers. We headed to the hostel and chilled there. I did some laundry and we sat in the cafe/bar. The cafe/bar was much nicer than the one in Beijing. There wasn't as big a selection of food and drink, but the surroundings were a lot nice. It was a ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 25th 2017

After almost two years on the road, the time had finally come; one last long-distance, overnight train journey. And from this experience, it had better be the last. For a country striving to be so far ahead, it is annoying in the extreme that they are so far behind with regard to smoking policy. Breathing in second-hand fumes makes it harder than it already is to get to sleep on moving transport. The train operator doesn't really help you either by leaving the lights on full blast and inconsiderate locals are never going to let the fact that people are trying to sleep stop them from having their loud conversations. The last hour of the ride seemed to take forever but once it was finally over, a queue to leave the station and then three manic ... read more
The Bund

Asia » China » Shanghai May 5th 2017

May 5, 2017 (Shanghai) After nearly 15 hours in perpetual daylight on China Eastern flight 588 we arrive in Shanghai. It is a shame to be here and only get to see the inside of the airport, but the layover is short...landing shortly after 7 PM and boarding at 8:30 for Chengdu. Smooth flight - all good other than the internet didn't work as suggested. A little reading, some writing, rewatched Argo and a short snooze - converting time zones. Head west younger old man...Chengdu or bust. 10:45 PM local time....A few hours later - Shanghai'd in Shanghai...long delays but finally boarding for Chengdu.... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai March 27th 2017

Geo: 31.23, 121.47Our last day before we head home. Just walked around downtown on a pedestrian friendly street. Lots of shopping. Had to stop for a cold drink and sit in a sunny spot. Nice way to end the trip. Today we enjoyed the best weather and clearest skies. We bring good weather when we travel. It was raining before we got to Shanghai.... read more
Night view from hotel
Just a wonder around day
No idea what they are lining up for.

Asia » China » Shanghai March 26th 2017

Geo: 31.23, 121.47We used a hop on hop off bus to check out Shanghai today. Saw lots of interesting buildings. We definitely prefer Shanghai to Beijing.... read more
One of many skyscrapers
Bridge across river
View from bridge

Asia » China » Shanghai March 25th 2017

Geo: 31.23, 121.47Off the ship and staying in Shanghai for a few days. Chinese immigration was as expected, slow. 8 agents to process a ship with 2100 people. Standing in lines is no fun. Almost saw a couple of fights in the line to get off the ship to wait in another line. Wasn't pretty. Finally cleared immigration. Our excursion with a city tour and hotel drop off left two hours late. Messed up the schedule badly but we still did it all. Tour started with lunch in a very old hotel that was famous for some signing of something. Hard to understand the guide sometimes. Our first stop was in a museum. Very interesting items from very old times. Some items were 5000+ years old. Next was a garden. To get there we walked through ... read more
Entrance to museum
Jade pieces
Wine vessel

Asia » China » Shanghai March 23rd 2017

Geo: 31.23, 121.47Nothing better to do at sea. Here is a collection of signs and other pictures from our trip.Got buzzed by the Chinese airforce too. Got to keep an eye on us.... read more
Need these everywhere
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