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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 3rd 2019

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our Glories of China tour of 2019. The trip started off with a cancelled flight on Saturday night, arriving back home at 3am Sunday morning, back to airport for 3pm flight Sunday arvo. Into Hong Kong at 10pm and Cathay Pacific had arranged a brilliant hotel room, within the airport for the night. On our connecting flight to Shanghai at 7.30am Monday, arriving at 10am. Our tour guide, Grace had arranged for us to be picked up and although we missed the first part of Day 1, we were taken straight to our lunch venue, a magnificent floating restaurant on the Huangpu River. Our tour group is made up of Aussie's from Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle and of course Brisbane. We have another local guide, whose name is also Grace, so we have ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai November 25th 2018

Shanghai textiles and embroidery (gu broidery) is the most famous and broidery styles in Shanghai with about 500 years of history. Shanghai textiles and embroidery are widely used in drawn works, Mandren coat, painting products, carpet and artistic tapestry. Yuyuan Garden the best ancient garden in South east China. It has enjoyed history over 400 years since the first establishment by Pan Yuhuan who had intended to Bring Happiness and pleasure to his parents and relatives.... read more
Yuyuan garden 1
yuyuan garden 2
yuyuan garden 3

Asia » China » Shanghai November 23rd 2018

Spent the morning in Tokyo walking along with the locals on Thanks giving day. Many are celebrating but the streets were active with usual ad to day working sorts. Our 2 hour coach ride to the airport was smooth on this bright clear day, cleared security plane Eastern China Air was on time. Late by the time be arrived in Shanghai, cleared security and arrived at the lovely Courtyard Marriott hotel mid night. Off to tour the city this morning Shanghai Shang (High) Hai (above the seas) once an agricultural village spans over 1000's of years and closely parallels modern China. Developed during the qing dynasty (1644-1912) as one of Chinas most principal trading posts since the economic reforms of the early 1900's the city has burgeoned to become one of Asia's major financial centers and ... read more
The lobby in our tokyo hotel
Window washer

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong July 7th 2018

My flight from Seattle to Shanghai was three hours late, so I missed my first connection, Shanghai to Denpasar, Bali. It had been a long flight and my legs were really aching and I was a little rummy; you know...a little fuzzy headed. I Arrived in Shanghai and went to Immigration. Oops! By accident…I meant to go to Transit. From there things got a lot more interesting. You remember that time four years ago when I got punished in Beijing? Well…don’t mess with the rules, Folks. I was told to step off to the side. A few more officials arrived...lots of head shaking and talking. The gentleman holding my passport asked me if I had overstayed my transit visa four years ago? I answered yes, right up front. I still wasn't alarmed, but getting a little ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 15th 2018

After 8 days in China, I spent the last two in Shanghai, or more precisely, in a hotel in Shanghai, since I got food poisoning as soon as we arrived (i.e. had lunch). Luckily, we were there for two days only and I couldn't wait to get back home - when you're sick, all you want is your own bed, and bathroom. But, I managed to go to the 2nd tallest building in the world - luckily they have an elevator that takes you to 121st floor!... read more
Small ... not really
Huge city
Well done exhibition

Asia » China » Shanghai May 21st 2018

Shanghai with its 24 or so million inhabitants is a seamless melding of East and West and so I felt a sense of familiarity about the city when we first arrived. The three days we spent there were as busy as all the previous days had been. On Friday night we managed to catch up with our daughters and their friend who had arrived two days before us. We had dinner in the French Concession and opted for Wagyu steaks from Australia. That night it began to rain and the temperature dropped. The rain was to continue the next day at Adelaide Arena for the game. It was a little disappointing that the match on Saturday was played in the wet, but it did feel very much like going to the footy on a Saturday afternoon ... read more
Match day
Gardens of Shanghai
Classical Chinese garden

Asia » China » Shanghai May 17th 2018

Everything about Shanghai is amazing; well at least what we saw. On the way there our tour operator Anthony told us that Shanghai's population is 31 million - the highest population of any Chinese city and fifth in the world in terms of population - and since we have around 25 million in Australia our whole population pales into insignificance by comparison. Located in the Yangtze River Delta it has the world's busiest container port. It's also a global financial centre and, as Anthony told us, most Chinese aren't interested in politics but just want to make money! Making money was also on the minds of the British when they began illegally exporting opium, mainly from India, to China in the 18th century, a trade that grew dramatically from about 1820. The Opium Wars arose from ... read more
China Merchants Bank Building
The People's Monument in Huanghu Park
 The honeymooners & the Pudong district on the Eastern side of the Huangpu River

Asia » China » Shanghai April 1st 2018

First full day in Shanghai, our friends arrived safely after a delayed flight late last night. Today we had a full day tour visiting sites in and around Shanghai. Firstly the water village know as the Venice of the East where the people live along the canals and Asian gondolas ply their trade, still smoggy even though an hour or more out of Shanghai, lots of security as the expected locals to converge early. They were right, it be came quite crowded early afternoon. We went for a ride on a gondola up the canals then wandered the laneways filled with shops giving a market atmosphere. Some interesting food for sale, octopus on skewers, chicken feet on skewers just to name a few. The people watching was amazing, every shape and size of mankind. The guide ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai April 1st 2018

Early breakfast and off touring, our last day in Shanghai. We walked into old China town and admired the buildings and structures that have stood the test of time standing near row upon row of apartment buildings. Thousands of them that can cost the local people upwards of $ million! Average 2 bedroom one bathroom kitchen and living room. The past saw a one child policy and it must be a boy. These days families can have two children and they hope for girls because the boys family has to pay the deposit on the apartment of some $40000. Back to the hotel to pack, hmm first email, ship delayed by fog. Stay tuned! So with this news Cheryle and I headed to the markets for more crap shopping😉 Several more emails, ship's arrival delayed, don't ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Hongkou March 19th 2018

I took the subway, line 12, to Tilanqiao station. I came out of exit one, crossed the main road and headed left for about a minute or two. I could see a big sign pointing the way to the museum and I was pretty much on top of it. I bought my ticket at the ticket booth, 20 RMB for standard entry. There is another ticket for 45 RMB, which includes a coffee at the White House Tavern on one of the neighbouring streets, but seeing as I had recently just imbibed one, I didn't really fancy another. The ticket booth is just across from the entrance, so after getting my ticket I headed in. The museum is housed in the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue, which was established in 1907 and moved to the present location ... read more
Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

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