I was bitten by the travel bug back in 2009. After graduating from University I took a four month trip down to South America - Argentina and Chile, and haven't been the same since. I'm planning my way to get back on the road in late December of this year. Asia, here I come.

Europe May 10th 2012

Well if one thing is for sure, it's that time sure does fly. It looks like its been over three weeks since my last entry and man, the places I've been. When I last left you I was hanging around Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Such an incredible city, with some amazing people. If I chose to live and work somewhere in South East Asia, it may very well be there. From Phnom Pehn I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I spent two days feasting on some incredible food, and being amazed by the amount of shopping malls that exist there. It seemed as though every corner you turned, you found yourself in yet another high end shopping mall that in my eyes, make the malls in America look small. From KL I flew Malaysia Airlines to ... read more
Abbey Road
Samia, myself and Sophie

Asia » Cambodia April 19th 2012

It's wild to think that its been almost four months on road out here in South East Asia. Each country I've been to has been incredible. Burma was full of adventure, Thailand a gluttonous vacation, Laos a bumpy ride, and Cambodia a land of smiles and hope. It was always a region of the world that I never had much interest in until this past year, and I couldn't be happier with my travels. I entered Cambodia through its northern border with Laos. I was coming from Si Phan Don, Laos. Si Phan Don in English translates to The 4,000 Islands. It was a gorgeous, and tranquil place set on the Mekong a few kilometers north of the Cambodian border. Most of the areas inhabitants live on Don Kong, Don Det, and Don Khon. The river ... read more
Beaching in Kratie
Bamboo Bridge in Kompang Cham
Family Meal

Asia » Laos » South » Tha Khaek March 30th 2012

Looking back its hard to believe that I've been on the road for about three months now. Sometimes it feels like an eternity, other times like nothing. Timing has been perfect and whether it's been alone, or with people, every day has been great. Surprising to me, I've been here in Laos for over a month now. Never would I have expected to end up here for so long, but that's the beauty of backpacking with no set plan. When you find a place you enjoy, you stay for a while. For me, Tha Khaek was a place like that. I happened upon it by chance and ended up staying there for two weeks. I guess I wasn't in Tha Khaek for two weeks, but 12 km outside of Tha Khaek in the mountains at a ... read more
Lucas climbing in the roof
My first lead
The cave

Asia » Laos » North March 3rd 2012

Trekking through the river I didn't think anything of it, but as we climbed out of the river bed I felt something crawling on my foot. I spread my toes apart and there it was. A thick black blood sucking leech clenching right in between my second and third toe. Welcome to the Jungles of Laos. I had arrived in Laos a day earlier making my way from the Thai border town of Chiang Khong to Huay Xai in Laos. Crossing the Mekong in a rickety old bamboo boat, I could already feel myself being enchanted by Laos. Sitting to my right was Champion, a brown and red champion cock-fighter held by his owner. There's big money in cockfighting in Laos. Kids grow up training their prize roosters. I wasn't expecting to spend much time in ... read more
Jungle Trekking
Bamboo Cooking
Sunset in Mong Noi

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 23rd 2012

In Chiang Mai I met Jazza, Maartin, and Rob. The three of them along with their friend Princess were planning to rent motorbikes and ride through the northern loop. The route takes you through the Golden Triangle known for its cultivation of opium and marijuana. Speak to any traveler that has gone through the North of Thailand and you soon find out just how gorgeous the route is meant to be. Regrettably I met the four of them just two hours after booking my bus ticket to Pai, the first stop on the loop. Still, they invited me to meet up with them in Pai and continue on with them, so that was just what I did. Through its twists and turns the bus driver pushed on faster and faster whipping us around. I looked up ... read more
View of The Highest Point in Thailand
Shower Time
Massive Rock Face

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 14th 2012

I met Indiana Jones on my train ride to Chiang Mai. He was fatter than I thought he would be, not American but Finnish, and had a twitch. Sitting across from each other I introduced myself and told him about my travels. He was interested in my trip to Burma as he had been there a handful of times since 1990. “What were you doing in Burma in 1990?” I asked. Unable to speak softly and with a thick accent he adjusted himself and answered “Well, I have a bit of an addiction. I collect artifacts. Not to sell, but to keep in my home.” Funneling through his bag he continued, “Here, let me show you some pictures”. I was expecting him to hand me a camera, or maybe a computer, but instead, he handed me ... read more
Late Night Eats in Chiang Mai
Flower Festival in Chiang Mai
Banana Chocolate Roti

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 29th 2012

Now traveling with Julie, we met Christoph and Elizabeth in Bagan. The two of them from Austria were backpacking together taking a five month holiday from work. Over dinner the four of us decided we would head to Kalaw and do a three day trek to Inle Lake. The direct bus to Kalaw was sold out so we decided to catch a bus to Meiktila where we would then transfer to another bus to Kalaw. It sounded simple enough. The first fifteen minutes of the bus ride were normal, no problems. But it soon became apparent there was not enough space on the bus to fit everyone. In the main cabin there about 50 or more of us piled in, and on the rooftop climbed another twelve, all of whom happen to be monks. For six ... read more
Trekking Crew
Sunset at the Temple

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan January 27th 2012

Leaving Mandalay, I opted for the slow ferry heading to Bagan. With a 5:30 am departure, it was only $10. The ride should have been between eleven and fifteen hours, though it slowly turned into seventeen hour cruise down river. Lined with Burmese families, they spread themselves across the floorboards laying on their mats. Families huddled together draped in their handmade blankets to stay warm. I wasn't expecting Myanmar to be this cold. Roosters crowed and the sun beganto rise as we slowly pulled out of the dock leaving Mandalay behind. As the morning progressed I could see the families were very interested in the handful of foreigners along for the ride. The people I met were kind and generous. Sure, some of them wanted to sell me blankets, and food, but how else would they ... read more
Slow Boat to Bagan
My favorite shot

Asia » Burma January 13th 2012

Myanmar is an amazing country. At first glance it's hard to miss the countless smiles filling the faces of the Burmese people. This place may spoil me for the duration of my trip. Trusting people is easy as everyone wants to help you find your way. “Mingalaba” - Hello; “Jesu timbadeh” - Thank you. Since my first day here I have been striving to learn the language. Yes, if you don't speak the language you are fine, but when the people see you're trying, going outside of the normal hello and goodbye, that's when they want to know more about you. “Twe yada wan ta pa te” - Nice to meet you; “Baykarlay” - Where are you from? Flying into Myanmar from the air you immediately get the feeling that this is going to be something ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 2
Photo 4

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 9th 2012

Well, its been a long seven days, but I've finally found myself awake, coherent, and sitting still in Bangkok. The first three days were tough. I was tired, jet lagged, and really just a wreck. I was on three hours of sleep from new years eve with a twenty-one hour trip ahead of me. The ride to my hostel was a quick wake up call to life in Bangkok. Speeding cars with no regard for lines in the road, endless streams or motorbikes and and Tuk-Tuks overtaking one another in the street. After settling down in hotel the adrenaline kicked in and with piss poor judgment I headed out to Koh San Road for the night. Koh San Road in my eyes can best be described as New Orleans Bourbon Street on Crack. Its a non-stop ... read more
Pepper Women
Another Buddha

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