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Asia » China » Beijing October 14th 2018

I missed sending a blog yesterday because I was too tired at the end of a long day of travel and there wasn’t a whole to say anyway. In short, I flew from Kyoto, Japan to Beijing, China. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Air China, but it turned out to be pretty nice, including large and comfy seating. My hotel is downtown and fairly near the tourist sights, so today I set out to see the Forbidden City, the palace complex of the Chinese emperors for more than 500 years. The grounds are huge and well-maintained and 16 million people visit every year. If today is any indication, the vast majority of those visitors are Chinese. (I think I only saw 25 Westerners all day today.) I took a photo of myself in front ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing October 12th 2018

Hello! I've now passed the 2 week mark, and can say that Beijing is beginning to feel a lot more like home. This has also been my first “normal” week with the family and it's gone really well! The times I spend helping the boys with their English homework are becoming more productive and enjoyable whilst play time is always good fun. At the weekend I accompanied Tyler to one of his external English classes, which was an interesting (and long!) experience. I'm consistently impressed by how much study these 2 boys aged 6 and 8 have to do although if I'm honest it does seem a bit much. Tyler won't finish his homework until gone 10 a lot of nights which is hard to justify in my mind. Chinese culture definitely values education let's say ... read more
Beijing Gate
GW group photo

Asia » China » Beijing October 5th 2018

Right. Hello! Hope you are all doing well. I have officially been in Beijing for 10 days. Wow. To be honest it feels like quite a bit more than that - probably because of all I’ve tried to pack into this week! The family left for Mongolia early on Monday morning, so I’ve had the house to myself since then, but can’t say I’ve actually spent much time there. In fact, every day this week I’ve been out exploring Beijing with the other au pairs, which has really given me a taste of what this huge city is like. The subway is super easy to use because everything is in English too, and even better - it’s really really cheap. I’m even getting the hang of the buses to and from the station which cost a ... read more
Park Temple
Small park lake

Asia » China » Beijing September 29th 2018

29th Sept: Well, a three hour flight delay meant I arrived in Beijing quite a bit later than I had intended. It didn't take me too longto get to my hostel by subway and after getting slightly lost, I managed to find it. I had stayed in this hostel 12 years ago when I first visited China, so it was a nice trip down memory lane. The hostel and the neighbourhood hadn't changed too much. After some umming and ahhing, I decided to stick to my original plan for the day, which was to visit Beihai Park. It took me about half an hour to walk to the park from where I was staying and the sun was already starting to dip as I headed on my way. The park's entrance fee was 30 RMB and ... read more
Beihai Park
Beihai Park
Beihai Park

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district September 28th 2018

NiHao! Greetings to you all from here in Beijing :) I literally just wrote more than 700 words but the internet failed and I lost all of it. Save your work kids. So that’s my internet situation. Yay. Thankfully though that’s really the only thing to complain about The flight was really smooth. Long and pretty sleepless, but smooth and my suitcase arrived perfectly so that was great. I was met at the airport by a member of Aupairia (the agency) staff and taken to their office before eventually getting to a hotel for the night. All the Aupairia staff are so lovely and friendly. Wanting to help out everywhere and their door is always open to go and have lunch with them - a lot of au pairs do! I was totally exhausted, so it ... read more
Calligraphy class

Asia » China » Beijing August 7th 2018

Our last day in Mongolia was a quiet one. We had time in the morning for a leisurely breakfast and then a chance to repack our suitcases. We checked out at 11-30 then left our luggage in storage while we were taken to the Mongolian National Museum. Here we were shown through ten rooms which cover the span of Mongolian history from Paeleolithic times to the modern day. Tonga talked us through each of the rooms, elaborating on aspects of the exhibits including one about Chinggis Khan. The Soviet era and the coming of democracy in the early 1990 swere also very interesting. I was fascinated, as my knowledge of this area of history was very sketchy so this was enlightening. We returned to the hotel for lunch and then, on our way to the airport, ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing July 14th 2018

CHINESE MASSAGE...healing the inner Chi. She sidles up and strokes my cheek...from Inner Beijing to work...reminiscing she had had another Aussie boyfriend sometime before. My mate sidling up and whispering in my ear, "Be careful". But I whisk him away 'cause I don't object to the attention...her hand gently stroking my cheek. When he later returns advising there are pictures in the toilets of what they are prepared to do to us...I advise her I am bound to another...departing into the white blizzards of the night...the other girls eyeing us as opportunities taking flight. Our next stop is a nightclub where one pretty girl for each of the four of us...dice games...if you lose you buy her a drink as well as yourself. Her way of surviving in the city...her way of making a buck. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District June 24th 2018

Looking forward to our trip, with Lyn and Steve Weber and Mark Oberegger, Mark has not been to Beijing so planned to have a couple of days there, we were only going to have three days in Beijing and catch the Trans Siberian Train taking 24 hours, but this was not to be! Booked the train with a company in Beijing and they notified us that because the World Cup is in Moscow we were not guaranteed seats until three days before departure......because people going all the way to Moscow would get priority and we would be bumped hence the extra day in Beijing and are now flying up to Ulaanbaatar. Hot and humid here in Beijing, flight delayed by one hour and a half, so ended up getting to hotel around 2am Melbourne time ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Chaoyang Park June 16th 2018

This is the second day of hazy and heavy particulate weather. I think you get my meaning. For the previous two weeks the weather has been pretty excellent if not for some days being to warm. For the first week of June Charles Ramble lectured everyday at the Minzu University. I was unfortuneatly only able to attend three of the lectures which were excellent. It is auction season in Beijing with lots of the companies offering large previews of their wares. There are many potential and hopeful buyers attending from all over China and elsewhere. For Himalayan art the best site in Beijing is the Capital Museum with a special Tibetan exhibition that lasts until late July. They also have a great permanent collection of sculpture always on view. It is a must see for all ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Chaoyang Park June 15th 2018

I really need to start remembering to post a few thoughts and memories. Travel has been so hectic and busy recently.... read more

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