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Asia » China » Shanghai January 26th 2017

Big news, I'm not young is now twenty years that I've lived in Asia. Yes, this is nearly half of my life! It was first few weeks in Hong Kong, followed by four years in Saigon, three years back in Hong Kong, nearly 6 years in Shanghai...3 years in Bangkok. Oh, one year also in Buenos Aires...I know, not really Asia...followed by 6 months on the road, and another 3 years in Bangkok. My time as a resident in Asia is soon over, so here it is, a little round of "au revoir" to places that welcomed me...I still call these places home, where I will for ever not be a tourist! Little blog will be about Hong Kong. But I have no plan to do any blog about Saigon, I'm simply not used ... read more
Shanghai Museum
View from the Bund...
Sunset from our bed..I know!

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong December 15th 2016

Sizzling and Spectacular Shanghai – December, 2016 Mainland China has always beckoned to me, and even though I have visited Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan previously, I consider them to be just tasty appetizers compared to the dazzling entrées that China offers. When the Chinese government decided to expand their visa-free transit policy for a few specific locations back in January, it was a sign…..destiny was knocking on my travel door….Shanghai here I come! For anyone also considering Shanghai as a destination, this newly-expanded policy is a godsend, but of course there are restrictions which apply (isn’t there always a dark side?) Currently, travel to Shanghai is allowed for a layover of up to 144 hours (6 days in total, as the clock begins counting down at 12:01am the morning after airport arrival). The caveat here ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Jing'an December 14th 2016

I took the train to Shanghai around lunchtime. The train took about two hours and was comfortable. I alighted at Hongqiao station and took the subway a couple of stops to my hostel. I had picked this hostel as it was one of the cheapest I could find and was close to the subway. It was about a five minute walk from the subway. I got checked in and headed up to my room to drop off my bag. The hostel was a little weird as the ground floor was the hostel entrance and reception area, and then the next floor was some random business and then up to the next floor was the hostel. I was in an 8 bed or 10 bed dorm, there were already quite a few people chilling in there. I ... read more
Jing'an Temple
Jing'an Temple

Asia » China » Shanghai November 3rd 2016

Yes, I do like Shanghai! It's big, but very beautiful and vast. Today we got to experience the Shanghai Maglev Train... Why you ask do I travel all the way to China to ride their "lrt" when we have such a fine (😢) well because this train is magnetic and travels 30 kms in 7 minutes and 20 seconds!!! You could even feel anything!! We did a round trip! It travels at a speed of 431 kms! 🙀 Next it's China town in Shanghai! That was were you get the best bargins. Not that there is much to buy, except knick knacks and knock offs, but it was interesting! And a lot over-whelming for me! Total sensory overload. But I did as the rest do... Stand my ground and push and shove until I get to ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai November 2nd 2016

Another super busy day. I think that this tour was a bit over- ambitious in its activities. Early mornings and late nights and a lot of travelling in the last 4 days is taking a toll on me, and everyone else on the tour! The day started off well. I got to have oniom rings for breakfast. The hotel we stayed in last night, although nice, didn't have much selection for western styled breakfast. The Chinese seems to like meals at that time of the morning. Noodles, soup, big meats. Not my thing. But the coffee is good and strong! Before leaving the Hangzhou area, which is quite quaint, if you can call that size of a city quaint, we took a painted boat ride on the West Lake. Now that has such a romantic story ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai October 30th 2016

We arrived in Shanghai and to our hotel at midnight. Straight to bed. The travelling.... Ughhh😢 And I had no food. Or at least real food. Note to self, pack more snacks When on a tour! But what I saw driving from the airport to the hotel I know I will like. Unfortunately I won't get time to spend in Shanghai for a few days. Going to some outskirts areas first. Our tour guide here is awesome. Frank is his English name. The guys got quite a sense of humour! And he provides a wealth of knowledge. We left semi early today for Suzhou. Which is where our guide is from. He kept referring to it as a town... A town of 13 million people!!!! But I guess it's a town considering that Shanghai has 28 ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai October 1st 2016

Bon. On est déjà de retour à la maison depuis plusieurs jours!! J’aurais bien aimé vous raconter nos derniers jours en Chine avant aujourd’hui, mais on était trop occupés à en profiter, puis à faire nos bagages, à essayer de dormir ou à essayer de rester réveillés. Les deux derniers décrivent pas mal notre état depuis le début de la semaine! J’ai bien essayé de vous écrire de l’aéroport de Vancouver, mais c’était très confus et le mal de cœur de fatigue m’a pogné. Kessé tu veux. Je suis pas superwoman. Comment ça se fait qu’on est maganés de même!? C’est à cause de Mohammed. Ben oui. Au départ, il y a plusieurs mois, quand on a acheté nos billets d’avion, on devait avoir une escale à Vancouver de 2h30, ce qui nous laissait en masse ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 22nd 2016

Shanghai, c’est complet! On avait dit ça de Barcelone, et on dirait que c’est encore plus vrai pour Shanghai! Il y a de tout, ici. Des gros buildings modernes, des vieilles ruelles cutes, des grandes rues commerçantes et flashy, des maisons traditionnelles, des beaux jardins, des beaux parcs, la rivière, des villas de riches, des bons restaurants, de l’animation, des spectacle d’envergure, du transport efficace, un climat parfait pour voyager, pis ben du monde!! Quand on se demande coudon, on est tu encore en Chine, faut juste regarder le monde! Genre dans le métro à l’heure de pointe, hier soir, des foules et des foules de monde (tous les yeux fixés sur leur écran de cellulaire!!!). T’es mieux de suivre le trafic de monde dans le métro à l’heure de pointe parce que si t’as le ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 19th 2016

Jérôme est fou comme de la marde! On est à Shanghai, l’endroit qu’il avait le plus hâte de voir en Chine, et il n’est pas déçu (moi non plus!!!) Notre arrivée ne s’est pas fait sans embûche, mais il faut voir cette anecdote comme une leçon de vie… Notre plan, c’était de prendre le maglev (train super rapide qui va à 430 km h) entre l’aéroport et le centre-ville, puis soit prendre le métro ou un taxi pour la suite jusqu’à notre hôtel. Le train, c’était malade!!!!!!!!! Tout le monde prenait des photos de la vitesse qui était indiqué en haut des portes et ça a même applaudi à l’arrivée, on se serait cru dans un avion plein de Québécois qui atterrit dans le Sud!!! Jérôme était particulièrement fou comme de la marde. LOL. Bref, à ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 17th 2016

So I decided to take a week out for the mid-autumn festival to visit the city of shanghai, I flew there from Yantai which luckily only took an hour and a half and I was glad of that seeing as there was turbulence for the entire time. As a nervous flyer that wasn't fun. Found my hostel nice and easy this time yay! Lovely little place right in the center of shanghai however the beds let it down there is definitely a theme over here with bad mattresses this one had springs digging in your hips. I treated myself to full English most days of my holiday just because I could although it was of course the Chinese version of our beloved meal but it was good enough. I certainly did enjoy the use of the ... read more

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