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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 24th 2012

The last day at Inle lake is relatively peaceful, though tiring, which entails a mellow day’s cycling around some parts of the lake. We rent a couple of bicycles close to our guesthouse for 3,000 kyat before we’re given some vague directions on where to start our ride. The initial stretch is easy and beautiful, but that sense of security is short lived after we encounter a steep hill with a path that hardly resembles a hiking trail, let alone a road. Liam pounds forth as I struggle with the feasibility of scaling this ridiculous road. Liam somehow manages to pedal to the top without fail. The same cannot be said for my weak effort. I go only a third of the way before dejectedly getting off and hiking, which wasn’t too much easier. At the ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 23rd 2012

Day two at Inle lake begins at 6:30 in the morning, too early. I feel like a wreck. In the dining lounge, I demolish several cups of coffee before I remember why we are up so early, today we are taking a tour of the lake. Hiring a boat and driver for the day, and doing the usual tourist route of the lake will set you back around 15,000 kyat, depending on your negotiation skills. The typical tourist trail takes you to places around the lake littered with souvenirs, trinkets and somewhat staged scenes of tribal village life, something for which Liam and I care little. After breakfast we meet the boat driver we hired the previous day. The plan is to travel to the far south end of the lake, twice the distance of the ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 21st 2012

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 21st 2012

Day three sees us preparing for our journey to Inle lake, but not before a planned visit to one of the most famous sites in Myanmar, and one of the most admired and respected religious monuments in the world, the Shwedagon Pagoda. This golden temple is located in the center of Yangon, surrounded by a large roundabout of traffic. We learn quickly that we’ve come at a bad time, just before midday, simply because of the intense heat, as well as the fact that the sun was reflecting off the golden pagoda so much, it hurt to look at it. Liam begins to smell. Aside from the incredible heat, the Shwedagon is an awesome and humbling experience and a great send off from a unique city. We also are given the opportunity to meet with the ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 9th 2012

Each country that you visit seems to have at least one incredibly beautiful place that will stick in your mind for a long, long time. You’ll find yourself in some boring meeting at work or perhaps just driving along the highway and your mind will wander to an experience that is engrained in your memory. Burma has many of these, but it was Inle Lake that really captured our interest. After the amazing views afforded by hiking near Kalaw, it hardly seemed possible that it could get better, yet it did. Our drive from Kalaw to Inle Lake took a detour to Pindaya to check out the natural cave in this area. We left late that morning due to the fact that our vehicle required a new fuel module (or something like that) we were told. ... read more
Waiting for customers
Wonder what mischief he is planning?
Hand made umbrellas

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake October 21st 2012

Arriving in Tnuggi at 3:30 am was a surprise after thinking we might arrive at 7am. As if we hadn’t spent enough time on the bus already, we asked the driver if we could nap until daybreak on the bus, which is remarkably better than while it was moving: the blaring music was off and the freezing air conditioning was off as well. From Tnuggi, we had to made our way to Ngau She, where Inle Lake is. After asking numerous people for directions, we found a teacher at school who called over a couple of friends on motor bikes, and they took us to a tuk tuk (pick up truck with benches in it) that was heading our way. Our fatigue showed as Phil nearly got hit by a motor bike crossing the ... read more
Swimming in Inle
Drying Cigar leaves

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake July 19th 2012

From Yangon I woke up early and took a local bus to the main bus station, it cost around 12 pence for a 45 minute journey to the station and the bus from there was around 10 pounds. It was an estimated 14 hour bus ride, at the beginning of the journey the driver handed out plastic bags and a bottle of water each. I thought to myself….result free water, I hadn’t considered what the bag was for…… sigh. There was a group of Americans on the bus, I was chatting to one of them for 4-5 hours before we stopped to get food. In all my time in Asia I think that Myanmar has the worst cuisine, the Indian and Chinese food in Yangon was tolerable because it was heavily influenced by other countries however ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake May 8th 2012

From Hsipaw we only really had one option of getting into Inle Lake and it was again an overnight bus (16h, 18,000K/22$ pp) so we took it. Somehow the time of journey quoted is always way longer than it actually takes to get to a place and you always find yourself being dropped off somewhere in a middle of a night. We got to Nyaungshwe town around 4 am and had to wait for some transport to town. Public shared taxis (500K each) officially start to work around 7 but we managed to catch one just after 5 am. It was either the waiting time or a private car for a whooping 8000K. Because we arrived so early we managed to escape paying the 5$ government fee for Inle which was an achievement in a way ... read more
nice stilt house
Monk - Boat;-)
Inle fisherman

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake May 5th 2012

My journey continued from Mandalay, we had an 8 hour coach drive to Kalaw, a former British Hill station situated at 1 400m above sea-level (piece of cake for me!) on the rim of the Shan Plateau in the Pineland. We were welcomed by cool, spring-like weather, pine forests, tea plantations and colourfully dressed hill tribe people who come to Kalaw for trading at the local market. The surrounding hills offer some of the best trekking in Myanmar. Kalaw has a significant population of Nepali Gurkhas and Indian Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, who came to build the roads and railway line during the British period. It is here in this village that I relived my memories of trekking in Nepal with a plate of dahl baht (rice served with lentils and side dishes of curries) at ... read more
Sunset at Kyaikhtiyo
fishing on Inle Lake
Padaung "giraffe neck" women

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake March 23rd 2012

After a long and bumpy busride we finally arrived in Kalaw, a place in higher area in Shanstate famous for treks through hilltribe areas to Inlelake. The air was fresh (!!!) and luckily there was the intesting market where all the locals from the hilltribes offer their products that takes place only every five days. Finally we booked into a tour with two nice couples and a frensh women for two days to hike to Inle Lake. The first evening we met our travelmates and had nice drinks and travel talks. The next morning we started our hike with a taxi ride and after walking through colourful ares, also almost everywhere deforested. We passed hilltribes, got into smalltalk, had some tea and continued walking to the overnight stay in a monastery. A small shop provided us ... read more
What a face - Inle Lake - Burma
Pa-O near Kalaw - Burma
Intha women in Kalaw market - Burma

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