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Dr Bruce Moon

We two 'monkeys' are retiree's living in West Tweed (Australia) exploring some wonderful cultural and scenic opportunities around the globe.

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Asia » Philippines » Palawan March 2nd 2020

. As per our previous 2 'blog' entries, we are currently in the Philippines on the island of Palawan (which is SSW of the island of Luzon on which Manila is located). In the 2 previous 'blogs', we wrote of our current journey in Japan (skiing), and the first week in the Philippines; (Manila, Basuanga , diving on coral reefs, and our travel from Coron to El Nido with Tao Expeditions ). This 'blog' describes our journey in El Nido, the bus ride from El Nido to (island capital) Puerto Princesa, and our stay in the capital. From Puerto Princesa we depart via Manila and Singapore to home. . DAY 1 . . The previous afternoon we had departed the Tao 'base camp' near Dipnay (local name - San Fernando the government name) at the very ... read more
El Nido tricycle
Main street, El Nido
Bacuit Bay

Asia » Philippines » Palawan February 24th 2020

We 'did' the snow part in Japan, and now it is the swim and snorkel part - in the Philippines. We arrived in Manila (Philippines) to darkness after a 5 hour flight from Narita in Japan. After the cold of Suginohara, the low teens of Narita allowed us to dress lightly so we weren't overdressed for the low 30's of Manila. We took a Grab (like Uber) to our apartment and the journey revealed much about the inequality of society in Manila. Folk in very expensive cars had no time for the many beggars seeking whatever to survive the day. At our apartment we were met with 3 heavily armed security guards. Before we could register at the accommodation, we had to pass the 'temperature test' and explain where we had visited over the past month. ... read more
Intramuros, Manila
Philippine coastal scene
Island beach

Asia » Japan » Nagano February 16th 2020

Having enjoyed a day at Suginohara Ski field last year while staying elsewhere, we eagerly sought a longer visit this year (assuming bodily capabilities). The 'bodily capabilities' issue arose about a month before departure as Judy experienced a painful inflamed knee issue which was not getting resolved. Just before departing, Judy confided that she doubted she'd get skis on this year! This year we were joined by one of our children and his family. Adrian had married a Japanese national - Mari - and now have 2 children; Sakura 10 and Jack 7. Though they had visited the snow some years ago for a day, we assumed a prolonged ski holiday would be a novel experience for them. Having Mari help with accommodation turned out to be a blessing. Mari was able to secure accommodation in ... read more
Snow Dump Day
From Restaurant area towards Mt Myoko
Looking down the Gondola route

Europe » Greece June 14th 2019

Greece: Central Greek Rural Routes We’d ordered a car for 2 weeks and promptly headed for Delphi. That bit of our trip we covered here. After Delphi, we had no plan. So, this travelblog describes how we experienced 2 weeks without plans! As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - Friday June 14; to the hills. When driving to and pottering around Delphi, we enjoyed the ‘greenspace’. With the daily temperatures increasing, we also liked the cooler air of the mountains. So, having not made a plan, we decided to head up Mt Parnassus and see where the road took us. It was upwards! Delphi is at about 900 metres above sea level, and we headed up to the end of the road at ... read more
Alpine church
Alpine scenery 1
Awaiting inspiration

Europe » Greece » Attica June 7th 2019

Greece - The Antiquities . We've called this Travelblog 'Greece: The Antiquities' for two reasons. One, we're describing our journey through the ancient Greek icons. And, two, after the heat and the go,go,go, we feel quite antiquated. We'll let you choose the 'source' for the description. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - Friday 7 June; Arrival After departing Istanbul early, we arrived in Athens and made our way via metro to Monastiraki a central suburb close to the sites of antiquities. Compared to our experience of other airports and public transport on this particular trip, Athens is light years in arrears. On a different note, the Athenian graffiti offers more colour than the (quite scruffy) city proper. Having secured an apartment for ... read more
Monastiraki Mosque
2500 BC
12th Century BC

Europe » Greece » South Aegean May 31st 2019

Greece: a few Islands We had started out booking accommodation on two islands in the Dodecanese (group), but finished visiting seven; Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Nisyros, Kos, Kalymnos and Astypalia. After the hectic pace that was our journey through the Middle East and Turkey, this was our ‘wind down’ period. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - Sunday May 26; arrival Rhodes We’d scheduled two accommodation destinations in Rhodes, the ‘capital’ Rhodes Town and Lindos. Having an (international) airport that allowed us to arrive from Turkey, we weren’t quite prepared for what we discovered. After where we’d been, the airport was very low key and laid back. The (public) bus to Rhodes Town took abou... read more
Moat - Rhodes Old Town Bastion
Rhodes Old Town Parapet
Rhodes Old Town - Pretty Lane

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara May 19th 2019

Turkey; Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy and Canakkale We had left Australia on a daytime flight, staying at KL overnight before a daytime flight to Oman for a few days. After Oman, we headed to Jordan and then onto Israel. Our commentaries on these destinations can be found Israel, Jordan and Oman. When planning this trip, we thought we'd stay in the (sort of) Middle East and hence visit Istanbul (it had been on the bucket list for a while). We also felt compelled to go visit Gallipoli. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - 19 May; Arrival When booking our flight, the destination was Attaturk (the international airpo... read more
Mosaics Istanbul
Blue Mosque Infadel entry
Hagia Sophia complex

Middle East » Israel May 12th 2019

Israel: a taste of the biblical trail This trip with Peregrine Tours gave us a taste of the important Christian biblical attributes, with a heap of enjoyment on the side. Day 0.1 - 12 May - From Jordan Our last ‘blog’ had us finishing the tour in Jordon on Day 6. The following day (today) Peregrine Tours transported us to Israel. We had wanted to visit the Jordan River where Christ had been baptised. Despite much email ‘conversation’ before we left and a few requests along the way while in Jordan, this was not to be. We’d departed the Amman hotel early so as to get to the border in a reasonable time. We were advised the border is bedlam and every minute ‘counts’. Imagine our dismay as our bus passed the turnoff to the site, ... read more

Middle East » Jordan May 10th 2019

Jordan: a quick flit Jordan! Is it possible to offer a caption that describes the nation? No. The experiences we've encountered are just too diverse. We were short of time when considering our travel options and decided to join a Peregrine organised tour. In many respects, we're glad we did. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - May 5: arrival We arrived late in the day to be confronted with a queue awaiting Visa payment (A$80 per person!! - then again, that was better than the A$176 pp in Oman), and so didn't depart the airport as quickly as we'd hoped. The driver (prearranged to get us to our hotel) indicated it was a 40 minute trip - it took a little over ... read more
Wadi Rum geology
Wadi Rum landscape
Wadi Rum accommodation area

Middle East » Oman » Muscat May 6th 2019

Oman: a delighful diversion On this trip (to the Middle East) we were confronted with expensive options that travelled via Europe. The alternative was a more direct route using multiple legs. The latter were daytime flights (our preference) being Australia > Malaysia > Oman > Jordan. Instead of using Oman as an overnighter, we decided to stay a little longer. As always, if you want to see the picture in a larger size, just click on it. Day 1 - May 3: Arrival As the plane descended to Muscat (capital of Oman), the dust haze of the Arabian peninsular gradually gave way to a rocky, parched desert. The bright blue of the ocean contrasted with the beige and brown of the landscape. From the air, there was no evidence of green anywhere! At the terminal, we ... read more
Q'Uram beach
Muscat vista
Sultan's Palace (one of several) overlooking Muscat

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