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Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen May 7th 2018

We've finally made it to the People's Republic of China! Leaving Sydney on 27 April around 10.30am, nine and a half hours later we landed in Guangzhou (where Seb's dad came from) and where we transferred to a shorter domestic flight to Beijing. Getting through Chinese Customs at Guangzhou proved to be quite easy so once we'd landed in Beijing, after collecting our bags, we walked out to be welcomed by a sea of faces amongst them representatives from TravelAsia, the agency we'd booked our holiday with. It was there we also discovered which passengers - who'd been on the same plane with us - were now to be part of the same tour as us. Then it was on to a bus to be driven, for about an hour, to our hotel - the Park ... read more
Two of the Olympic mascots
Michelle with another of the mascots
The Birds Nest AKA the main Olympic Stadium

Asia » China » Beijing April 8th 2018

Yesterday was a day to remember, we saw, we climbed (well Tony climbed) the Great Wall of China covered in snow, it is a majestic place that just makes you feel so insignificant. The history is palatable, if these walls could talk! The locals call it a cemetery because of all the men that died building it and fighting on it to protect China from the invading mongols to mention but one. It is so ancient it is crumbling in parts and steadfast in others, truly one of the wonders of the world. Many parts are covered in blossoms, mainly peach blossoms but just so picturesque. All the photos I have seen do not do it justice and to see it covered in snow was special as it has not snowed here for many many years. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing April 7th 2018

We are currently docked in Beijing for three days, giving us plenty of time to explore this amazing city and general area. I think the population of this one city is more than double that of Australian, people everywhere and for the most part very polite and accommodating gentle people. Our first day here we took the tour into the city about a 3 hour drive from the port, this allowed us to see lots of the countryside, many many many high rise apartments to accommodate their growing population. The guide told us that the one child policy was relaxed sometime ago because there would be no young people to work in the industry to ensure growth in the economy, and only this week it was announced that families can now have three children, I have ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing February 24th 2018

Ich versuche, über unsere ersten Tage in China zu berichten - allerdings ist unsicher, ob ich Bilder hochladen kann. Bei WhatsApp funktioniert es nicht, Google und viele andere Websites sind gesperrt. Unsere 4 Koffer Wogen zusammen 86 kg (ohne die Rucksäcke), was akzeptiert wurde, auch wenn der grosse Koffer 28 kg wog. Am Flugplatz in Beijing wurden wir von der Führerin Frau Li erwartet und vom Chauffeur - hier müssen wir gar nichts mehr organisieren und denken, wir werden rundum betreut! Am 1. Abend gingen wir von unserem historischen Hotel (1918!) zu Fuss in ein Theater und genossen 1 gute Stunde lang 3 Stücke Peking-Oper. Sehr schön anzusehen, alte chinesische Musik und auch Tanz - der Gesang und auch die Sprechtexte (sehr hohe Stimmlage) sind allerdings sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Am 20.2. besichtigten wir zuerst das Yonghe Lamakloster, ... read more
im Kaffee des 100-jährigen Hotels Dong Fang in Beijing
Der Darsteller des Feldherrn beim Schminken
Peking-Oper: der Feldherr und seine Frau

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 24th 2018

Hello Family and Friends, It's 2018! We are heading to China. Wishing for a free summer travel adventure? Travel to China with Global Link China June 2018. We promise fun learning. Some of you may remember, I lived in China with my then 10 year old son who today at 22 years old is a Mandarin speaker translating and guiding our trips. Here's his message: Join us on this once in a life time opportunity to travel abroad. Sign up here - Look back at our journey and join us on our new adventure 2018. Look at how it changed our lives. Read the director's interview by Asian Focus: read more
Forbidden City
Students at Silk Market

Asia » China » Beijing » Changping January 11th 2018

It's been almost five months since my arrival here and I've just realized I haven't written a blog since September. One of the reasons why I haven't bothered to write one for so long is that not much has really happened. I haven't been out base jumping or learnt how to fence. I haven't really learned any useful Mandarin. I still don't know how to poach an egg. I've only left the city limits of Beijing once since my last blog. I haven't made any Chinese friends. I haven't been shot out of a cannon wearing a red lycra jumpsuit with lemon piping. In fact I haven't taken up any exotic or dangerous hobbies at all. I haven't really changed one iota... in fact the only thing that has really changed is my bank balance (upwards, ... read more
CCTV Tower
Big Coat Time
School firedrill, complete with smokebombs for realism

Asia » China » Beijing October 21st 2017

On Thursday night we flew from Beijing to Xi'an a city of 10 million. We arrived at our Holiday Inn hotel at 11 PM. We were very tired ! The next morning we were up and on the bus at 9 AM . First stop was the Jade Factory. We are not really interested in jade but it was interesting to see the carvers create the beautiful figurines. We were ushered into a huge showroom with all kinds of jewellery made from jade. We abstained. Next stop was the Terra Cotta Warrior factory where replicas of the warriors are made for tourists who want to have one in their backyard. LOL! Also for sale was everything a tourist might want to buy such as silk scarves, kimonos, and lacquered furniture. Our lunch was a buffet upstairs ... read more
Terra Cotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Warriors

Asia » China » Beijing October 19th 2017

Hoping to post some catch up pictures today.... read more
Beautiful basket for National Day
Pushing the lady with broken foot.
Construction Site

Asia » China » Beijing October 17th 2017

Our first full day in China was a wonderful learning experience! We were up and out for breakfast at 7 AM. Our breakfast here is a buffet with many options both Chinese and Western food. Of course I brought my bran so I took my container and first stop was to get milk. It is quite difficult with the language and writing barrier, very few people in this hotel speak English. I found a dispenser that appeared to be milk and poured it in my bowl and headed for the table . Yuck! What I had put on my bran was a sweet yogurt drink! Awful! Not able to waste my precious bran I had to suffer through it and hopefully I will reap the benefits! Bonnie enjoyed her breakfast with lots of fruits, hard boiled ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing October 16th 2017

Well it is 11:01 PM on Monday night and we still have not had any sleep. Amazing! We were dropped at the Toronto Airport at 11:50 Sunday morning and it took about an hour for us to get checked in and head through security and have a bite to eat before starting to board at 2:05. The plane was a 777-300 with 400 passengers. The total length of the trip from TO to Beijing was 11218 km. Not a short jaunt! We were treated well by the crew. We were served a delicious dinner about 4:45 which included two choices and wine, beer or other liquor, all complimentary. Needless to say we were surprised and pleased. About 8 we tried to settle down to sleep but neither of us were very successful but did close our ... read more

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