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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 24th 2012

Hi Everybody, On the way to Inle Lake,we visited Meiktila and stayed a night in Thazi. The train journey from Thazi to Inle Lake junction was sceneric, altough it took 10 hours, where buses make the same way in 3-4 hours. We took a lake trip by boat ( full day) with three other friends. Pictures may explain the culture beter than words. They fish on the lake,plant at floating paths and travel by boats from house to house . Some houses on the lake are shops, showrooms or Pagodas. A new thing we learn is; They are getting linen-like string from the stemp of the lotus flower and after strenghtinig the string, they weave it. A piece of cloth from lotus costs almost five times the silk. It looks like soft linen and they say ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 14th 2012

As I peddled furiously along narrow winding paths trodden only by the footsteps of those before me who live along the banks of Inle Lake I could only gaze at the extraordinary beauty of this natural bowl of water encapsulated by towering mountains. The sun soaked us with its heat, the roads coated us in their dust and the locals waved at us cheerily as we passed them. The paths narrowed further until they came to an abrupt stop; just in front of the steps of a traditional stilted teak house on the far edge of a tiny village made up of ten or so other similar houses. I pondered the distance debating if it was worth going further considering the pathway had now completely vanished under my wheels. Children we passed playing football only moments ... read more
the market
Photo 25
Photo 48

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 9th 2012

This incident is one of the reasons why I left Burma earlier than initially intended. It has left its mark on me and I still have nightmares. I have debated furiously with myself as to whether I should write about it but feel it might serve as a way of relieving from heavy shoulders by putting it in to words. I recognise I have many more readers on this blog than ever intended; originally the blog was my lazy way of letting family and friends know what I was up to without having to write the same email to everyone, and this ‘blog’ has become more of a diary for me, one I hope to reflect upon in old age in order to help me relive wonderful experiences. So I write about this incident not because ... read more
Photo 16
Mountains of Burma
Photo 15

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 1st 2012

To say Inle Lake is breathtakingly beautiful just doesn’t do this place justice... We had arrived in Inthein just after midday, seeking refuge from the scalding sun and its seething heat after what had been a gruelling three day, 60km hike across the Burmese countryside from Kalaw. Coincidentally, the local market was scheduled to be in town on the morning of our arrival, so we had rose early from our monastic (literally) lodging and hiked at a decent pace to reach Inthein market on the western shores of Inle Lake. When we arrived however, Amy and I and indeed our fellow hikers were simply too exhausted to really take everything in around the hustle and bustle of food vendors and souvenir stalls. Rather, we settled ourselves with what reprieve a local restaurant could provide and quietly ... read more
Inle Lake Fisherman
Village reflection
Waiting to strike

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 29th 2012

Now traveling with Julie, we met Christoph and Elizabeth in Bagan. The two of them from Austria were backpacking together taking a five month holiday from work. Over dinner the four of us decided we would head to Kalaw and do a three day trek to Inle Lake. The direct bus to Kalaw was sold out so we decided to catch a bus to Meiktila where we would then transfer to another bus to Kalaw. It sounded simple enough. The first fifteen minutes of the bus ride were normal, no problems. But it soon became apparent there was not enough space on the bus to fit everyone. In the main cabin there about 50 or more of us piled in, and on the rooftop climbed another twelve, all of whom happen to be monks. For six ... read more
Trekking Crew
Sunset at the Temple

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 21st 2011

Though Myanmar is becoming an increasingly popular destination, there are still experiences not touched by tourism’s tenacious tentacles. Since I gravitate towards the road even less travelled when journeying on the road less travelled, I was thrilled by a certain prospect on offer at Inle Lake. My arrival at the undistinguished town of Nyaungshwe was via a half-hour flight and bumpy 90 minute car journey; immensely preferable to the ghastly minimum 12 hour bus alternative. I transferred to an elongated boat that contained a single column of seats, where each passenger sits directly behind the one in front. The driver settled at the stern where he controlled a ridiculously noisy motor that propelled all occupants at speed. My first voyage on the lake revealed delightful surrounds, the vast waters mostly encircled by thickly wooded emerald hills. ... read more
The astonishing village of Nampan Pokpa - Inle Lake, Myanmar
Sunset view from my hut at Golden Island Cottages - Thale U, Inle Lake, Myanmar
Man tempts birds with food - Inle Lake, Myanmar

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 15th 2011

THE LONG RIDE TO INLE was about as uncomfortable as it gets. Having booked tickets only the night before our seats were way in the back of the bus and they did not recline, which meant that the guy’s head from the seat in front of me may as well have been laying in my lap. Like really, I could have brushed my fingers through his hair and sang him a lullaby. The road was so bumpy that anytime you tried to lay your head against the window it was abruptly thrown in the opposite direction and then back towards the window with amazing force. The heat was stifling. Sleeping was impossible. Around 1am we stopped at a brightly lit rest stop (think Christmas lights and fake palm trees) for what we thought was a routine ... read more
Travis In  Nyaungshwe
View From The Boat

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake October 27th 2011

Our original plan after Mandalay had been to head south to Inle Lake, but after looking at our schedule we realised we had a day or two extra to fill and decided instead to head north to a sleepy little town called Pyin U Lwin. Originally founded by the British (quelle surprise) as a hillside retreat from the heat of the plains around Mandalay, Pyin U Lwin developed into a colonial town of expensive villas, expansive parks and slowly ticking clocks. Sadly over the years the evidence of British rule has faded somewhat and now the town feels more like a Chinese trading post, which in many ways it is. The villas and parks are still there of course, some now boarded up, some in disrepair, some now used as schools, but the rest of the ... read more
Marco & Karin joined us for 2 weeks in Myanmar
Local girls at the market
Local woman (minus teeth)

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake June 12th 2011

After a wonderful 15 hour journey that started at 4am and consisted of sitting on a plastic stool in the aisle (bus seats were booked out), we rolled into Inle Lake. On our way to the main town, we passed by beautiful rice paddies and scenic landscape with mountains looming in the background. On our first day, we hired out two bikes and went for a loop around Inle Lake, to look at all the small villages along the way. In this high-altitude area beholding a cooler climate (a great relief from Bagan's hellish heat), we had a pleasant day wandering and stopping to take pictures or saying hello to many of the locals. Afterwards, we cycled down to a monastery and checked out a lotus-lake and a giant Buddha. In search of another temple, we ... read more
Inle Lake
Inle Lake
Inle Lake

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake April 9th 2011

2 avril 2011 C'est un départ pour Inle Lake. Il est 3h30 AM. Lendemain de veille et diarrhée: ce n'est pas la journée idéale pour me taper un douze heures de route dans un grille-pain. La ride est horriblement longue et pénible. Et puis ça empire à mesure que les heures avancent. Mon estomac est un pruneau. Je suis épuisé et je n'arrive pas à me trouver, dans le bus, une position pour dormir. Ma tête est pesante. Mes yeux sont lourds. Je suis sous hypnose. La route Bagan / Inle Lake est un prestidigitateur. Il est 15h00. Le bus s'arrête au carrefour pour rejoindre l'Inle Lake. D'ici, c'est un onze kilomètres en Tuk Tuk pour se rendre au guesthouse que j'ai choisi. Le guesthouse ''Aquarius Inn'' est le premier choix du Lonely Planet. Habituellement, j'évite ... read more
Rameur au Inle Lake

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