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Lorri jukic

China! To see the pandas and all of its other beauty!

Asia » China » Shanghai November 3rd 2016

Yes, I do like Shanghai! It's big, but very beautiful and vast. Today we got to experience the Shanghai Maglev Train... Why you ask do I travel all the way to China to ride their "lrt" when we have such a fine (?) well because this train is magnetic and travels 30 kms in 7 minutes and 20 seconds!!! You could even feel anything!! We did a round trip! It travels at a speed of 431 kms! ? Next it's China town in Shanghai! That was were you get the best bargins. Not that there is much to buy, except knick knacks and knock offs, but it was interesting! And a lot over-whelming for me! Total sensory overload. But I did as the rest do... Stand my ground and push and shove until I get to ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai November 2nd 2016

Another super busy day. I think that this tour was a bit over- ambitious in its activities. Early mornings and late nights and a lot of travelling in the last 4 days is taking a toll on me, and everyone else on the tour! The day started off well. I got to have oniom rings for breakfast. The hotel we stayed in last night, although nice, didn't have much selection for western styled breakfast. The Chinese seems to like meals at that time of the morning. Noodles, soup, big meats. Not my thing. But the coffee is good and strong! Before leaving the Hangzhou area, which is quite quaint, if you can call that size of a city quaint, we took a painted boat ride on the West Lake. Now that has such a romantic story ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou November 1st 2016

Today was a bit more traveling... Surprise, surprise. I think moving every night is taking a toll. To much time sitting on a bus. And let me tell you, our tour guide today was annoying! She talked and talked and talked. I was very good in blocking out her voice until the last 20 minutes when I sslipped.... I just wanted off the bus so much! I felt like I was in a time share presentation for a city! Anyhow... Today we went to the pearl factory to learn about fresh water pearls and how they are harvested. That was pretty interesting. They opened a clam in front of us to see everything. This particular clam was only 2 years old, you can tell by the dark lines on its shell, like the age of a ... read more

Asia October 31st 2016

Today I am in Suzhou and Wuxi. we are staying the night in Wuxi. Pretty "town" of about 3 million! The weather is less than desirable. It is cold. Because we are on or near water it is very cold. So didn't dress appropriate today! Bright and early we went to what I imagine would be a beautiful scenic picture area, but honestly it was so cold and right on the water that it could have been avoided. Once we boarded the bus from Suzhou to head to Wuzi! We stopped at the Harley Davidson store. Which is odd as in the Shanghai area we were told motor bikes are illegal. Never-the-less Harley was brought in to cater the the rich who can ride the bikes in the country. just cannot in the cities. Next we ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai October 30th 2016

We arrived in Shanghai and to our hotel at midnight. Straight to bed. The travelling.... Ughhh? And I had no food. Or at least real food. Note to self, pack more snacks When on a tour! But what I saw driving from the airport to the hotel I know I will like. Unfortunately I won't get time to spend in Shanghai for a few days. Going to some outskirts areas first. Our tour guide here is awesome. Frank is his English name. The guys got quite a sense of humour! And he provides a wealth of knowledge. We left semi early today for Suzhou. Which is where our guide is from. He kept referring to it as a town... A town of 13 million people!!!! But I guess it's a town considering that Shanghai has 28 ... read more

Asia » China » Yangtze River October 30th 2016

Today after breakfast we visited the Three Gorges Dam. That damn dam! Very interesting and very protected! We had to go thru security, like airport security to see it. (pictures to come) Sadly today is a travelling day. After the dam visit we boarded the ship for our last hour or two to get us to Sandouping where we stopped for lunch and continued travelling on a bus to travel for 5 hours to get to an airport that would take us to Shanghai. The day was very, very, very long. China is a HUGE country with lots to see, but if you are thinking of going, study the map and see how far apart places are. Lots of time spent travelling. ? And going thru airports is painful... you cannot bring a lot of things ... read more

Asia » China » Yangtze River October 30th 2016

Day 2 on the boat. Didn't partake in any tours today as it was a rainy cold day. And let's face it, I was exhausted. It's been early days and late nights and I thought I'd take it easy and just enjoy the amenities on the boat. So after breakfast, I headed for a foot massage. Wow, fantastic. He worked from the tips of my toes to the tops of my thighs... And for a full hour! it was very hard to stay awake!! So people on my tour who had it done earlier said it was painful... But I really enjoyed it! I coulda stayed for another hour! I then walked around the ship. Not much to do. Everything is very rigid. breakfast, lunch and dinner at a specific time... No snacks ? Thank goodness ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Fengdu October 30th 2016

woke up very tired yet very excited for today! Today is the day I get to go to Feng Du Ghost City! which is also known as the "gateway to hell"! The history behind this place is very colourful and mystic! Although some aspects could be considered creepy, like upon entering you have good and evil statutes you pass that make a haunting sound. But at the same time, I found it very peaceful and serene. I totally could curl up with a blanket and a good book. I did make it across the bridge and wasnt pushed over by an evil spirit. Yay me!! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fengdu_Ghost_City Later in the day we visited another bogota. Very beautiful! I seem to be enthralled with all the structures here, but with also all the dogs roaming the streets. So ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing October 30th 2016

The last few days have been sketchy Internet. Haven't been able to post. Will try to keep up now... We flew to Chongqing today. Beautiful city!! Very hilly with lots of greenery. Reminds me of San Francisco. Very clean to with lots of people!! We headed to the Peoples Square, which is a park. That was amazing too. I could just hang out there all day and people watch. And speakong of people.... tons!!! I noticed kids that had slots in the back of their pants. My first thought was it ripped or they couldn't afford new pants. Then I noticed ed more and more. So I asked the tour guide about it and she said it's the old Chinese way of raising your kids. No diapers! Well that even Plains all the puddles when there ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing October 25th 2016

Nothing much to report back today. Without complaining much or using colourful language to describe my less than desirable travel agent.... She didnt book our domestic flights....l so this morning, bright and early headed to the airport only to dicsover her major error. We couldn't get a flight out to make the terracotta soldiers tour on time, so we have to stay in Beijing one more night And meet up with The tour group tomorrow. Oh yah did I mention that we were left abandoned at the Beijing airport, not knowing what the heck was going on. Our tour guide, nice lady, did what she could but had to leave with the 29 other people. Her parting words were " call this number in 10 minutes, they'll have it figured out". To which we said "how ... read more

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