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October 25th 2017
Published: October 26th 2017
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On Tuesday we continued our trip down the Yangtze River. Again up early in the morning, breakfast, and out on an excursion. I wish the excursions were later because it means an early rise and then a long afternoon to find things to do, not that we need a lot to do as we should be thankful for a few hours with nothing to do but relax.

Our excursion today was to Goddess Stream which is a tributary of the Yangtze. We travelled by boats, which held about 30 people, through the deep gorges mostly covered with vegetation. At the half way point we got off the boats and were entertained by local musicians and dancers. Back to the ship by 11:30 and then our ship, Yangtze Gold 3, began its voyage through the Wu Gorge, one of the most beautiful gorges. The sun came out and that made for a more spectacular vision.

After lunch we sat in the bar at the front of the ship and watched the world go by. There are many barges and container ships traveling along the Yangtze.

Tonight the crew entertain the passengers so after dinner we went up to the large meeting room where activities are held for large groups. There are around 400 passengers on this ship plus 160 crew members. We watched the show for awhile and retired to our cabin and were fast asleep by 10:30 or so. Bonnie is fighting a cold and Barb may be developing one, so we need our sleep.

Wednesday morning was another early rise as our excursion left at 8:15. We walked off the ship across a floating dock and were in a town that is one of the towns that was built for the displaced people. The street to our destination, the Red Pagoda, was lined with street vendors selling the same things- chopsticks, silk scarves, silk pajamas, embroidered pictures and purses, etc. etc. The day was cloudy and muggy. Barb opted not to climb the 100 steep sets and go back and browse through the shops while Bonnie did the climb. We were back on the ship by 10:30 and had a relaxing afternoon preparing for the "formal" dinner which was the Captains Farewell Dinner. This dinner is not going to be buffet but served at the table. We will attend the show this evening but have to have our checked luggage out in the hall by 10:00 pm so we will be gathering everything up for our departure from the ship at 8:30 in the morning.

Just a few thoughts on the cruise. I would say we have enjoyed the food on the cruise better than the meals we had along the way. There was more western food and especially the breakfasts had everything you would want. One negative for this cruise versus an ocean going cruise is that food is only available at mealtimes. Anything you want in between you must buy, such as coffee, other drinks, and snacks. No ice cream station or pizza stop like on the big cruise ships. The service by the crew is excellent. The rooms are clean and comfortable IMO but I have heard some complaints that the beds are hard. We are enjoying our beds. There are shipboard shops that cruisers like to browse through but not nearly as many as on a big cruise ship.

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Back from our excursionBack from our excursion
Back from our excursion

We headed up to the top deck to watch the scenery pass by and listen to a commentary
Changing sceneryChanging scenery
Changing scenery

The scenery as we travelled up the Yangtze changed from city, to small villages, to nothing but the odd house or nothing but trees and rock.
The Red PagodaThe Red Pagoda
The Red Pagoda

Barb opted not to climb to the top of the pagoda but Bonnie did.
The wife of the God of JadeThe wife of the God of Jade
The wife of the God of Jade

This is the Goddess of Heaven. If you pray to her you will find your life partner. Bonnie did but has not found her"sum young guy" but there still is time!

With all the advancement we have seen in China , it was unbelievable to see women washing clothes in the Yangtze River. Apparently it is their way of saving electricity.

I have been looking for knock off watches and handbags but have seen none. This market had all the same stuff that is sold in China- silk(?) scarves, embroidered pictures, silk robes, and souvenirs of all kind.

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