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November 29th 2018
Published: November 30th 2018
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Chongqing the leading river port, transportation hub and commercial and Industrial center of the upper Yangtze river ( Chang jiang) basin, located 1400 miles from the sea, at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. During the Sino Japanese war (1937-45) it was the capitol of Nationalist China. The city named Chongqing ( double blessed) in 1189 under song dynasty (1127-1279). At that time the city occupied a commanding position between Shunging and Pengshui.

Chongqing since 1997 a municipal level under the direct administration of the central government , the fourth one after Beijing, shabghai and Tianjin. Both the city and the municipality have experienced quick development since then. The city is 82 square Km's population 29 Million.

The climate is shielded from the Northern Cold with no less than 8 deg in winter but upwards of 50 deg in summer. Average annual rain 50 inches. Because of high humidity and fog the city nickname (fog Capitol) The aptness of this name more or less explains under todays contaminated by soot, carbon dioxide and acid rain.

Special Fair well from the manager Steven. He took us all to the command bridge.

Visited the General Joseph Stilwell Museum, situated in Yucheng Chongging , it occupies 1.2 acres. It was founded in memory of Joseph Stilwell (1883-1946). An American general who contributed a great deal to Chinese people. In 1942 during the war, General Stilwell acted under orders to come to ·Chongqing. He worked as chief of staff theater command in chief of the American Army. The Chinese worked side by side and built a road between India and china. He was the successor in accomplishing the surrender of the Japanese.

Visited Peoples square ( a fancy buried city) a place were the locals just Hang out, exercise , play or visit and the three gorges dam museum unfolding artifacts found while developing.

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