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Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City January 1st 2020

I will limit my texts here and let my photos take you there. I spent my last day in Beijing to check out The Forbidden City, which is also called The Palace Museum. My hotel was pretty close to this place, so I didn't need to take a train to get here. The opening days are Tuesday to Sunday, and an entrance fee can be purchased at the entrance gates. This place is always packed with tourists, but inside is big enough to move around. The houses inside look-alike and everything is very well maintained. Try to count the animals on the roof of every house. The Forbidden City reminds me of Andy Liu in the Chinese television series called The Return of the Condor Heroes that I used to watch as a kid. The big ... read more
The giant metal bucket
The Dragon Warrior
The Turtle Warrior

Asia » China » Beijing November 28th 2019

Being a total glutton, I wanted to do another food tour in Beijing. I booked up with Lost Plate for their evening food tour. I had enjoyed their breakfast one and the evening tour would go to a different area. It was also in a different area to the evening food tour I had done with Untour, so there would be no overlap. I like food tours as being a solo traveller, it lets me try many different foods that I probably wouldn't be able to if I was by myself as I wouldn't be able to eat it all and some places aren't made for solo dinners. We met at Lama Temple subway station. Our guide, Isaac, was really nice and gave everyone a beer or water in a special stubbie holder to start the ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China November 24th 2019

I have a massive love for Asia and I can't wait to begin my journey there. My upcoming trip will begin from Beijing down to New Delhi then further down to Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from pleasure, this trip is also a part of my world's seven wonders collection which I have seen 4 so far.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng October 15th 2019

Jingsghan Park had been on my to visit list for quite a while. It is in a great location in central Beijing, just behind the Forbidden City. I was a bit gutted when I turned up, as there were quite a lot of tours groups outside of the park. I hoped they wouldn't all be heading in there. I went to the ticket office and was happily surprised that the entrance fee was only 1 or 2 RMB. A very cheap outing! Jingshan Park was opened to the public in 1928 and is popular with locals and visitors. There are quite a few things to see in Jingshan Park, the most famous being the view of the Forbidden City. I decided to look around some of the lesser known sights first. The first point of interest ... read more
Two General Junipers
Jingshan Park
Jingshan Park

Asia » China » Beijing September 30th 2019

HUANGHUACHENG GREAT WALL Another early start and we transferred 45 miles out of Beijing to reach the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall of China. So very different to our visit to the Jinshanling Section a few days ago this part of the wall edges the side of Haoming Lake. The Huanghuacheng wall is divided by reservoirs, and some parts are even submerged in the water, which is a very unique characteristic, distinguishing it from other sections of the Great Wall. Again the first sight of the wall takes your breathe away - this time as we approached the area the wall was snaking across the green hills, stopping here and there where it had disappeared into the undergrowth or dropped off the edge of the mountain tops. We were directed across a massive dam to ... read more
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing September 27th 2019

DOWNTOWN BEIJING Since our last blog from Beijing, formerly Peking we have enjoyed getting acclimatised to the area whilst resting after our flight and a great days hike on the Great Wall. We enjoyed several shorter walks around our hotel watching locals go about their everyday lives, little market stalls being set up on the side of the road and we noticed that the fresh produce disappeared as quickly as the farmers were putting it out. A good sign of fresh produce and looking at the stalls excellent quality. We were going to use the subway and head a little further into the city but Marco our guide for our wall hike informed us that some of the stations were closed because of the security, rehearsals for the pending celebrations - the previous evening he had ... read more
Tiananamen Square
Mao Zedong - Tiananamen Square

Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2019

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Well it has been absolutely ages since we were last travelled and I really do miss our frequent wanderings around the globe, although we have had many journeys throughout the UK it was now time to get ‘abroad’ again. … … Last year we visited India and enjoyed every moment and for our main break this year we decided it was time for us to visit ancient China. We very nearly visited in 2014 but ended up only reaching the border in the north of Vietnam when we visited Sapa and the surrounds. We have many pleasant memories of our time in the north of Vietnam which you can read about in previous blogs if you wish. Of course we would not have travelled now if we knew we would be escaping ... read more
Beijing City
Happy Birthday to me !
Gateway to the Wall

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 11th 2019

I love Chinese breakfast food, but rarely have the chance to eat it due to a combination of different factors. I had done a breakfast tour in Beijing, when visiting previously and really enjoyed it, so decided to check out Lost Plate and their Hutong Breakfast tour. We met at 9 am, and were greeted by our lovely guide, Kelly, who already had something for us to try while we waited for everyone to arrive. I enjoyed the traditional Beijing yogurt drink, which Kelly gave us, I've had it before and it makes a nice change from a regular yogurt. I am not a big fan of honey, but you can barely taste it in the yogurt. Our first stop was just around the corner from the subway station and on the main street. There were ... read more
Purple Rice Snack
Fermented Mung Bean Juice
Snack Restaurant

Asia » China » Beijing September 4th 2019

Day 38 to 40 of 80 Birds Nest but no soup Up before the crack of dawn on Monday, 2 Sept. In Tiananmen Square they have a twice-daily flag ceremony - morning raising timed for sunrise, evening lowering at sunset. We have seen the crowds coming away from the evening performance so decided raising was best. But that was 05.42 on Monday, and we wanted to allow up to an hour or more to get there, and get through security. So, alarm for 04.00, out before 04.30. In the end we were at security queue by 04.50 but they didn't open up until 05.00. We were still 3 or 4 rows back from the barrier though. There were thousands there, with all the usual Chinese good manners and etiquette. The ceremony, although viewed from further than ... read more
Flag ceremony
Flag ceremony continued
Forbidden City from Jingshan Park

Asia » China » Beijing September 3rd 2019

I took the subway to Gulou Dajie and came out of exit G as that was the closest to my destination. It felt like ages since I'd walked around these smaller, older streets. I headed down the main road and the took the second left into a hutong. The main street had several signs on it, describing the history of the area. I hadn't wandered around a hutong for ages, so it was nice to reacquaint myself with these traditional Beijing neigbourhoods. I came out onto a small square. Since the midday heat was still out in force, it was quite quiet. I went to check my phone to see how far away I was from the Bell and Drum Towers and as I did so, had a proper look around. The tower I had seen ... read more
Bell Tower Bay Hutong
Bell Tower Bay Hutong
Bell Tower

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