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Welcome to our travel blogs! These blogs are written to share our experiences travelling around the world to friends, family and blog readers from around the world. Take your time and have a good read! We've split the blogs into the following trips:

India (2008) - A month long trip from north to south travelling to Shimla, Delhi, Agra, Pushkar, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala.

South America (2009) - A month long trip to Peru and Bolivia visiting Lima, Arequipa, Puno, La Paz, Custco and Puerto Maldonado.

South Korea (2010-2011) - A year teaching as a Native English Teacher in Boeun at the heart of South Korea.

Japan (2011) - A two week holiday to Japan visiting Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, Hakuba, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

The Philippines (2011) - A week long summer break to the beautiful island of Siargao in The Philippines.

Central America (2012) - A three month voyage through Central America starting and ending in Panama. Join us as we ventured up through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras before looping back around via Guatemala, El Salvador and the countries that we'd previously visited!

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu August 26th 2019

Dear Blog Readers, The people have spoken and both readers have commented on the lack of toilet thus far. I was going to save it for the the stomach issues faced in Guilin (spoiler alert) but I'll comment on thoughts so far on the bog front. In general, very impressive facilities - numerously scattered about the towns, especially in Beijing, where the houses in the hutongs rarely have their own toilet so the public ones are used. Often clean and we must have experienced some shockers as sometimes it was the locals that were disgusted with the facilities rather than ourselves! You must bring toilet paper - it's a luxury if there is some provided (often at the entrance rather than in the cubicle. Talking of cubicles, it wasn't uncommon for there not to be door, ... read more
Pandas chilling out after some breakfast
Trying a 'mild' hotpot
Chairman Mao overlooking Starbucks & KFC

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 24th 2019

Dear Blog Readers, The first sleeper train was a pretty restless night for me with the cough keeping me tossing and turning. Laura slept well and we woke up to the biggest city in the Shaanxi province, Xi'an. Having got out of the train station, the queue for the taxi rank was huge and we didn't really have a clue where we were going. A few locals guided us to the nearest metro station which was a good 20 minute walk away. Once there, the ticket machine we were using did have an English translation option...but seemed to only translate the word for 'Line' into Line 1-4 but not the station names. We'd downloaded an app called Amap before we came out because Google Maps doesn't work so relied on some screenshots of the hostel to ... read more
The Tandem is back!
Drum Tower lit up at night with fountain displays
Terracotta Warriors in Pit 1

Asia » China » Beijing August 21st 2019

Dear Blog Readers, Back to toilet reading business! 3 weeks exploring the wonderful sights and sounds of China await. Untypical of us, we have squeezed in the tightest itinerary we could fathom and our first two stops are Beijing and Xi'an. But first...a bit of life admin to cover off first for those thinking of travelling to China! Firstly, for us in the UK and most countries around the world you're going to need to get a visa before going to China. This can be done initially online (https://bio.visaforchina.org/LON2_EN/) where you complete the extensive application form (it'll take a good hour). You'll also need to have booked everything in advance as you need to prove this at the face-to-face appointment. We managed to get flights for £450 with the luxury Ukrainian Airlines and did all our ... read more
Drum Tower Performance
Mutianyu Great Wall of China
Llama Temple Incense

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 13th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, It’s been an uncomfortably long time without a blog, and an uncomfortably low number of requests for an update. However, perseverance is the secret to all triumphs so settle in for a whistle-stop tour of a wonderful summer in Vienna! The sweltering heat of Japan and Korea acclimatized us well for the summer heat of central Europe. On one of my wanders around Oberdobling, I stumbled across the beautiful Turkenshanz Park which is worth a trip out of the city centre to see. It has a fantastic lake with huge fountains and an old lookout post in the centre. Sky now has exclusivity of the Austrian Bundesliga football, so we were treated to go and see the opening game of the season – Austria Vienna vs Innsbruck. Prior to the game, we stopped ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongbuk-do July 14th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, Our new-found sumo wrestling knowledge made the footage of the latest Grand Sumo on the ferry back to Korea much more interesting! Once shored in Busan, we headed straight to the station and picked up our suitcases from the luggage storage there – highly recommended to save lugging around everything and only about £5 a day. It was the return of trying to find something that we wanted as we fancied getting some of our favourite Chinese food in Korea – jajamyeong and tansuyuk! It took about half an hour to find a restaurant in downtown Busan…I swear there is normally one every other restaurant! The food was superb and worth the find! We had a nice wander around the city in the evening and Laura found a place to buy some trainer-socks ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto July 9th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, Leaving Hakone was a breeze considering what we’d been through trying to get out of Tokyo a couple of days before. To catch our bullet train, we needed to get the rush hour subway at 7:30am to the central station. Ladened with our bags and suitcases, we started queuing for the next train. My only prior horrendous rush hour commuting experience was waiting for 6 tubes at Waterloo and City before being packed into the carriage. I guess we were probably about the same distance from the train this time around…however, once the doors opened, the scramble to get inside began. Once the doors started to close, a guard suddenly appeared, arms flung wide, he proceeded to physically heave another 10 people, us included, onto the coach. Packed like sardines doesn’t do it ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 5th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, A part of our soul was left in Seoul eight years ago when our amazing year teaching English in Boeun came to an end. We managed to come back about four years ago and the heartstrings of South-East Asia pulled us back for a wonderful couple of weeks spending time in both Japan and Korea. Given we only booked the flights a couple of months ago, we managed to get returns from Heathrow to Korea for £555 with Qatar. Setting off from Vienna back to London for a night followed by a short stop in Doha en route and we were soon touching down in Incheon at about midnight. Given how everything in Korea seems to be open 24 hours a day, we have always found it odd that the one place which ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 29th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, Has a month gone by so quickly? I'm making a habit of writing these blogs on flights back to Blighty...this time making the mistake of booking the flight exactly as the England (B Team) kick off against the Belgians. The pilot has yet to provide an update other than the flight time and the weather expected at Heathrow...disappointing. So where do we pick this up from? We had a marvellous week away in Trisant with Rob and Meg. The highlight being an expertly caught fish on the infamously difficult Glandwgan lake...which involved me holding the rod between my legs as I took my jacket off in the sunshine to suddenly see the tip of it shaking vigorously. It was also cracking to see our regular 'neighbours' on holiday, expert angler Adrian and his ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 25th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, Nearly two months have passed as I sit on my first flight back to Blighty since moving to Vienna. No, I haven't had enough already - it is our annual trout fishing holiday to Wales coming up with Rob & Meg...only problem is I've left my new holiday hat back at the airport (it was replacing the infamous Panama hat bought in Panama and made in China). Enough of going back to England, let's talk about Austria! An opportunity came up at work to go on secondment to the commercial finance team in Vienna for Sky Austria. At the end of March, a whirlwind month went by where we bought and moved into a new flat before I was whisked away and moved into a serviced apartment on the outskirts of the city ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 10th 2017

Dear Blog Readers, I knew three things about Iceland before visiting: 1. It's bloody expensive 2. It has an unpronounceable volcano that exploded in 2010 meaning we 'annoyingly' had to extend our stay in the south of France by two weeks on holiday 3. Their football team puts ours to shame So I suppose it was time to find out more about this place. The flights were cheap (£200 for both of us) but forgot about getting a checked bag included...there gone £50. Number 1 above already coming to fruition. We landed in Keflavik just before midnight and found our hire car place (Green Motion) and soon settled into our Ford Fiesta which would become our second home for the next few days. Just outside the capital city, Reykjavik, sat our hotel (Kieunes) which we managed ... read more

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