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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 29th 2018

Chongqing the leading river port, transportation hub and commercial and Industrial center of the upper Yangtze river ( Chang jiang) basin, located 1400 miles from the sea, at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. During the Sino Japanese war (1937-45) it was the capitol of Nationalist China. The city named Chongqing ( double blessed) in 1189 under song dynasty (1127-1279). At that time the city occupied a commanding position between Shunging and Pengshui. Chongqing since 1997 a municipal level under the direct administration of the central government , the fourth one after Beijing, shabghai and Tianjin. Both the city and the municipality have experienced quick development since then. The city is 82 square Km's population 29 Million. The climate is shielded from the Northern Cold with no less than 8 deg in winter but ... read more
Great hall
The city
Skyline chongging

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 28th 2018

Shibaozhal "Precious stone Fortress" is a hill along the banks of the Yangtze river in Zhong county, Chongging. The rocky and craggy hill has extremely steep sides and is about 200 meters tall. on the river side of the hill is a red pavilion which leans against the side of the hill providing a walkway to the temple at the top of the hill. In the year 1819, the 9 story pavilion was constructed adjacent to the cliff aid people in getting to the top of the hill. Prior to the construction of the Pavilion, visitors to the temple were hoisted to the top using a system of chains. In 1956, three more stories were added at the top of the structure. On the top of the Pagoda is a Buddhist temple. We are at sail ... read more
pagoda 1
pagoda 2
pagoda 3

Asia » China » Chongqing » Wushan November 27th 2018

We travelled the night North on the Yangtze river smooth and peaceful. By day break we were still moving to arrive and anchor at the south bank of the Yangtze river where the Goddness stream with its source amoung gouandu strict of Wushah county in Chongging city flows into the Yangtze river at Qinnyshi town on the opposite at Goddness Peak of Wugorge it is 15319 km long. The locals who once lived on the shores of the stream have been relocated to high in the cliffs with the river now at a level of 100 meters deep since the development of the Dam. White emperor city of Chonging was restored during the mingging dynasty. Architecture and structure in the Baldi temple is one of the fines ancient design.... read more
Baldi temple White emperor city
Old architecture White emperor city
arriving early morning Chongching

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 7th 2018

Die Zeit seit dem letzten Bericht war getrübt durch das Wetter und Leiden. Doch der Reihe nach: Unsere erste Zugfahrt in China mit dem HRC-Zug verlief problemlos, es gibt nur 1 Wagenklasse mit total 5 Sitzen pro Reihe, die Abteile für das Gepäck sind etwas knapp, aber der Zug fährt auch bei 300 km/h schön ruhig. In Chongqing - der grössten Stadt der Welt mit 39 Mio Einwohnern - wurden wir abgeholt für eine Besichtigung der Altstadt am Hügel und eines Parkes mit schöner Aussicht auf den einen Fluss und die Stadt (sie liegt am Zusammenfluss des Yangtse und des Nebenflusses von min. Rhein - Grösse). Wetter: tiefer Hochnebel - wie an 200 Tagen im Jahr! Vor dem Einschiffen auf der Victoria Selina gab es noch einen Bummel im hochmodernen Stadtzentrum. Das Schiff lief dann um ... read more
In der Altstadt von Chongqing
Strassenküche in Chongqing
Fussgängerzone im neuen Chongqing, mit der Säule zur Erinnerung an die Gefallenen in der Zeit der Republik

Asia » China » Chongqing October 26th 2017

Thursday morning we disembarked from our ship, the Yangtze 3, at 8:30 AM. We were up about 6:15, down to breakfast and ready to leave with plenty time. The view we had as we opened the curtains was unbelievable. The river is very busy and there are multiple cruise boats and others moored along the shore. We were tied up under a huge bridge that has a road on the top and a subway line underneath. I thought we were near an airport from the sound but it was only the subway rumbling by every few minutes. It is foggy and all you can see is tall skyscraper buildings, some look quite new, others older, and some in stages of building. They say the bird of Chongqing is the construction crane. They are everywhere. We have ... read more
Entering the Chongqing Zoo.
The pandas.
Panda eating bamboo

Asia » China » Chongqing October 25th 2017

On Tuesday we continued our trip down the Yangtze River. Again up early in the morning, breakfast, and out on an excursion. I wish the excursions were later because it means an early rise and then a long afternoon to find things to do, not that we need a lot to do as we should be thankful for a few hours with nothing to do but relax. Our excursion today was to Goddess Stream which is a tributary of the Yangtze. We travelled by boats, which held about 30 people, through the deep gorges mostly covered with vegetation. At the half way point we got off the boats and were entertained by local musicians and dancers. Back to the ship by 11:30 and then our ship, Yangtze Gold 3, began its voyage through the Wu Gorge, ... read more
Heading into the Gorge
Steep shoreline
Many barges and cruise ships on the Yangtze

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing April 14th 2017

Another alarming fact we read before we left for China was about unreliable air travel. In fact many guide books recommend getting the train over flying, but for budget travellers you have to go with the cheapest option and this meant braving a flight from Beijing to Chongqing. Having read the horror stories we decided it would be best to overnight in Chongqing before picking up a Yangtze River Cruise, just in case our fight was delayed or worst still, cancelled. Of course our flight was fine so we found ourselves with 24 hours to kill in Chongqing. After four days of running around Beijing it was lovely to find ourselves in a city without a massive hit list of sights to see. After arriving at our hotel we had a wander out to get some ... read more
Dilapidated Residential High Rises
People's Liberation Monument
Bright lights

Asia » China » Chongqing October 30th 2016

The last few days have been sketchy Internet. Haven't been able to post. Will try to keep up now... We flew to Chongqing today. Beautiful city!! Very hilly with lots of greenery. Reminds me of San Francisco. Very clean to with lots of people!! We headed to the Peoples Square, which is a park. That was amazing too. I could just hang out there all day and people watch. And speakong of people.... tons!!! I noticed kids that had slots in the back of their pants. My first thought was it ripped or they couldn't afford new pants. Then I noticed ed more and more. So I asked the tour guide about it and she said it's the old Chinese way of raising your kids. No diapers! Well that even Plains all the puddles when there ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Fengdu October 30th 2016

woke up very tired yet very excited for today! Today is the day I get to go to Feng Du Ghost City! which is also known as the "gateway to hell"! The history behind this place is very colourful and mystic! Although some aspects could be considered creepy, like upon entering you have good and evil statutes you pass that make a haunting sound. But at the same time, I found it very peaceful and serene. I totally could curl up with a blanket and a good book. I did make it across the bridge and wasnt pushed over by an evil spirit. Yay me!! Later in the day we visited another bogota. Very beautiful! I seem to be enthralled with all the structures here, but with also all the dogs roaming the streets. So ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing March 24th 2016

Ich war jetzt eine ganze Zeit lang krank und hatte gerade Besuch von meinen werten Eltern, die einen Eindruck von meiner Situation in diesem wunderschönen Land erlangen wollten. Das habe ich natürlich versucht bestmöglich umzusetzen. Deshalb werde ich diesen Bericht ein wenig kürzen müssen, aber das Wichtigste natürlich ausführlich drin behalten. Ich habe schließlich einiges aufzuholen. Deshalb geht es jetzt auch sofort los. Wie ich berichtet hatte ging es am nächsten Morgen, dem elften Februar, recht früh los, aber auch nur weil wir noch gut eine Stunde gebraucht haben, bis wir da waren, wo wir hin wollten. Und wir wollten auf einen Berg klettern, der in der Stadt liegt. Es war dann eher ein Bergzug, aber der lag trotzdem in der Stadt, eine Stunde haben wir trotzdem gebraucht. Um zehn sind wir dann losgewandert und ich ... read more
Im Schatten der Pagode

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