Photos from Beijing, China, Asia

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The beautiful Inside of the Temple of Heaven
Summer Palace
The Marble Boat
Tower of Buddhist Incense
Zhengjue Temple
Beautiful arched bridge
A snake making its way through the forest
Are we crazy?
Breath taking views
After all these years and still standing
The huge complex of the forbidden city
Crowded bridge at the summer palace
Beautiful river
The forbidden city
Posing in front of the vase of flowers
Lotus shaped candles at Fayuan Temple
Responding to the lunch gong at Fayuan Temple
The Trans Mongolian crossing the Gobi desert
Great Wall - where is everyone?
Peaking in
China's Great Wall
The initial section of the wall has been restored to original condition, but the condition of the wall deteriorates towards its natural state as it approaches Simatai.
I was obviously more excited than Becky
always excited!
ca vous rappelle de bons souvenirs mes chers parents?!
une belle journee comme toujours sur la Muraille
The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is 10.5 km long
This section of the wall is connected with the Simatai section to the east.
sunny day over the Great Wall
Jin Shan Ling
going up and down
inside one of the many watchtowers
The Great Wall at Jin Shan Ling
This is my fourth time on the Wall
Good morning Great Wall!
Voici JinShanLing, a 3 heures de Pekin
early on the Wall
The REAL Chinese Food
The REAL Chinese Food
The Summer Palace
The Summer Palace
The Summer Palace
Imperial Vault of Heaven
so bright and colourful
shopping centre display
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