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Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen July 15th 2019

14 juillet Air China, vol CA880. La porte de l'astronef enfin s'ouvre sur Pékin (Beijing). Il est 17h00 ici, et 5am au Québec. Déboussolé, je m'accroche à la foule et me laisse guider par la vague qui déferle hors du sas. Je sors du tube qui rattache l'avion au Terminal et tente d'accélérer le pas dans la masse. Tous les corridors se rejoignent: l'aéroport tentaculaire de Pékin est certainement l'un des plus vaste au monde, presqu'une ville. Mon billet d'Air China vers Ulaan Batar (capitale de la Mongolie) m'oblige a passer ici un 15h30 d'escale. Au départ, je pensais devoir passer ma nuit en itinérance à l'aéroport comme je l'ai quelques fois fait auparavant (à Reykjavik ou à Sydney), recroquevillé sur des couchettes improvisées pour essayer de m'éteindre un peu. Mais les grandes compagnies aériennes cachent ... read more
Hôtel quelconque

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng June 20th 2019

Summer has arrived and the heat has led me to look for indoor things to do. After some searching online, I came across the China National Museum of Women and Children. It sounded quite interesting, although there were few reviews of it online. The museum is a fairly recent addition to the Beijing museum scene, only opening in 2010, and isn't on most people's itinerary when visiting the city. From Dongdan Station, on Line 1, it was a short walk to the museum. The museum is large and looks pretty grand and modern from the outside. I headed to the ticket office, where ID was required to get a free ticket. Then after a quick few steps back out in the heat, I headed into the main building and through security. The museum has six floors. ... read more
Children in War

Asia » China » Beijing June 15th 2019

15th Jun: We weren't meeting for breakfast until rather late, so I decided to go for one last walk around. I headed over to East is Red Square, Which is right next to the hotel. It was still pretty early, but it was already hot outside. The square was really quiet, and a complete contrast to the evening before. I headed over to the large statue of Mao in the centre and got some photos. I then made my way around the four large portraits of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and Engels. This place is definitely one of the most surreal places I've been to. Next to the square, there was a small park, that I hadn't been to yet, so I took a look around there. It was pretyy quiet, too. Only a few old people ... read more
Josef Stalin
Vladimir Lenin
Chairman Mao Statue

Asia » China » Beijing May 6th 2019

Day 3 - May 6th - Beijing – Jade Museum, Great Wall, Hutongs, Silk market After another delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel, we headed out to see the Great Wall of China. First though was the compulsory stop at the Jade Factory. We saw people carving small items and a showroom with massive sculptures. Lots of tourists and lots of bargains to be had, but we came out empty handed. Next we arrived at the Great Wall. A perfect 26 degrees and blue sunny skies. We were feeling fresh and energetic. This lasted for about 50 meters! We had not factored in that we would have to climb so many steps! All uneven so you really couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm! Anyway we persevered and climbed to a decent level before I gave ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 5th 2019

Day 2 - May 5th - Beijing – Pearl Factory, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Downtown. After a great buffet breakfast we headed for our first stop at a Pearl factory. Unbelievable! I have never seen so many pearls. Mostly fresh water but also some sea water pearly. The place was enormous! And there were stacks of tour buses in there, so plenty of people ready to snap up the specials on offer – which we ignored! Then a bus ride to Tiananmen Square and we were most surprised how well the traffic flowed although it was a Sunday. There are no trucks on the road as most things are transported around the country and into Europe using the very fast trains (300 kph). There are a lot of scooters ( electric) and shared bicycles (no motor ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 4th 2019

Day 1 - Melbourne to Beijing (Hotel - Novotel Beijing Sanyuan ) Flew into Beijing after 11 hrs from Sydney connection. Beijing 2 hrs behind us. Arrived midnight so went straight to bed. Hotel was very good standard and bed, although a little hard, was enormous. As good as any Western hotel we have stayed at.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City April 19th 2019

Friday, 19th April 2019 After breakfast on Friday, I took bus service #8 outside my hotel to Qianmen stop where the Tiananmen Square is located. I'm always slightly nervous whenever I'm in crowded places, more so at Tiananmen when I'm surrounded by strangers and we had to go through the security check-points prior to entering the Square. The crowd was considered orderly this morning but the whole process still took a while. I could not imagine how things would be like during the peak holiday season. Anyway, Tiananmen Square like many of the Communist public squares around the world is huge in size. There is a flag pole that takes centre-stage. Across the road from the Square, is the red Tiananmen where the portrait of Mao Zedong stands proudly on the wall gazing at the people ... read more
Inside the Forbidden City
North Gate, Forbidden City
The Imperial Palace Moat

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven April 18th 2019

Thursday, 18th April 2019 It has been five years since my last visit to China. For this trip, I was fortunate to be able to redeem a complimentary ticket to Beijing using my existing air miles. Arrival at the city this afternoon was kind of a cultural shock for me as I soon realised that my Whatsapp and Google Apps were not supported in China. My mistake - I should have done my homework properly. My Singapore Airlines flight was enjoyable as I managed to complete five episodes of the "Yanxi Palace" drama during the flight. I'm now down with the final twenty episodes of the epic drama. Beijing Capital International Airport is connected to the city via the effficient Airport Express (RMB 25). In no time, my train terminated at the Dongzhimen Station where I ... read more
Bus Svc 8 is my saviour
The transport card is a nice investment
Another colorful plate of spaghetti

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China April 12th 2019

DAY 10 - Although the Temple of Heaven was very interesting, the really big ticket items were still to come on Wednesday. Again we left the hotel early to beat the traffic, a short, illegal park for the coach so we could run (yes, we were told to run, as the driver could receive a ticket), to the top of an overpass to take some quick shots of the Birds Nest Stadium, where the Olympics were held some years back, 2008 I think. So picture this, 18 Aussies running down footpath in Beijing, pushing the locals aside, up the steps the overpass 3 at a time (well, maybe just one at a time, quickly), across to the other side, snap a few quick pics of the Birds Nest, then a leisurely stroll in double double time ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing April 9th 2019

A rainy day in Beijing was a good excuse to visit a museum. A quick online search came up with the National Art Museum of China, so I headed there. It is really easy to get to and even has its own subway station with an exit right in front of the museum. The museum is free to enter but you must show your passport at the ticket office. I was hoping that I would get a ticket like at the Capital Museum, but not so. Probably for the best as it is a bit of a waste of paper. Since it was raining, I had expected the museum to be really busy, but there weren't too many people. After security, I headed to the entrance, but first I stopped at some sculptures outside. The first ... read more
Salvador Dali
Son of a Miner

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