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Asia » China » Beijing October 4th 2017

Think about all the research that you do, the booking decisions you have to make and the logistics you need to arrange every time you go on holiday. Now imagine that you have to do all that every few days. First world problem I know, but after two years of it, it gets a bit frustrating and tiresome - especially when you're on a budget tighter than Richard Simmons's spandex. This was how I spent my last day in Shanghai, so just as well as it was raining, just like it had been all damn week. All day, every day. Constant. Relentless. It was definitely time to get out of this place. China's railways are pretty advanced these days; high speed rail is going up all over the place and a bullet train can take you ... read more
Gate Of Heavenly Peace
The Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing » Mutianyu October 4th 2017

It was an early start for our trip to the Great Wall. We had booked it the day before through some random travel agency. The pick-up spot was in front of the McDonald's just across the main road near where we were staying. I think we had to be there at about 6:30 am, too early for me. We didn't have to wait too long before the driver arrived. We were in a smallish mini van, which already had some people in and we set off to collect some more. After that we left the city and drove for a while. I can't remember how long, maybe an hour or two. We knew when we had arrived as the traffic became horrific. We were dropped in the carpark and the guide lead us to the main ... read more
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng October 3rd 2017

Another hostel breakfast set us up for the day and we headed out to see some more of Beijing. We decided to head to the Forbidden City. What should have been an easy journey wasn't. Becuse Beijing becomes so crowded with tourists in the National Day holiday the roads were roped off and there is a one way system in place for pedestrians. And I had thought Tiananmen Square was busy the previous evening, it was even busier today. It took ages for us to get to the Forbidden City, but we managed to get there in the end. Tickets for the Forbidden City sell out super quick in the holidays and by the time we got there, the ticket offices had long been shut. We joined the queue for tickets to Tiananmen Gate and after ... read more
Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Gate

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng October 2nd 2017

The hostel we were staying at had a bar and restaurant, so we decided to eat breakfast there. They had loads of Western options, so I went for a Full English. I love a proper breakfast and don't get to eat them very often living in Asia. Therefore, whenever I see one on the menu I have to order it. The breakfast was pretty decent and I enjoyed it. Since we had to check out of the dorm room and check in to our private room later, we decided just to take it easy and go for a mooch about this morning. We were staying on a pedestrian street, so we took a walk along it. I love the architecture of the traditional buildings. I wish I loved somewhere. The street was really long with loads ... read more
Qianmen Dajie
Tiananmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing » Olympic Park October 1st 2017

I knew that my flight was going to be badly delayed when they started serving the food while we were still sitting on the tarmac. I had just eaten a rather large and expensive breakfast at the airport, so just picked at mine. If I had of known I would have just waited for the plane food. The flight was maybe couple of hours and uneventful. I took the subway to where I was staying. A couple of annoying things about the subway. One you can't buy a through ticket, when I got off the airport line, I had to queue up to buy a ticket for the rest of my journey. Then when I got to what should have been my stop, the train sailed through it. I later to I d out that thirty ... read more
Olympic Mascot
Olympic Mascot
Olympic Mascot

Asia » China » Beijing September 24th 2017

This was the last full day of our Trans-Siberian Odyssey and ‘full’ it certainly was. On the way down to breakfast I spotted something in the lift that I had noticed before; there was no fourth floor! Apparently, the number four is unlucky in Chinese culture as it has the same pronunciation in Cantonese as the word ‘death’. This was our earliest start yet. We met at 08:00 in the hotel lobby where we boarded the mini bus for the start of the day’s activities. The 60km journey to the Huanghua section of the Great Wall took 1 hour 20 minutes. Despite being Sunday morning, the traffic in Beijing was as busy and as crazy as any other time or day of the week with the same rule applying: See a gap in the ... read more
Chris about to start the 'hike'
Congestion on the Great Wall
Grafitti at work on the Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing September 23rd 2017

In China it is well documented that Facebook and Google are forbidden. This has nothing to do with West versus East. China doesn’t want a similar occurrence to another ‘Arab Spring’to spread across their country. Arab Spring was a series of both violent and non-violent demonstrations, protests and riots. This was spread through North Africa by the use of Google and Facebook. China now require internet providers to submit to Government censorship. As these companies won’t comply with these sort of censorship regulations, China has outlawed both sites and blocked any sort of interaction with them. This doesn’t help the blog as the maps function is powered by Google Apps. I spent an hour cursing before I realised the maps not loading had nothing to do with a poor wi-fi connection!! Our accommodation, the ... read more
A floral arrangement in Tian'anmen Square
Monument to th People's Heroes, Tian'anmen Square
The Gate of heavenly Peace

Asia » China » Beijing September 22nd 2017

Another early start today. We were picked up from the hotel at 06:50 to catch the 07:30 train on the last leg of our journey, Ulaanbaatar to Beijing in China. What a difference a day makes. In the past two days we have experienced blue skies and temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius. This morning the weather had certainly taken a change for the worse. The hotel thermometer read four degrees and it was drizzling with rain outside. At this time of morning there were not many vehicles on the roads. The whistle blowing, glow stick waving traffic cops had long since finished their shifts and our carriage awaited. Our previous two train journeys saw us slum it in a four berth second class compartment although we had bought out the other two berths. This leg of ... read more
The paltry breakfast received by the Mongolian hotel
An eeirily quiet corridor
A vendor at Choir  Mongolia

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng September 21st 2017

. Today we began the adventure of train travel 800 miles across China to hanoi In 3 days on train will arrive Hanoi Saturday morning at 6 am, probably not get much sleep. so it's buy to China and hello Vietnam. china is one of the cleanest country I have ever been too not a speck of litter. each block has a street sweeper who keeps Thier area spotless. The people's clothes are spotless clean . Some of the ladies look like fashion models. All in the latest fashion .The teenagers dress like American teenagers. There are huge modern malls. There are police and security every where never felt so safe like this. Hardly any crime . the people look straight ahead and very few look at us. a few wanted a pic with us. This ... read more
Susie's breakfast

Asia » China » Beijing September 19th 2017

Today we took cabs around town stopping at Bejing zoo to see the Pandas play and to see the golden monkeys of Chins. Than went to the Summer Palace of the emperors spent Thier holidays with there family the temples were surrounded by water. After we went to the Llama temple a buddist temple saw them worshiping with incense. On the way got caught in a traffic jam caused by a wreck .... read more
Susie and panda bears

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